- “Have no fear… For I am here now.”

Sometimes Todoroki dreams of the past. 

Midoriya lulls him back to sleep with soft touches and heavy nerdiness.

Imagine feeling bad after an exam and Scott cheers you up <3

A/N: I just got home from my Math final and I’m serious I’m going to fail so I’m feeling a little down and I hope some Scott fluff will help me feel better. 

I hope it makes you feel better too <3

You had feared this exam for a week now. Math. How would you even do this? You always did all right in class and you got good grades but then whenever there was a pop quiz or a midterm you did… well let’s just sat not so great. 

You arrived fifteen minutes before the final started as you were instructed to. You found your seat and started pulling out pencils and erasers. You felt your heart beating like a drum and your adrenalin pumping through your veins. 2 minutes till you began. 

As expected Stiles and Scott came running through the door and settled for the last two seats in the back. How they could be this late remained a mystery to you. You would be beyond stressed and on the verge of panicking had it been you. 

Your teacher pulled you out of your thoughts with a loud smack of paper hitting hard wood. Again your heart sped up of the thought of your exam. What were you going to do if you failed?

“Please, open your papers. The exam begins now.” Her firm voice was the only sound left in the room. You opened the paper and began to read.

“Aaand, time is up. Please close your sheets and hand in your answers.” 

Your eyes teared up. This had got to be the worst you had yet done. How could you not understand it? Sure you got the easier questions but then you hit a wall and your brain shut completely down. You had no idea how to solve the task. 

You blinked back the tears and slowly packed your things. You wanted to be the last one out the door so no one would see you cry. You thought everyone had gone home, but when you walked out the door after handing in your answers, a pair of familiar chocolate brown eyes looked up at you in worry. 

He was sitting against your locker, waiting for you to come out. Through the whole exam his ears had been filled with your heartbeat and he could feel the disappointment radiating off you as the final ended. 

You couldn’t hold it in and you let your tears run down your cheeks. He quickly stood up and hugged you tightly. He ran his hand through your hair while whispering soothing things in your ear.

“It’ll be okay.” 

“What if I fail? And what if I don’t get into college or…” Your voice wavered and Scott could feel your tears dampening his shirt. You whispered so low that if Scott hadn’t been a werewolf he wouldn’t have heard you. 

“Y/N. It will be okay, and even if you fail, your grades are so good it will bring your final grade up. So, please, don’t worry. You’ll get into college, you’ll graduate and you’ll have an amazing life.” 

You lifted your head from his shoulder and gave him a small smile. 

“Thanks, Scott.”  You said and he gave you a smile in return.

“You can always come to me if there is anything.” He gave your shoulder a little squeeze and you felt more relieved.