Proud of the progress I made today even though I messed the bodice up about 20 times before I finally finished it correctly (even now it fits kind of strange). The breastplate looks really weird on, so maybe before I apply the final coat of resin and then gloss, I’ll try to shape it a little differently. Not sure how I’ll do that because it’s pretty stiff now, but we’ll see!


This blog is turning a year today (?). At least, I hope it’s today, otherwise my timing sucks ass. Anyways—- I decided to do a second and hopefully better follow forever. Once again, I am humbly thanking you for your presence on my dashboard, thus making my Tumblr experience really fun and aesthetically pleasing sometimes (we all know there’s plenty of drama already, but I chose to overlook it today).

Italics: side-blogs. Bolded: mutuals. You are all great, how do some of your even keep up with me?!

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hey so GOOD NEWS i managed to actually draw five full-fledged drawings for pvb’s next episode this past week instead of freezing like i usually would!!

i mean i still can’t make myself draw anything that’s NOT for pvb yet but uh


anonymous asked:

Hi!! Do you know who this Arthur Lousnbery is? Is he new or??

Edit: Added on + made a slight change to make it more clear.


That video was actually the first time I noticed him. 

I checked the Japanese wikipedia and according to that, he actually debuted as a seiyuu back in 2011 so he wouldn’t be considered “new”… I guess? He’s from 81 Produce (same as Hatano Wataru, Eguchi Takuya, Saito Soma, etc.)

His full name is Arthur Conant Lounsbery. He’s also a narrator, and the year of his birth is left blank? ;; His page on animenewsnetwork also left the year of his birth blank. 

It seems that he’s born in California, United States, and he’s 3/4 Japanese, 1/4 American. Although he was born in America he was raised in Japan.

He likes black tea. He has high alcohol tolerance. He doesn’t get drunk. Has a dog named Tiara. He dislikes bugs. Often plays games.

Also according to his wiki, it seems that he voiced a school boy from Free! ES (not a major role), and his only main anime role is the upcoming one in Highschool Star Musical.

He also voiced a few supporting characters from Haikyuu!!

Other than that, he’s been in a few OVAs, games, etc.

That’s him. From here:

If you’re curious what he sounds like I found a voice sample here:

The only thing I see in his tag on Tumblr is this post from 2012: (screenshot from Kami Voice)

I don’t know if there’s something else you wanted to know specifically since I only skimmed through. Hope that helps though.

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA): A combination of conversion therapy and dog training techniques used to coerce autistic children into passing as neurotypical.

ABA by definition is abusive, so if somebody is hired for ABA and their methods don’t seem so bad, either you’re assessing the situation wrong or they’re committing insurance fraud.


AAA ASIA TOUR 2015 -ATTACK ALL AROUND- supported by KOJI tour logo & goods!!

Finally AAA’s first Asia tour begins April 4 with special lives in 4 countries: Singapore, Hong Kong, Indonesia & Taiwan. Goods to celebrate the Asia Tour include, T-shirts & muffler towel.
On the navy × fluorescent pink T-shirts, the text part of the logo is printed with glow in the dark paint to create a “luminous” light effect!! The pink base Muffler Towel makes it easy to match with the T-shirt.

■ T-shirt (S / M / L / XL) each 3,100 yen

■ Muffler Towel 2,100 yen

*AAA Party official shop, AAA mobile shop, mu-mo shop (including え~ shop) online sale will start 4/3 17:00!!*


★mu-mo shop

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【goods sold at the venue】

additional goods will be sold:

  • え~パンダballpoint pen (7 types)
  • AAA Mascot Keychain (7 types)
  • Leggings

■ 4/4
Singapore SCAPE 12:00
■ 4/6
Hong Kong Music Zone @ E-Max 14:00
■ 4/8
Indonesia Jakarta Upper Room 16:00
■ 4/11
Taiwan ATT Show Box 15:00

<sale price>
T-shirt (S / M / L / XL)
Singapore 46 (SGD)
Hong Kong 280 (HKD)
Indonesia 405,000 (IDR)
Taiwan 990 (NTD)
Muffler Towel
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Hong Kong 180 (HKD)
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え~パンダ ballpoint pen
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AAA Mascot Keychain
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Heyo my name’s Sunny!! I’m in need of money for some very important matters so I’m going to attempt to commission. Here’s the info:

  • BUSTS: $5
  • FULL BODY: $12

*SPECIAL: (Optional) With every piece you commission, my friend has offered to throw in a free doodle or pixel.


  • humans
  • animals/furries
  • monsters/creatures
  • nudity
  • gore/guro


  • nsfw

Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! If you’re interested, either message me on here or on my dA.