aaawww so cutee

  • Kali: Oh damn it.
  • Blake: What's wrong mom?
  • Kali: I forgot my scroll and I need to call your father to let him know I made it here safely.
  • Blake: Oh here. Use mine. *Hands her mom her scroll*
  • Kali: Oh thank you sweetie. *Kali took the scroll and find a contact named, "Daddy."* Aaawww that is so cute you still call your father daddy. *Kali hits it.*
  • Blake: Wha- WAIT MOM DON'T USE THAT ONE! *Blake panicked when both cat faunus her a ringtone, bmblb, Go off in front of them where Yang is waiting for them.*
  • Yang: *Answers her scroll.* Yello.
  • Kali: ... I want to thank you Yang for giving so much teasing ammo on my daughter.
  • Blake: Kill me now.

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how about us using really corny pick up lines on mori, and he's just like, no stop, i know you love me but these are horrible...

aaawww!! this is so cute!

“Neh, neh, Takashi~ Can I have directions?” You asked your boyfriend, smiling up at him as you sat on the bench in the kendo gym. Mori was having his water break, and you decided to tease him a little bit.

“Hn? To where?”

You smiled. “To your heart!” 

Mori looked at you, still. You frowned.

“That was supposed to work! Okay, let me try again. Do you remember me?”


“Oh, that’s right. We’ve only met in my dreams!”


“Whaaaat? That was cute! Okay okay, how about this one? I’d say God bless you, but it looks like he already did.”


“Takashi, you have a heart of stone. Let me try this. People call me ____, but you can call me tonight.”


“URGH, stupid kendo giant. This is the last one, okay? Was your father a mechanic? Then how—”

“No, he’s a—”

“I KNOW HE’S A KENDO MASTER. JUST… JUST— OKAY? Ride with me here, please.”

“Then, continue.”

“Then how come you have such a finely tuned body?” You winked at him, and still, Mori did not change his expression.

“Hey, I worked really hard.. in searching this up on Google, alright?” You pouted. Mori chuckled. He bent down and kissed you.

“Wanna know something?” He asked you, his deep voice resonating in your ears. You blushed at the closeness of his face to yours.


“You are the reason men fall in love.”

Your eyes widened. Mori chuckled. 

“See, baby, that’s how you do it.”

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I was scrolling your blog with my bff, we saw the ask about Niall saying he likes dark hair and brown eyes and she looked at me and said 'You have both, why didn't he put a ring on your finger yet? Oh wait, I know. He's waiting next year.' (She's not exactly into him but she's gonna come with me at the gig). I absolutely love my best friend.

hahahaha aaawww thats so cute!