aaaw ;u;

Watching SKAM
  • Esak: *intense staring*
  • Me: oh wow u cute
  • Esak: *talking and laughing*
  • Me: aaaw u reeally cute
  • Esak: *kiss*
  • Me: oh god. Yees yes yees!
  • Esak: *rub noses*
  • Me: *histerical giggling* oh god. Oh god stop stop. Fuuuck!
  • Esak: *clip 19*
  • Me: *cries while watching it for the 20th time*
  • Me: *whispers* im fucked...

anonymous asked:

Ah you're the lully im tring to find!! Im was your new follower back in idk long time ago and i accidentally hit the unfollow button without realizing it. (I was so mad at myself gosh i loved ur blog!!!) I couldnt find your blog again bcs i forgot ur blog name 😭😭 so happy i found you again!! Brb sending love to u

Aaaw, thank you so much! I really appreciate this! 

Thank you for following me and sending me love ~ 

anonymous asked:

I looooove how you did chibi!phil's eyes, would you ever consider making a step-by-step on how you do it? I'm a newbie digital artist and still trying to figure things out, thank you!!! I love your art btw!!!! <3

aaaw thank u!!! & yes of course :^)

so firstly i just start by doing the linework - u can do any shape u like

then on another layer i add the base colour, i usually follow a colour set but  can use any colours u like!

next i open a new layer setting the mode to shade & normally i pick the same colour that i used to do the linework with & then colour in half the eye diagonally - & then lower the opacity to my liking

then i open up a new layer & set that layer mode to luminosity, add the highlights then lower to layer opacity

then again i open another luminosity layer & do the pupil highlight, making the opacity lower than the first highlight

next i do another shade layer, picking a darker colour than the linework & do the same thing as the first shade layer but this time i go further than halfway, about ¾ - this gives it more of a definitive look imo

& lastly i open another luminosity layer, keeping this one at 100% opacity & do the circular highlights

& viola!!!!! we’re all done!!!! i know this wasn’t very informative but i hope it helped a little bit :-)