aaaw my baby

donnusia  asked:

So now that you have the house for yourself, I guess you're gonna kidnap Niji to spend time together?

Taysir: “Aaaw my poor baby! Wanna go to my bedroom to look for them?”

Niji: “But I don’t remember leaving them th-…”

Taysir: “Shhhhhshhh… Let’s go look in my bedroom. On my bed. Under my covers~ ❤︎ “

Niji belongs to @ask-the-vinsmokes

thebandfamily666  asked:

Promt! (Sorry I'm always bothering you) Levi is always wearing eyeliner, so Eren tries it and pokes his eye, and then Levi comforts Eren while laughing. (Or maybe Levi puts the eyeliner on Eren later?) <3 ilysm <3

And this is what happen when you have a punk for a boyfriend who is addicted to his precious eyeliner (and yes, Eren is crying and pouting)


Levi is such a sweetheart…he’s always there for his dummy boyfriend (but he’s still laughing, he just can’t help it. Eren is such a melodramatic brat.)

(Hope you’ll like it aaand sorry for the long wait <3 AND YOU DON’T BOTHER ME, LOVE <3)