- you can keep me inside the pocket of your ripped jeans , by @hilourry​​   : Louis Tomlinson is an English fashion designer. Harry Styles is an American football player. Their paths cross through twitter.

Larry AU (23k). I’m such a hoe for famous!Louis and famous!Harry flirting on twitter AU … Add some smut and long-distance relationship, and I’m happy. Warning : mpreg (and bottom!Louis).

- Foolishly, Completely Falling , by dea_liberty:  "Now that he’s actually gone and done it, there seems to be no way of going back - no rinse and repeat, no ctrl+alt+del, no abort button, no help to be had. He’s fallen into a black hole and he cannot seem to find a way out. The black hole is also known as Tumblr. More specifically, it’s known as Tumblr’s Larry Stylinson tag.“ OR: The one where Louis becomes a Larry shipper by accident.

Larry Canon fic (8k) : Oh this is one is so much fun. And you wanna know behind which Larrie Louis is hiding … Also, smut (bottom:Harry) is nice :)

- feel you on my neck , by Awriterwrites : Harry’s drunk.  Harry’s drunk and there’s this guy.  This guy plastered to his back and if he could just get a cab…Based on these lyrics: Feel you on my neck while I’m calling a taxi / Climbing over me while I climb in the backseat / Now we’re taking off /Now we’re taking it off tonight . What happens when Harry rescues Louis at a bar and ends up taking him home?

Larry AU (6,5k): Okaaayyy, this fic is soooo goooooood. Basically 6k of smut, bottom!Harry, and… no, nothing. Read it, that’s all (and come aawwwwwwwing with me after)

- watch you on the red horizon , by jmcats : Liam is a struggling writer and a single father who keeps getting stuck in his writing. Zayn is a line cook trying to make something of himself.  They’re neighbors.  And they definitely don’t act like they’re married.  At all.

Ziam kid AU (35k) with writer!Liam, his fit neighbor Zayn, and a kind of neighbor to friends to friends with benefits to lovers AU. Smut is great, and the side Larry is funny :)

- coming up easy , by @almondmilkteaa  : Louis looks at him unimpressed. “Okay, I guess I haven’t made myself clear the seven other times. You’re nice, Harry but you’re just the person who sells me weed. That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.”Harry smiles easily, as if he was expecting this. “I can be more, though. I’ll make you tea on Sunday mornings, I’m pretty good in the kitchen and I’ve been told that I give phenomenal blowjobs.”Louis is really tempted to ask him if this is some sort of package deal special. Buy two grams of weed, get a cute boy and apparently everything he has to where harry is louis’ weed seller but he really doesn’t know what he’s doing and louis thinks he’s annoying but is really fond of him.

Larry Uni (kind of) AU (8,6k) very funny, with a lot of Breaking Bad references, no smut, and a kind of friends with benefits relationship. Very nice!

- Kings , by @haydolce​​ : Marcel receives an invitation to his ten year high school reunion, which brings up some painful memories of his youth. His lifelong best friend and roommate, Louis, is as supportive and kind as ever, but Marcel still has hesitations. Louis was Prom King. Marcel…was not. Will Marcel make the reunion a night to remember with his former classmate, Zayn, who is newly wealthy, handsome, and reveals his childhood crush on Marcel? Or will Louis finally realize what everyone else has known all along?

Marcel-Larry friends to lovers AU (13k), OMG OMG Dolce wrote another fic!!! With a loooot of pining, no smut, a secret crush for years. so good, go read this.this is so cute, i was like “awww” all the fic long.

- two feet standing on a principle , by @babyoflouis (idk why it won’t let me tag you sorry): The one where they pretend to still be a couple and it’s a disaster until it’s not. (Harry is a famous fashion model and Louis works at the mall, nobody knows they broke up two weeks ago.)

Larry famous!non-famous AU (10k) : amazing fic. Very painful at first tbh, not many dialogs but very well written. Smut is great (bottom!louis) too . Yes, I love this fic a lot.

- Only Hate The Road When You’re Missing Home , by @magicalrocketships(aka sunsetmog): Louis hadn’t seen Liam in three years and seven months. Not that he was counting; it was just that some facts seemed indelibly burnt into his brain, and no amount of trying could make them go away. An AU of sorts.

Lilo AU (49k) with famous singer!Liam and his big secret Louis. Awesome fic, awesome smut.

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anonymous asked:

can i get some hcs about dating thomas while your alex's sister/brother?

boss’ memo : aaannd we’re back!

Originally posted by breecatherinelives

  • thomas has an urge to flaunt your relationship in front of your sibling’s face–please don’t allow him, as there’s a legitimate chance of him coming back to you, holding his nose and grumbling that he didn’t strike back since alex is your brother,,
    • by “please don’t allow him”, i mean it. tell him he needs to avoid bringing up the fact that the two of you are together just so he can spite alex–if you don’t tell him, he won’t be quiet
    • however, if you’ve already gone over said fact / thomas knows that you’re extremely shy about this sort of thing, there’s a decreased chance that he’ll do it. decreased–it’s not completely out of the question until you tell him it is !
  • if you wanted a relationship that involved going behind the backs of others and being completely inconspicuous, thomas is,, not good at that, but not for the reason you may think,
    • a lot of it is in his body language, since he wouldn’t bring you up unless it’s to get a rise out of alex. generally, if anyone sees you around him, they can tell he’s in love with you just by looking at the way he stands so close as to brush hands with you, by the way his voice sounds when he’s addressing you–heck, how his voice sounds when you’re as much as in the same room as him !
    • he also can’t resist giving your forehead a kiss whenever he passes by you, and that’s a rather large indicator
  • your relationship with your sibling will be,,, Strained, to say the least. he knows he can’t stop you from who you love, but he’ll be quite vocal in telling you that, “your boyfriend is problematic”
    • don’t attempt to make him see reason–when alexander hamilton has an opinion, he wants to ensure that everyone’s aware of the fact that it’s The Only Correct Opinion
    • he won’t grow to like thomas, but he will grow to tolerate him–no, he still can’t come over to the house when alex is home, absolutely not
    • though, it is easy to understand why alex would be so upset, as thomas and he have a history of not getting along, even prior to the two of you getting together
      • (alex feels betrayed, putting it simply. not joking : he feels you are sleeping with the enemy)
      • (assure him it isn’t so)
  • you can’t quite be the glue that causes these two to befriend each other, but they’re willing to be kind of civil when you’re around
    • civil = they’ll tolerate each other’s presence because they care about you in their own ways

Here´s Kags!!

hope you like it <3 I reeeally love the messages that you leave, you make my day :3 I love to know that people like what i do…

im kinda late with this kags buuut here he is *u*

aaannd   I want to do more of these but I dont know what character.. sooo any suggestion is welcome!! <3

Flustered (Jonathan/Reader)

requested by @maxifuckoff

reader calls jonathan by a pet name for the first time aaannd yeah, lots of fluff


Dating Jonathan Byers was honestly a dream.

He treated you like an absolute princess and you really couldn’t ask for more.

You and Jonathan drove straight to his house after school to cram for a chem test you both had the next day.

“Want something to drink?” Jonathan asked as you made your into the cozy living room.

“Whatever’s fine.” You smile at the shaggy haired boy.

Setting out all your textbooks and notes, you both got to study and it was all peace and quiet till you heard the infamous click of Jonathan’s camera.

Rolling your eyes, you couldn’t keep the smile from coming onto your face as you spoke, “C'mon babe! At least give a girl a warning!”

Normally, your boyfriend would throw a remark right back at you, yet he stayed quiet.

Peering up to look at him, his eyes were wide and his cheeks were a deep shade of pink.


“Y-You called me babe..” He managed to stutter out.

Not realizing the problem with this, you gave him a questioning glance, “Yes…”

The boy sitting next to you quickly shook his head before speaking, “I-I mean you just never you know called me that before and it was-”

You cut him off.


“NO! Not at all! It was just..unexpected, that’s all.”

The faint pink color returned to his cheeks as your grin grew.

“Awh you’re blushing!” You cooed.

You moved closer to the boy as he tried to turn his face away from you.

“You’re absolutely adorable when you blush, you know that?”

Jonathan chuckled at your sentence before gently moving his hand to your face and bringing his lips to yours.

You loved his kisses, they were always so soft yet so tender.

Pulling away, you rested your forehead against his, “If that’s what happens when I call you baby, I might just do it more often.” You breathed.

Your boyfriend leaned back on the couch and brought you down with him. Your lips meeting once again and your textbooks long forgotten.

Sister Talk

I am now writing a fanfic about these two idiots….the beginning of an obsession.  HELP!!

Basically a karamel one-shot even though it’s mostly Alex and Kara.  ENJOY!

(Tagging a few karamel lovelies: @karamelicious @heart-knows-no-shame @super-karamel @captainkaramel @daenerysjon )


“Thanks for coming over,” Kara said as she placed a hot cup of coffee in front of her sister. “Especially on a Sunday morning…I hope Maggie wasn’t too annoyed that I’m stealing you away.”

Alex quickly waved it off as she took her first sip.  “Mmm…no, she’s fine…sleeping in this morning…we have plans to meet up for lunch later.”  Alex took another sip as she studied her sister, who was humming while she doctored her own coffee.  “Sooo…is the reason I’m over here have anything to do with the fact that you haven’t stopped smiling since I’ve walked through the door?”

Kara immediately pressed her lips together as she stirred her coffee.  “Pppfftt…whhaat?  I haven’t been….””  Another smile crept through but she tried to hide it by taking another sip, but as soon as she swallowed another smile bloomed on her face.  “Okay, well…”  She cleared her throat as she pushed her glasses.  “Perhaps a little the reason…okay, the main reason…yes, I’m….” She broke off into a fit of giggles.  “I’m sorry…I’m just…”

“Happy,” Alex finished for her as she smiled herself.  “You look happy.”  She then narrowed her eyes, studying her flushed cheeks and toothy grin as she did a cute little swaying dance where she stood.  “Oh….I know that look…did you?”

Kara pressed her lips together tightly, nodding her head erratically as she let out a little squeak.

“With Mon El?!”

She repeated the excited gesture…lips pressed, giddy nodding, tiny squeak.

“Of course with Mon El, why would I even ask that, you two have been playing the cat and mouse game for months, oh my god….”  She set her mug down and covered her hands with hers.  “Okay tell me everything, don’t leave anything out…go.”

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transparentadvice  asked:

Hi!!! Love the blog. Can I tell me about the 17 member's personalities and friendships? (Like some groups have "beagle lines" or a "happy virus")? Also are they friends with any other idols? Sorry I'm just so interested in 17!! Thxx

hi ya!!! i’d be happy to tell you stuff lovely!!

this is all off the top of my head so it’s a bit of a mess, so if you want to know more/something in more detail just ask!!

the most popualr ships/friendships are; jeongcheol (jeonghan +seungcheol/s.coups), meanie (mingyu +wonwoo), china line (minghao/the8 + jun), verkwan (vernon + seungkwan) and soonseok (soonyoung/hoshi + seokmin/DK) i can go into a lil more detail about the ships if you want just let me know ~

the beagle line of seventeen is 100% hoshi,dk and seungkwan a.k.a. booseoksoon, a.k.a. the gag trio - they’ll always be the ones in any video/interview/vlive being the loudest and making all of the other members laugh!!

in my opinon the closest linee/friendship in sventeen in the 95 line (seungcheol, jeonghan and joshua), they’re rly cute, just watch this vlive (x) it sums up their relationship prefectly.

that’s all i can think of friendship wise atm my mind has gone blank and i dont want this to be really long ~

as for other groups, they’re friends with so many!! they’re close to monsta x; they did a stage with them at the 2015 MAMAs, and they often appear in eachothers ‘behind the scenes’ videos when they attened the same events.

the 97 line (DK,mingyu and the8) are close to other 97 liners; yugyeom and bambam from got7, jungkook from bts and jaehyun from nct. they have a group chat and fans have spotted them out and about together before, and bambams put some photos of them together on his instagram;

speaking of bts; svt once mentioned wonwoo plays games with taehyung.

and all of the member interacted with jungkook at this years ISACs and seungkwan played a ame with seokjin

and as for got7, there hasn’t been much interaction other than the 97′ line, but cute fact’ at the first ISACs seventeen attended, vernon was put into the ‘foreigner’ team without any of the other members. Fans that atteneded said he seemed really sad and shy during the whole day but Jackson from got7 who was also in that team took care of him and held his hand.

dino has said another 99 liner he is close to is astros rocky and i read somewhere the two groups have hung out together before (not 100% sure if that’s true) but i also know seungkwan went bowling with rocky and some female idols (but i cant remember their names off the top of my head)

they’re all close to ailee!! have been sine predebut, i’m pretty sure she mentioned in the 17 project she’s known seunghcheol and jihoon for a long time, i think they trained together at some point, either way she’s close to both of them

they’‘re also kind of close to eric nam, vernon has featured on one of his stages before and i think joshua hung out with him at MAMAs because theres a video of them backstage goofing around with ailee

woozi is friends with exos chanyeol, he posted a photo of them together in the studio and they also spent time together at ISACs

vernon is friends with kino from pentagon, he bought him phone cases in japan

i’ve also seen pictures of vernon hanging out with members of mamamoo but idk if they’re close

they’re close to their labelmates as well i think. i know some of the members are friends with pristin; eunwoo featured on one of vernons solo songs and minghao spent luna new year with a group of people including Kyulkyung because they couldn’t go back to chine for the holidays.

aaannd that’s all i got off the top of my head! like i said please just ask if you want anymore detail, this is kind of messy because i just threw it all together at once ~

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S6, Vol. 5

Hello hello Tarra Treks is BACK! Read ‘em and weep, I sure did by the end.

6x20 ‘His Way’
- Netflix: “Bashir shows off his new holosuite character, a 1960s Las Vegas singer who performs in a lounge full of martini-swilling customers.”
  me out loud: “Why are you like this.”
- what is this boozy Mad Men fantasy
- it’s actually SO STRANGE to see them all in here in their uniforms!
- “pretty sweet pipes for a lightbulb” oh I like this, I like that he knows?? weird, weird and fun!

Julian is criminally pleased with himself and his preternaturally astute holographic lounge singer

- wait are Kira and Shakaar an on-again-off-again? since when?
- Julian: “He knows about love, life, women!”
  Miles: “Three things you know nothing about.”
  Julian: “Now that’s a little unfair.”
  hey if you knew about life you wouldn’t have walked right into that one
- hold up, I just realized I’m watching Quark give Odo relationship advice. QUARK AND ODO. TALKING ABOUT ♡
- Odo: “Who asked for your opinion?”
  Quark: “You did. I came here to talk about a missing shipment of groat clusters.”
- please tell me what is in a Warp Core Breach

this is incredible

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 Guys did you notice that detail?
Or the only person who did notice that detail is me?

I don’t think he blocked Touka’s kiss, if he did something like that then why did he think of such a thought? Like “I pray I am not dreaming" If there is someone who will stop the kiss
I think this will be probably Touka or Uta. (Remember the past hehehe *Just kidding)

I want to you think about that.

AAANND DON’T FORGET TO NEW ISSUE: The Distance Between Them Changes?!

What does it mean you think?

theportuguesewriter  asked:

I saw you did kissing headcanons for Akechi, but how about kissing headcanons for the rest of the Phantom Thieves?

Since there are a lot of characters, I’ll be doing 1~2 hc for each. Aaannd im not very good at writing Yusuke.

Akira’s kisses are always timed perfectly. Even if the situation he is in isn’t the most romantic , kissing Akira always feels oh-so-right. His kisses aren’t too rough or too soft , but just right. They may come off as rather shy, but they would be described as ‘The perfect kiss.’

—Akira isn’t someone who initiates kisses very often, he’s more of a ‘holding hands’ kinda guy.

Ryuji absolutely loves kissing. Forehead kisses , cheek kisses , and kisses on the lips , he loves them all. He doesn’t have much experience in kissing , so it can be sloppy sometimes , but they’re always filled with love.

—His kisses can range from gentle ones or rough ones , though they’re usually rough.

— passionate is how Yusuke rolls His kisses are daring and he pours his emotions into them. Plus , they last long. He likes to take his partner by surprise by kissing them suddenly , just to see their startled reaction.

Futaba has never kissed someone in her life before. She’ll puff up her cheeks and scrunch her nose , pouting as she waits for her partner to land a kiss on her mouth. She doesn’t initiate kisses , mainly because she doesn’t know how to.

For the first few kisses , she doesn’t kiss back. But futaba’s a quick learner , so once she picks up the art of kissing , her partner better be prepared for many surprise kisses.

—i’d say kissing Ann would leave you with a taste of her cherry lipstick. She’s quite daring with her kisses , often taking the initiative to initiate them. Her kisses are sweet due to her lipstick , so they’re quite addicting.

—However , she gets extremely flustered when her partner is the one to kiss her. She’s always worrying about where to put her hands while they kiss , but is usually too absorbed in it to notice her hands.

—Despite how she behaves , Makoto is new at kissing ( but shes not bad either. ). Her kisses are slow and shy , always lasting for just a little while from the fear of messing up.

—Run your hand through her hair during makeout sessions and she’ll lose it. Makoto also enjoys cheek kisses and will leave a peck on her partner’s cheek whenever possible.

Haru is , surprisingly, good at kissing. The minty flavour on her lips will leave her partner’s knees weak. She likes to cup her partner’s cheek when they share a kiss , using her thumb to caress their cheek lovingly. Kissing haru is definitely a good experience.


I was tagged by two lovely-sweet cup cakes @anthracite-camelies & @breadpanzombiebum​. Thank you guys!! And sorry for taking so looong to done this tag (I’m quiet having fun-riously to this one ✌.ʕʘ‿ʘʔ.✌ )

ooukay.. Basically Idk what exactly am I doing with this tag, I’m pretty sure it’s related to the mood since the title said so^^

rules: put together a mood board using at least six images for the sim most associated with your blog (simself, legacy sim, character, etc.) and then tag more people to do it. {tips for making a moodboard here} 

Aaannddd.. I’m breaking the rules! Mwahahahahahah..! It suppose to be for a sim and using pictures, but hereee.. I made for my “Strange Century” series and using a gif.

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Now who should I tag? I’m afraid if I’ll disturb a busy bee ┐(‘~`;)┌

@lilytita, @tyrellsimsoficeandfire (hope y don’t mind for another tag, kkkk), @declarations-of-drama​, @acquiresimoleons​, @soloriya​, @andantezen​,  aaannd aall of you who’s seen this post & want to do this! yes YOU!  (σ≧▽≦)σ ❤️ *only do it if you want to do it*

Omg I just had a really angsty idea-

You know how when Ara’s older he’s much more happy annnd junk?

What ifff  something happened to cut that off reaL QUICK


Can you do a imagine where Y/N is African American and thick and Tony’s adopted daughter and Spider-Man (Tom Holland) falls for her and Tony becomes very protective of her??? Btw I love your imagines babe 💕 keep up the great work ❤️            

You walked into your dad’s workshop with his breakfast in your hands. If you didn’t make him eat, he’d probably die of starvation in here. FRIDAY was only so much help, when it came to Tony Stark. He was as stubborn as an ass. You were his soft spot, he couldn’t deny you the time of day when you asked for it.

“Dad?” you called as you stepped over the little robot that scurried past your feet. You weren’t exactly sure what he was working on but it seemed cute.

“Y/N?” he questioned. His head popped up from under his desk, like a little meerkat. You huffed a little at the sight of him. He had bags under his eyes from lack of sleep, and honestly he was looking old.

“Jesus, you need some beauty sleep,” you exclaimed, then got closer, “Second thought, maybe a coma.”

“Ha. Ha. What do you want?” he was feigning being cross. Despite his words he smiled at the jab. He was aware that the sleepless nights weren’t doing him any favors.

“I want you to eat breakfast, and get ready for that kid to come by and talk to you,” you thrusted the plate forward and waited on him to take it.

“Oh, what time is it?” he asked looking around, presumably, for his watch.

“It is 10:30 on the dot, Mr. Stark. And I would hate the poor boy to be stuck in the lobby waiting for you.”

“I’ll get dressed then,” he began to get up, with the intentions to just put on clothes.

“No! Not so fast. Eat first.”

“You just said-”

“I slaved over the hot stove all morning, Dad. Just to see you smile and be healthy. What kind of person would scorn-”

“Alright, cut the act,” he grabbed the plate and began eating. The moment he took a bite out of the pancakes on his plate he hummed in delight.

“I told you those cooking classes weren’t a waste of money,” you said smugly.

“Sure thing kid. Well look, if you want me to finish these, then you’re gonna have to entertain Spiderboy,” he said around his bite of food. You groaned throwing your head back in exasperation, “Oh come on, he’s around your age.”

“Daddy, the last time you told me to entertain someone around my age I got stuck with your investor’s douchebag son. I can still hear his stupid voice ‘Wow, I’ve never been with a black girl before’” you mocked in a deep dumb voice.

“Okay, I admit, that was terrible, but the look on his face when you kicked his ass was priceless. Aaannd you’re the one who insisted I eat first. Now you’ve gotta cover for me while I get all my vitamins and nutrients,” he gave you one of his famous snarky smiles.

“Fine, but I want the car this weekend.”

“Which one?”

“You know which one.”

“Deal, no boys though.”


“You can bring your gay friend, I like him.” he allowed.


You turned around and began out of the workshop when Tony called out to you, “Wait, look back at me,” You did as he said curiously, “You look beautiful today sweetheart… too beautiful. Gonna have to lock you away in the tallest tower one of these days.”

“Daaad,” you groaned.

“I’m just messing with you. You really do look good though. Nice Metallica shirt. I don’t think I have that one.”

“Yes you do, I ordered you one too.”

“Have I told you how much I love you.”

“My allowance validates me enough,” you laugh. You’re kidding of course. You didn’t really have an allowance… you had a job, two in fact. Keep dad alive, and occasionally make ground breaking bioengineering breakthroughs.

“I’ll clear out this weekend for us to hang out.”

“Good. You need to take a break anyway.”

“Sir, Mr. Peter Parker is in the lobby.”

“Thank you, FRIDAY,” Tony called back. You hurried out to meet the boy, your mind busy with what to do with the weekend you’d have with your father. It had been a long time since the two of you got to hang out. Being Iron Man was a full time job, and more often than not he was in his workshop.

You stopped at a mirror before going to meet Peter. You checked to be sure your make up looked fine, and that there were n stains on your shirt, blazer, or jeans. Once you deemed yourself all clear your waltzed into the lobby with a smile you were very used to giving.

“Mr. Parker,” you addressed, holding a hand out for him  to shake.

Peter turned at the sound of his name and his jaw dropped. Your figure was the perfect hour glass… a thick hourglass. His eyes traveled up your body to rest on your face. You looked like an angel come to heaven with your sweet playful smile and glistening brown eyes.

“… You are Mr. Parker right?” you asked, concerned by his dumbfounded expression.

“Y-Yes. That’s… yeah, Mr. Parker- Peter Parker.” he stumbled over his words and you stared at him trying to figure out what his deal was. He shook your hand and continued to stare at you like a guppy.

“I’m Y/N Stark. Tony Stark’s daughter. He asked me to show you to his workshop,” you explained.

“Um yeah, great. Lead the way.” he finally let your hand go and your gestured for him to follow you. You lead him the the workshop where Tony was still eating. You had to admit this guy was kinda cute. He had a sort of boyish charm. It also seemed like he had a hard time just talking to people and it was adorable.

“Thanks sweetheart,” Tony said, eyes looking at some plans on your desk.

“I want the keys by Friday night,” you informed leaving to go to your own lab. Bruce was there, he usually was. He often served as your adult supervision while you worked. He was good company so you never minded. Your music played softly from the speakers around the room, allowing conversation to erupt where it may, but Bruce was too inclined to talking and you were absorbed in your work. Much later in the day the door to the lab opened and Tony walked Peter into the room.

“And this is where you can be. This is my daughter, Y/N, and she won’t bite unless you touch her work,” Tony warned. You looked up and offered a reassuring smile, though your father was right.

“Thanks,” Peter said to Tony. You sat back in your chair and watched him as he took off his jacket and set it on the chair opposite you. His arms were well toned, body slim but muscular. You twirled the pen in your hand thoughtlessly.

“So, Spider-Man, what great science have you been working on?” You asked.

“N-not much recently. I’ve got school… and  spiderman to deal with. You?”

You grinned mischievously, “Well since you asked,” you launched into details about your most recent project. Peter rested his chin on his hand and his elbow on your desk enthralled by the passion behind your words, and they way they fell from your lips like music. It was like someone had perfectly rendered a girl just for him. At the end of your speech he just stared at you dumbfounded.

“Wow,” he whispered.

“I’m just stuck on energy,” you huffed.

He nodded thoughtfully then gestured towards the pieces on your desk, “May I?”

The two of you worked together, talking animatedly about the work at hand and about other things, like school and family.

“So you’re Tony’s daughter?” Peter asked skeptically.

“Adoptive,” you answered, “but he’s the only parent I’ve ever known. My parents died when I was really little, and they were really good friends with Dad. I didn’t have any other family, so he adopted.”

“My parents died when I was young too. I live with my Aunt.”

You smiled a little at him, not because you were happy his parents were dead, but because there was someone else who knew what it was like. Therefore he wasn’t going to treat you like Tony Stark’s charity case. You were staring at each other like some you were recreating a Disney scene. Then your dad walked in.

“Hey!” he called at. The two of you immediately leaned away from each other. You hadn’t realized how close you were until you moved away. You cleared your throat.

“Hey, Daddy. Peter helped me figure out how to get energy to the mechanical heart,” you said proudly.

“Is that so?” Tony was staring at Peter like he wa going to murder him any second, “Can I steal Peter for a little bit. I’ll give him right back.”

Peter followed Tony out of the room and then the steel blinds closed. The moment the lab door was closed Tony crossed his arms and glared at Peter.

“Listen, kid. I don’t want you getting any ideas about that girl in their. You keep your teenage boy hormones to yourself,” Tony demanded.

“Oh no. I wasn’t-”

“Save it. I don’t want any heart eyes, no flirting no nothing. And you don’t tell her I told you to stay away. You understand me?”

“Yes, sir,” Peter nodded quickly.

“Good, because unlike me all of the Avengers love Y/N and if you even so much as think about bringing your nasty little teenage boy desires to her attention they will all collectively kick your ass.”

Peter nodded again. When he came back he looked scared shitless and you pouted, knowing exactly what had just happened.

“He always does that to the one’s I like,” you grumbled, “I get that he’s trying to protect me, but jeez!”

Peter bit his lip thoughtfully, “Your dad is scary.”
“Yeah, I know and you think we should just be friends,” you finished.

“No… I just think your dad shouldn’t find out if you give me your number.”

You grinned at him, “I like your style Parker.”

~Mod Lillian

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i just found your blog aaannd there goes my thursday night along along with my fucks about homework.. all in seriousness, your fic recs 👏👏💯💯👌👌

Thank you, friend!! Enjoy your night! 😉🎉

Good Girl

Featuring: Daddy!Jimin, You

Warnings: dd/lg themes

Written by: Admin V

He never lets you have sweets in the morning, but you’ve been a good girl.

Originally posted by fyeahbangtaned

“Aaannd here you go, my sweet angel!”

You squealed with delight as Daddy brought over the hugest mug of steaming hot cocoa. The scent of warm, rich chocolate filled your senses, contrasting with the cool morning air. Placing it on the kitchen table, Jimin’s lips curled upwards in a smile of their own, seeing you. Feet kicking and hands shaking in excitement, just the way that he loved.

“But wait, there’s more!” Jimin animatedly gestured. With a spin, twirl, and flourish, he snatched something up from the counter behind him and brought it forwards for you to see.

Whipped cream.

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