aac the clopocalypse

Con hangover. Fuck I haven’t experienced this in a while. And the only song I find myself wanting to listen to is the SNK opening. Probs not the best coping method.

But in all seriousness, AAC was A BLAST. I made a couple of super awesome friends (lookin’ at Isa and Gina) and got to hang out with so many good people over the weekend (like Katie and Elliot and Alex and Jessica and Allison and Melanie and Hannah and alsifnhdegvbhtrugvhf SO MANY PEOPLE CAN’T NAME ALL)

My Saturday was especially indescribable. I was Eren from Attack on Titan and I can’t remember the last time I felt so fucking great in a cosplay. I think a large contributor to that feeling was hanging out with our little titan group. I ended up straining/cracking/breaking my voice from so much enthusiastic shouting and look forward to the next time that might happen (thought I probably shouldn’t…) because it was hilarious. You know what else was hilarious? Snickering like idiots from the back of the iron editor hentai panel.

If this post has a point I guess it is to say Thank You!! to all the friends I was with for making me suffer through this con hangover. Without any of you, I don’t think the experience would resonate so much and make me want to be back there right now.


AAC vlog is finally up! Featuring starryeyedminds, hitobooty, and a shitton of other cool people :’D