aaand my face

  • Sole Survivor: *picks a lock*
  • Maccready: nice job! But, can you do it blindfolded?
  • Me, under my breath: you'd be surprised what I can do blindfolded... 😉

The Urca gold is on that beach exactly where we left it… so, do you know of a crew who might be willing to aid in this endeavor? 

Who did this? They say it was John Silver. They say he speaks for Captain Flint.


#kcon16ny jimin during the encore stage

So I was gonna put this under a Read More like I usually do with my personal stuff, but this one is kinda important, so I’m gonna keep it like this (but I’ll be quick, promise)

Basically, like a few of you know (and nobody was surprised) I’m going to be transitioning! Not straight away, but in the sense that I’ve started telling people, and I’m halfway through sessions with the shrink, and since you guys are basically family, I’m telling you here :) I know, it’s been a long time coming, but after 7 months of what-is-wrong-with-me-is-this-normal-why-am-i-so-sad I think I have the beginnings of an answer. I know I’m on the first rung of the BE A MAN ladder, so it’s exciting and scary and occasionally overwhelming, but I wanted to tell my family before I go tell my IRL family.


dis mah face

if look like boy, smell like boy, says is boy, then is a boy.

*Phew!  Okay, I need a pick-me-up from the angsty bit.*

Dorian - You have been smiling non-stop today, did you know?

Juno - Hm?  I have?

Dorian - Ever since this morning, actually.  When you came out of our Commander’s quarters.

Juno - Oh, that’s just… I mean there’s… He was just…

Dorian - Pinning you to the bookcase while unleashing years of intensely bridled frustration all over you like a dam that has just burst?

Juno - (nonsensical stammering)

Dorian - (laughs) You lucky little elf!

Juno - Aaand my face is on fire, thanks so much!

Dorian - Please tell me he was the one who did the pinning.

Juno - Dorian!

Dorian - What?  This is all vital information that I must know!

Juno - (calming breath) He… didn’t pin me against the bookcase.

Dorian - Oh, what a shame.

Juno - He threw everything off his desk and pinned me on that.

Dorian - Ah ha, even better!  Here, come with me to the tavern and tell me all about it!  I want no detail spared!