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Wait what is this story about colin baker in the woods, you can't just say that and leave us hanging

 oh god, okay… this is a fairly long story that colin baker relates in the dvd commentary for mark of the rani, i will be paraphrasing it but i’m pretty certain i remember all the major details because i was laughing SO hard the first time i heard it

first of all you have to know that mark of the rani was filmed on location in this particular village and the public woods surrounding it, and also that the weather was being rather inconsistent on this one day. it kept raining and then the rain would stop again, so every time the rain shifted, the whole filming crew would immediately jump up and run between two locations – for continuity reasons, because they were alternately filming one scene where it needed to be raining and one where it was sunny

so they’re doing this scene where the doctor is tied up and hanging from a pole like so:

it’s super uncomfortable to be actually hanging from a pole by one’s wrists and ankles for multiple takes of a scene, so the crew built some kind of contraption to make it easier on him… it was basically a metal frame-like thing that was hidden under his jacket and pants, supporting his back so that he wouldn’t actually be straining his wrists, i guess? at any rate, the downside of this was that this thing took a LONG time to set up, so it wasn’t possible to UNTIE him from the pole in between takes, so they just kind of. set him down on the ground. during the moments when they weren’t filming

anyways, in the middle of this situation with the intermittent weather, at some point it starts raining and the director calls for everyone to go to the other current filming location!! everyone is rushing about trying to get the cameras and props and people over there as quickly as possible (because you never know when the rain will change again) and in all of this hullaballoo they somehow manage to

forget colin baker on the ground

(actually he said that he sort of noticed them leaving him behind but was initially hesitant to say anything, thinking “surely i’m just missing something and they’ll come get me in a moment” and then by the time he fully realized he was left behind, they were too far out of earshot for him to say anything)

so he’s just like. well. i’ll just wait. and they’ll figure it out soon enough

he lies there tied to this pole for a good ten minutes or so until he hears someone coming down the path

but it is not the film crew, because these are PUBLIC WOODS they are filming in. it’s a random middle-aged couple walking their dog. and the dog comes running up to colin baker (who is a little ways off of the main path) and sniffing him and barking

and the couple just … look at him, tied to the pole on the ground… he said he could tell that they didn’t recognize him as being dr. who, so god knows what they thought about his COAT

he looks at them

there is a deeply awkward silence in which he doesn’t know what he could possibly say about the situation of him being TIED TO A POLE IN THE WOODS and they are clearly being TOO POLITE AND PROPER AND BRITISH-Y to bring it up

eventually one of them is like “nice weather today isn’t it” and he’s like “er yes quite” and they just keep going and leave him lying there on the ground tied to the pole

he just stays there for another twenty minutes or so until FINALLY he sees one of the camera crew running back to get him while yelling “COLIN OH MY GOD WE’RE SO SORRY”

…aaand that is the colin baker tied to a pole in the woods story, more or less as related by colin baker himself, aka my all time favorite thing that ever happened behind the scenes of doctor who!! ACTOR DVD COMMENTARIES ARE SO WORTH WATCHING, KIDS

Feysand Child AU???

Kid @ 5 months
•Feyre gives her a bath after she crawled outside all over Aunt Elain’s garden
•Rhys and child makes a pillow fort (!!!!!)
•Uncle Cass is very playful and protective
•Uncle Az has a very soft side for kids and took her high up to the sky when she was crying because she misses momma and dadda (they were a little “busy” so le baby was under poor Az’s care)
•Aunt Nesta always makes her laugh (like she just laUGHS when she sees Nesta)
•Aunt Elain puts flowers behind le baby’s ears
•Aunt Amren just groans when the baby cries but she loOoOves her
•Aunt Mor always uses a high-pitched voice when talking to the baby
•Momma and dadda always makes her play with the other Illyrian kiddos
Kid @ 2
•"I yuv you momma! I yuv you dadda!“
•Her first words were “I yuv you” because she always hears it from her parents
•On her birthday, there was a big surprise: UNCLE AZ CAN BAKE?!
•Uncle Lucien gives her smol paintbrushes and non-toxic paint AND a canvas that’s the same size as her
•"Lucien, you know she can’t paint yet” “Hush. Practice makes perfect.”
•"What’s my name? Dadda Rhy-sand" “Weeeeesand?” “No, no.. RRRhysand” “Wwweeeeaand!!”
•The Inner Circle starts calling Rhys “Wees” afterwards
Kid @ 5
•Dadda teaches her how to fly
•Dadda Wees hugs her tightly when she cried because she couldn’t lift her wings without hurting herself. “Aw sweetie you hurt me too when you cry, you know.” And then he gives her a sad face.
•Momma supports her wings, letting them rest on her hands while she lifts them until she can do it all by herself
•Uncle Cass and Aunt Mor gave her a tub of ice cream when she was finally able to lift her wings by herself
•"Cass you’ll give her tonsillitis" “It’s ice cream, Feyre. Ice cream is good for the health”
•She learned to fly after three months (!!!) with help from her supportive fam
•Feyre painted a scene once, when Rhys and their child were soaring, flying across the beautiful skies of Velaris
•Feyre was teaching their daughter how to paint and she drew eyes. One violet and one grey-blue (blue-grey???)
Kid @ 13
•She got into a massive fight with her dad bc he “was too over-protective and wouldn’t let her go out on her own”
“'There’s a chance that something might happen to you!’ Rhys had snapped. They’ve been bickering all afternoon.

‘What’s the purpose of all my training, then? Just for show because I already have an immensely annoying and over-protective dad to tail me wherever I go?! I don’t need you to protect me all the time!’ she’d yelled.“

•She regretted everything she’d said later on and knelt in front of him and took his hand, leaning her forehead against it and apologizing. (She did this when it was dinnertime in front of the inner circle btw :))
•Rhys had pulled her up and embraced her while she weeped. “It’s okay… It’s okay. I love you.”
•And then Az suddenly goes, “Do you want me to bake a cake after this?”
•ANYWAYS,,, she goes shopping with her fabulous Aunt Mor
•She also reads with Aunt Amren, occasionally bringing lamb meat, thinking it might help her adjust to her Fae form
Kid @ 18
•Rhys tears up (but doesn’t cry) when he sees hia daughter in her gown on her 18th birthday. And guess what? It was also the day of the next Starfall
•Everyone in Prythian was invited. Even Tamlin the Tool. Surprisingly enough, ALL the high lords came. Except for Beron, that dude’s a party pooper
Gifts from le High Lords:
•Thesan: a box of chocolates bc he didn’t know what to give:)
•Kallias: a ball of frost encasing a beautiful flower (I got this from Tinkerbell DKSKDKSKS)
•Vivianne: a make-up set with different shades of blue
•Helion: You guessed it. A booook!!
•Tarquin: A necklace with a charm in the shape of a shell
•Aaand Tamlin: (a tool box LOL JK) A fancy-ass wine bottle (oNLY FOR DISPLAY OK) and a pun decorated with wings carved out of black diamond. The pin also serves as an apology to Rhys and Feyre
Gifts from her boufiful fam:
•Uncle Az: a paint set with all colors imaginable even though he knows she can mix paint
•Uncle Cass and Aunt Nesta: a doggoooo!!! She named him (the doggo) Astraeus which means “starry one”
•Uncle Lucien and Aunt Elain: some sort of fancy photo album/scrapbook showcasing her growth
•Aunt Mor: A beautiful, elegant af dress studded with crystals at the waistline
•Aunt Amren: one of her necklaces
•Mom and Dad: They gave her a crown. It kinda took the shaoe of Rhys’s knee tattoos and had a shiny diamond on the peaks of eack mountain. The crown was studded with black crystals, and it was like someone took a bit of the night sky and placed it in them
Kid @ 20
•she found someone she wanted to believe was her mate because (1.) They’re childhood friends and she lolololoooves him (2.) They like each other
•Dadda is v protective while momma just lays a hand on his shoulder everytime he growls or whatever, trying to calm him down
•They all put their tough people™ masks on when he had dinner with them.
•Except for Elain, who just gives him a sympathetic look.
•k so yeah he’s her mate so everyone soon warms up to him (although Rhys is still a li'l bit salty)
•they always go out on dates and, soon enough, the Inner Circle misses her
~Five years later~
•Astraeus (her doggo) died
•Rhys and Feyre don’t wanna leave her side
•oh, and her mate too
•months later, she gave birth to a baby girl
•Grandpa Wees and Grandma Feyre don’t wanna leave the baby
•Weeks later, the baby got very ill. They brought her to the healer but the fever just won’t go away. As the days went on, the innocent, little thing weakened. Rhys and Feyre’s daughter would cry herself to sleep. Nothing could comfort her, not even her mate or parents’ embrace.

“She didn’t want leave her daughter just yet. They’d only had her for a few weeks. It was not enough. It would never be.

She looked up at her mother, tears streaming down her face. ‘I should’ve been a better mother. It’s all my fault.’
She didn’t leave her daughter. Even when they buried the baby’s coffin, she didn’t leave.“


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Pillow Fort

(Damian Wayne x Reader)

Summary: Pillow forts and cuddles somehow turned into a competition

Requested: yes, by sweet @gallfreyangryffindor

Request: Hello, me again. Can I request a Damian x reader where they build a pillow fort and they get really competitive about it and maybe a pillow fight that ends in cuddling! You’re amazing! 😘

Warning/s: none

Tag list: @just-a-girl-maybe, @ms-crxne, @pinkwitch21

Author’s note: this is probably too short

You had a tough day and all you wanted to do was spend some time with your fiance.You got home to find him training in the spare room of the apartment, his muscles were sticking out and his well toned chest was glistening in sweat. “Hello Damian.” Damian turned around and smiled at the sight of your gorgeous face, “Hello my beloved,” he said giving you a kiss, “I’ve missed you very much.”

“Oh Dami I missed you too.” You said giving him another sweet kiss. “How was work (y/n)?” Damian asked you while drying himself with a towel. “It was okay, it could’ve been better though.”

“Why do you say that?” Damian took your hand and sat down making you sit down in his lap. So you told him what happened today, from your boss being a complete asshole to your coworkers being incredible jerks. “Beloved, I think I know how to help you, wait here, I’ll be quick.” He said then ran out of the room and you changed until you waited for Damian to call you, you put one f his hoodies and sweatpants on and immediately felt the tension leaving your body.

“Beloved come into the living room!” You rushed there to find dim lights and a pillow fort waiting for you, “Damian, oh my gosh this is amazing. Thank you so much!” You kissed him passionately and got into your pillow fort, it had all sort of pillows and blankets in it and it just felt so good. “Come here (y/n).” Dami said as he pulled you close to his chest and you snuggled up closer in his chest, thank God he changed his clothes too.

You two were relaxing, not caring about anything when a pillow fell on your head, “Uhh Dami how exactly did you built this pillow fort, cause it’s breaking down.” You chuckled softly, “tt beloved, I doubt you can do any better.”

“Is that a challenge? Because if it is game. On.”

“So we’re clear on the rules, we have ten minutes to make a pillow fort and the one that holds out is the winner.”

“Aaand the loser has to do whatever the winner wants, for a whole day.”

“You’ve got yourself a deal beloved.” You two shook on it and set a timer, “Three. Two. One. GO!”

You began picking pillows and blankets for your fort and got the more comfortable ones, next you set it up on the couch and a few chairs but it kept falling apart, you look at the phone seeing you have a minute and thirty left so you get to work. You work out the kinks from before and just as you finish the alarm goes off.

“Okay let’s see how we did.” You both look at the pillow forts to see them both well made and pretty strong. “Damn it, I really thought you’d lose. You cheater.” You mumbled the last part but Damian heard you and got a pillow from your fort making it collapse, “Hey what the hel-” You were interrupted as your fiance smacked you with the pillow, “Oh hell no.” You grabbed a pillow from his fort and smacked him which led to a full blow pillow fight.

Somewhere in the pillow fight you managed to knock Dami’s fort over too. The pillow fight ended as the two of you fell on the forts, erupting in giggles. “That was fun Damian.”

“Yes it was.” Damian chuckled then pulled you to his chest again and kissed your forehead.

“I love you, Damian.”

“I love you too, habibti.

Lovebirds Grooming (Cody Christian x OFC)

AN: See, what’d I tell you? Give me asks and I give you fics. Haha. Kidding2. Okay, lemme clear up a few things. One, I have NO idea what’s it like on the Teen Wolf set, or any film set for the matter, so I made it as vague as I can and if there is any discrepancies, blame my imagination. Maybe tell me, gently, so I don’t make the same mistakes. Two, this is my first Cody Christian RPF but this is not my first attempt at writing him. He’s a complicated man to write, I’d give him that. He might come of as out of character, he might not, but I’m trying. Three, you might recognize the OC’s name, because I really like that name and all of my OC’s share the same name. If you want, you can picture a different face for the character.

Avery and Cody didn’t exactly get along when they first met. This leads to a little love/hate relationship between the two. Could there be more?

Bad summary, but give it a whirl. Just something I cooked up. And without further ado, I give you, Mr. Cody Christian, everybody.

Originally posted by iamthegirlyouddiefor

Avery came to work with a scowl. It was the day she had been dreading for weeks, the day that they would be filming the infamous torture scene for episode 15 of the last season. It was not that she hated the sequence or anything, it was just that the scene needed the werewolves to be wet and she was dreading how much one particular actor was going to enjoy getting wet.

A scoff passed her lips when she thought of one Cody Allen Christian. Out of all the actors of Teen Wolf, she had trouble dealing with him the most. She thought him vain, attention-hungry. Her first impression of him was that he is one of those gym rats that works out all the time, confident of his body and his looks and unashamed to flaunt it whenever he could.

It’s not that going to the gym are bad or anything. To her, it’s okay to exercise to keep healthy. It’s just that these body builders tend to get arrogant and overboard. And looking at Cody, she could see that he treats his body more like an amusement park than a temple. He had no qualms showing his abs or flexing his arms whenever there are people and cameras around.

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Pairing; (Tom!Peter Parker x Reader)

Not much to say except thank you so much for my FIRST EVER request. Requested by Anon, I hope you enjoy!

Warnings; none really… I (a lot of different kinds of ) kissing, (implied under aged drinking?)

BF/N: Best Friend’s Name


“Come on Y/N it’ll be soooo much fun!” Your best friend BF/N says dragging you down the hall.

“Why would I want to come to one of those crowded high school parties? To get hungover? I mean WHAT is the goal?” You said as you two walked into your next classroom.

“That’s why it’s gonna be a small party, like, inner circle only. Just a small group of friends. Aaand who ever you wanna invite of course.”

You thought about it. First period was half over when Peter busted through the door and awoke you from your thoughts.

He apologized to the teacher, shyly as always. He sat down in the seat behind you and buried his head in a notebook. Trying to reflect everyone’s glares.

You leaned back so your hair das dangling on his desk. “So what’s the excuse this time Parker?”

“I uh- I I got in late last night. So I uh you know slept through my alarm. ” he said quietly.

You and peter’s history was slim but you’ve known each other ever since you could remember. You lived relatively close to each other as well so if you could give him another friend besides Ned, you were gonna do it.

During lunch you waved Peter over to your table where you sat with a group of friends.

“Uh Why are you waving that dork over to our table?” BF/N says.

“He’s coming to the party.” She rolls her eyes. “What? He’s cool. He’s shy. He’s kind. And hilarious to say the least… you just got to get to know him.”

“I think someone’s in loooove”

You scoff. “No. He’s just a good friend, BF/N. I’ve known him my whole life.”

Peter sat next to you.

“Hey guys. ” he says looking over at you as he sits down next to you.

“Hey. Are you busy tomorrow night? ” you ask.

“No wh-”

You answer before he has time to question it.. “Good, because you are coming to a party with me. ” you state, smiling over at him.

He starts to say something.

“Ah ah ah. No. It’s not a question P. Your going. It won’t be a crowded party. Just some drinks, some music, and some games. ”

“Uh..” he starts..

“C'monnn ” you pull at his arm…“ Pleeeeassee.”

He locks eyes with you for a second.

“Ohokay’ ” he finally says.

- Time Skip -

You had met at BF/N ’s house a few hours before the party was going to start. When you and BF/N we’re setting up, you got a phone call.

“Uh Y/N?” You heard Peter say over the phone.

“Hey! Peter what’s up?”

“Uhum what do I wear?”

You laughed a little. “Anything P, it’s just casual. It’s not some big party.”

“Okay. Um and what do I bring?”

“Nothin. Just be here at seven.”

“Okay. ” He said, then hung up.


It’s about fifteen minutes after seven and you were talking to someone when Peter walked in.

“Hey! ” You walked up to him.

“Hi.” He says.


You and Peter lingered around the whole night. Sharing small conversations when you got an idea.

“Stay here.” You said and gave Peter a small smile.

You walked into the kitchen and took a beer from a guy that was drinking it.

“Hey!!” He said throwing his arms in the air.

You dumped the rest of it out in the sink behind him and walked back into the living room.

“BF/N … cmon lets play. ” you said waving the bottle at her.

She got everyone’s attention and gathered them around. You were all sitting in a circle, except for Peter.

“Cmon Peter. ” You said.

He shook his head. “Nah I don’t think this is my thing.”

“Exactly. Come on! Live a little.” You smile at him.

“Cmon” Everyone else joins in.

“ Fine.” He says and kneels down across from you in the circle.

You set the bottle down and let BF/N go first. She spins and kisses some jock she invited. Then the guy next to her spins and kisses the girl across from him.

Now it’s your turn. You spin the bottle and it lands directly across from you.

Peter looked up at you with wide eyes.

“Uhum” He stutters.

“Ah cmon Peter.” You scooted closer to him to where you were practically straddling him and leaned in.

Your lips met his. And he kissed you back. Soft and slowly. You were about to pull away when his hand met your back and he held you closer. You and him stayed like that for a while. Lips moving swiftly against each other’s. Not being bothered by the dropping jaws all around you.

Everyone started to applaud slightly. “Whoo!” “Whoo!” “Get it Peter!”

The two of you parted slightly and smiled widely. You buried your face in his neck.

“Cmon Pete- let’s leave them to it.” You stood up holding your hand out to him. “Walk me home?” You asked.


Shortly you arrived at your house. “I had a lot of fun Y/N” Peter says looking at you outside your front door.

“The making out or the party, becau-”

He locked lips with you once again. But there was this new found confidence among him. Like he had gotten what he had been waiting for.

“Uhokay.” You said smiling when the two of you finally broke apart.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.” He said slowly walking backwards down the sidewalk.

“Yes you will.”


Thanks for reading! I hope I did good anon!


Another submission! Hiii Raven! I re read the whole Tickle Monster thing and thought I should write it, as I just reeeaallly like the idea.
Hope you like it!

Prompt: Jack targets Mark in Dead By Daylight, and manages to kill him early in the game. Little does he know, he’s created a monster out of him by doing so.

Jack cackled close to the mic, the others groaning and chuckling nervously.

“Jack, whatcha ya doooin?” Bob asked, hiding his uneasiness in a playfully chipper voice.

“I’m invisible! Aaand Stalking someooone. And It Could Be Any Of You.”
Jack growled. He smiled as the others murmured in slight fear.

“I bet it’s me.” Mark chimed, “He can’t resist taking a sneak peak at my hot ass!”

The others laughed, Jack pouting at Mark ruining the tension. Ding Ding!


Jack laughed manically as Mark’s character began running away, upon quick realisation he was right. SLASH! Mark yelled again as his poor character got smashed, jumping through a window quickly.

“Get back here Markipoooo, I ain’t finished with ya!”

Wade chuckled, “Keep distracting him with your ass! me and Bob will deal with the generators!”

“Shut it Wade! AH!”

Mark hastily changed direction as Jack came storming around a corner, narrowly missing a hit.





Wade and Bob laughed at the somewhat violent flirtation, one accidently exploding a generator while doing so. Mark jumped through another window, pretending to go one way then quickly swapping direction when seeing Jack go the same way. He hobbled to a closet, hiding just before Jack passed through.

“Where oh where has that delicious boo-tay gone?”

Mark laughed, mostly out of nerves.
“You’ll never catch me now! I’m completely gone! Ran right out of that place!”

“Oh really? So, you aren’t crying somewhere?”

Mark’s heart skipped a beat- he forgot injured people sobbed in closets. He watched, helpless, as Jack opened the door to his hiding spot.

“Time to come out the closet Mark! We knew you were gay as fuck anyway!”

“NOOO! Why do you target me you potato bastard?!”

“Because he wants that ass, Mark, I’d think you’d know by now.”

“You’re not helping, BOB!”

Unknown to Mark, Bob had actually helped. While trying to find something witty to say in the conversation, Jack walked the killer right into a tree. This gave Mark just enough time to wiggle free before being set on a hook. Mark set to running for cover, hollering in temporary triumph. Jack howled out in frustration, resetting his sights on catching his boyfriend once more.

“Oooh, this ass too good for yooou!”

“I WILL have that arse! Your glorious arse is mine, I won’t rest til I have it!”

“Haha, I can see Mark running away from Jack! Bob get off the generator and look at them!”

“No! Wade! Get ON the generator and hurry up! If I die and you both don’t escape I’m blaming Jack AND you!”

“I can live with that- Wait don’t come this way!”

“Hurry up with the generator, Wade, or Jack might come after your ass!”

“Nah, I’m getting a perfect view of my fave ass from chasing yooou, Mark.”

“Stop Targetting Me!!”

“Why would I do that if it’s irritating you~?”

“That’s a good poin-”


Mark ran through the area Bob and Wade resided in. Bob got off the generator and run by Wade’s side, but despite the easy pickings they could have been, Jack carried on charging towards Mark, slowly gaining on him.

“OH COME ON! You could have got them, this is so unfa- NOOOOOOO!!”

Jack laughed as he hit him, picking up the fallen body to put on a hook.

“Swiggit swooty, I got the boo-tay!”


Mark raged, the violent tapping on his keyboard proving his anger true. Even more unfortunately for Mark, a hook hung nearby and he was quickly stabbed through one, ready for in-game sacrifice.

“Waaade! Boooob! Heeeelpp!!!”

“No one can save you! Now I can finally get a piece of dat ass!”

“Oh my god Stop.”

“You’re the one who said you had a nice ass in the first place!”

“Correction, I said Hot ass. HOT. And I didn’t hear aaaanyone disagree so. There.”

“Ok sure but lemme watch you struggle.”

The long spider legs generated forth, Mark groaning in frustration as he started to mash the keyboard once more.


“Boy we wish we could but it seems your ever so loyal boyfriend won’t leave your side.

“Uuugh! Jack! Go away, stop camping, that’s lame!”

“Yeah, it is, but it’s annoying you so guess what I’m gonna do.”

“Go away?”


“Dammit! DAMMIT!”

Mark pushed himself away from the computer, throwing his hands up in the air to show how done he was.

“Mwah hahahaha! One down, two to go!”

“Well, we have three to go generator wise so good luck with that!”
Wade interjected. Mark scoffed in reply.
“so you only got two during all that? Really? I think you and Bob are the ones who needs luck right now.”

“Hahaha! You can’t stop me! I’ll kill you all!”

Jack cackled manically, setting out to look for his next victim.

“You monster!” Bob gasped dramatically.

Mark’s sat up straight. Monster.


“… You monster?”

“Brilliant! Bob you’re brilliant!”

“Oh well thank you.”

“Why is Bob brilliant?“ A confused Wade questioned, “Did he find another generator?”

“No, he has given me an idea!”

“Mark with an idea? That dangerous!” Jack snickered.

“You’ll regret that! Just like you’ll regret killing me!”

“I’m confused, how are you supposed to help us when you’re dead?”

Mark leaned into the mic dramatically. “You’ll see.” and with that, he left his room.

There was a moment of silence among the others. Then…

“Heya Wade, is that you?”


Mark creeped down the hall, peering into Jack’s room. He had his eyes glued to the screen, a shit-eating grin on his face. Mark crept forward, hand curled like claws, teeth flashing in a dangerous grin. He was nearly upon Jack.


Mark froze, fearing Jack had seen his in the camera.

“Oh, Wade, I have the prettiest hook friend, they’d love to meet you!”

Phew. Mark took one last step forward hands at the ready to strike, waiting for the perfect moment. He watched Jack hook Wade, noticing Bob in the background, unnoticed by the Irish who had his sights on smacking Wade.

“Haha, got another! Hey Maaark, did ya see that?”

“Oh, I saw.”

Jack gasped, but before he could turn around Mark dug their hand into his sides. Jack let out an ear-ringing shriek, dissolving into panicked cackling. His hands left the keyboard, shooting to Mark’s arms in a futile attempt to pull them off. Mark called out.

“Bob, quick, get Wade off the hook! This monster is being held hostage by an even more horrifying monsteerr! The Tickle Monster~!”

From the headphones, knocked to Jack’s (Slighty pinker than usual) neck, Mark heard Bob laughing and saw him running to Wade’s aid on screen. Mark smiled. This was pretty funny; Mark was getting revenge in a very petty and ironic manner.


“I thought I was an ass! A fine ass!”


“Well you’re an ass with a fine-eeeh I won’t go on.”

He winked at the camera, hand moving to Jack’s tummy. Jack let out a yelp, kicking out on instinct and eyes shutting tight as he laughed louder and more hysterically. Mark smiled, drilling his thumbs along the bottom of Jack’s ribs while scratching ruthlessly at his poor tum. Too quiet for the camera, he murmured into Jack’s ear.

“The tickle monster says if you stop being such a rude, mean monster to our friends he’ll stooop~”

He chuckled softly as he watched Jack’s face erupt in dark blush. His one true weakness, the tickle monster. He’s so cute.


Whoops. Look like he said it out loud. Eh, more fuel for those shippers. He went back to a whisper.

"Let us win, it’s the least you could do for your dear strong boy… The tickle monster~”

“Shuhuhut uhuhup!”

“Ah, I see, you want me to use my voice for something else~”


Mark giggled, leaning down and settling a kiss to Jack’s neck. Then another. And another, and another and another and another. Jack leaned away, dissolving into giggles. His gentle giggling quickly went hysterical as Mark started kneading his hips, the merciless bastard. Jack wiggled his hips, throwing his head back as he succumbed to the tickling.
Mark huffed a chuckle, knowing how much Jack was enjoying himself. The adorable irish mess loved a little laughter. And a lot of laugher. Mark glanced at the computer screen. While Wade and Bob had taken the chance to heal and do all the generators, they had obviously gotten bored and started dancing around the motionless brute that had previously hooked Mark to death. Mark huffed at them.

“Bob, Wade, stop trying to sacrifice Jack and get out of there!”

Jack opened an eye, realising the situation. Without thinking he lurched forward, tapping the necessary buttons. The monster onscreen hit Bob, Who yelled in surprise and took to running away. Jack reached forward, trying to retake control over the game, but Mark pulled him back, hands digging into his right side.



“I’ve been deafened, now I’ll need to learn sign language, thanks Jack.”

Jack took no notice of the small voices coming out of his headphones. They were drowned out by his hysterical laughter anyway. He was in ticklish agony. His whole body buzzed as Mark’s skilled fingers drilled into his side, and the fact Mark was blowing noisy raspberries into his neck was no help. The sheer intensity of the tickling was enough to drive Jack insane. He desperately pushed at the strong arms incasing him, but they would not budge. He thrashed and kicked but Mark wouldn’t move.
The chair did though.

“Oh god, they died didn’t they.”

“Well Bob, at least we won the game.”

“Eh, without a monster chasing us it loses purpose. Hearing Jack being tortured was pretty funny though.”

“Too bad they died.”

Mark got up, hand on the mic. Giggles could still be heard, but they were quietened by the exhaustion after a tickle attack.

“We’re fine! No one died.”

“Sometimes I can still hear Mark’s voice.”

“Woow Bob. I’m not dead. Jack toppled the chair trying to escape my clutches.”

“You mean the Tickle Monster’s clutches! Of all things to fear, Jack, of all things to fear.”

“Wade, you can’t say much, you were begging me to stop when I got you in the Don’t Laugh challenge.”

“I no longer judge you, Jack, I no longer judge you.”

Mark chuckled, then helped a smiling, wary Jack up.

“I fooking hate ya.”

“You love my sweet ass though, right?”

“That’s the only redeeming quality about you, I swear.”

“Well your redeeming quality is how sensitive you are~ And how red your face gets when that’s pointed out… And your adorable need to hide your fac-”

“YES! OK! We get it, you’re an absolute douchebag! You can stop now.”

“Yes, but it annoys you so guess what I’m gonna do?”
Mark’s mocking voice and shit eating grin was the last straw for Jack.

“Take a fooking BAYTIN!!”

With that, Jack leaped at Mark, the shocked, darked haired man yelling out before breaking out in deep, melodious laughter, Bob and Wade groaning and deciding amongst themselves to cut the video short. The two dorks forgot about the game, wrapped up in each other as they playfully fought, not aware and not worried of the still recording camera. Mark was right, plenty of fuel for the shippers.


First Impressions and Second Chances (part 14)

Summary: He never thought he’d get a second chance with you. Life didn’t work like that and it wasn’t something he’d been counting on. But now, being here with you at his side, he felt like he couldn’t thank the universe enough. He wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

Words: 1,518 (including texts)

Misha x Reader

Warnings: angst, resolved in fluff

Notes: we’re almost there! this is the second to last part of the series, things are starting to resolve themselves. next part is basically gonna be fluffy fluff and closure, but there’ll still be some of the good stuff :D (sidenote: this is unbeta’d and it took me AGES to write on a portuguese computer bc all the stuff is in different places, so sorry in advance if anything in the text or formatting looks weird. i fixed as much as i could!) leave in the comments if you liked this part :)

text messages in italics

Your name: submit What is this?

“We need to talk.”

Misha nodded slowly, contemplating. “Ok.” He lead you to the bed where you sat down next to each other, watching you carefully.

“Ok.” You took a deep breath, steadying yourself. “So,” you linked a hand with one of Misha’s, “we need to talk about us- what’s going to happen when you leave and all.”

Misha stared at your joined hands, silent. You craned your neck down, trying to meet his gaze. “Mish?”

“What if you came with me?”

The words came out too fast, and he immediately looked like he regretted saying anything. You swallowed. “What?”

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Gift Exchange (Victuuri/Otayuri)

Author’s Note: Okay~! Back during Christmas, @shibakamiko and I started a collab, and we just got it finished today! I wrote the first bit and Shiba wrote the rest. It’s… a little late, we know haha. But we still hope you enjoy this! We both had a lot of fun doing this ^^

Description: It’s Christmas, and Victor, Yuuri, and Yuri are exchanging gifts. It’s mostly going well until Victor wants to see Yuri try out a gift that he got. This leads to a situation that Yuri surely will not forget in a while.

Word Count: 1,641

   It was finally that time of year. Christmas was coming around the corner, and Victor and the two Yuris were staying together in the Hasetsu Inn. They were all currently sitting in a circle, a large mound of gifts in the middle of the circle. What were they going to do with all of the gifts, exactly? Well, they were going to pass them around until all of them were gone.

   “…And whose idea was this again?” Yuri asked, scanning the wrapped gifts and attempting to identify what any of them were. He thought he saw a pair of cat ears, which he immediately decided that he would try to avoid at all costs.

   “It was Victor’s idea, wasn’t it?” Yuuri’s mother spoke in the background.

   “Yes, it was!” Victor said. “Were you listening to us?”

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it’s a Somva Christmas fic

This fic was written for and inspired by my friend’s super cute drawings 

wait a sec she took a line from this for her comic omg

♪ …neomuneomu meotjeo nuni nuni busheo

sumeul mot shwigesseo tteollineungeol

Gee Gee— ♪


Interrupting the overly peppy K-pop was D.Va’s widely grinning face complete with the usual pink Doritos suddenly filling the entirety of her webcam.

“Aaand jilgohun Christmas bonoseyo ! Welcome to my super special Christmas stream!” As if to prove her festive spirit, the streamer moved her head back far enough to reveal a red headband adorned with reindeer antlers. The thousands of viewers who had been exchanging festive greetings took notice and began commenting on the headgear.

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Lucifer Morningstar X Reader: Thundering Hearts.

Notes: This one-shot was requested by anon. My first Lucifer one. I am sorry if it’s shit. I had to try to write a Lucifer one though.


It was already starting to get dark outside when you got the text from Lucifer. You already knew what the text would be about. Ever since he hired you as his personal stylist, he would constantly ask you for advice. You would go shopping for clothes for him and he would join you every single time, he loved to wear Prada, which you found funny considering he is named Lucifer. During the many shopping sprees he would constantly try to flirt with you or draw your attention to him. You laughed it off or ignored his flirting, this was your job after all and you knew he loved to flirt with a lot of women. He was always trying to find ways to get to see you or talk to you, calling you to ask if a certain jacket would go well with a certain pair of pants.

This time he texted you and asked if you could come to Lux for a fitting appointment. He needed an outfit for a big event that he had planned for tomorrow. You left the dinner you had prepared for yourself untouched and got ready to go to Lux.

Whilst driving the weather seemed to go from a dry and warm evening to a rainy and cold one. It took you 40 minutes to drive to Lux and the weather only seemed to get worse every minute.

When you arrived the first party-goers were already lining up outside, some of them trying to convince the bouncer to let them in. You pull up your car and walk up to the entrance, the bouncer nods and let’s you in. You walk down the stairs to the bar where you see Maze, you two seem to get along quiet well. She notices you and calls you over.

“He can’t seem to get dressed anymore without your help it seems. What does he need you for this time?” A grin spreading accros her face.

“Hey Maze. So it seems. He wants me to help him pick an outfit for an important event tomorrow apparantly.”

Maze rolls her eyes. “Oh, that. Hey listen, can’t you pick something horrible for him to wear?” she smiles mischievously.

You shake your head trying to look serious but failing “ Maze..”

“Oh come on, he would wear anything if you told him how sexy he looked in it.”

You laughed and shook your head “No Maze, I like my job and i’d rather not get fired. Sorry.”

“He would never fire you. If he did then he would have to come up with another way to get your attention.”

“I don’t doubt that he would. I’d better get going. Nice talking to you, Maze.”

“Good luck.” She winked at you.

You get up from the bar chair and start making your way to Lucifer’s penthouse. You press the elevator button and wave at the small security camera to let him now it’s you. The doors go open and you step inside. When the elevator doors open again you see Lucifer standing, holding 2 glasses in his hand.

“Ah! Finally you’re here. Wine? ” He walks over to you and offers you a glass.

You take the glass from his hands “Thank you. So what kind of  big event do you need an outfit for ?” taking a sip from the wine,

“Oh yes, well. Do you remember when I told you about me working for the LAPD ?”

You nod “ Yeah, you told me your were helping Detective Decker.”

“Exactly. So you do pay attention to me other then to my clothes.” here he goes again.

“You hired me for your clothes, Lucifer.” You sigh.

“Yes, yes. Boring. Now, the detective and I are investigating the murder on a ex-sport star who had set up a charitable foundation. Now I have decided to hold a charity event, here in Lux, for the foundation.” he explains enthousiastic.

“So you need an outfit for this charity event ? No problem. Let’s go and try some clothes on.” You walk past him to his dressing room.

“Or off.” he smoothly blurts out.

You roll your eyes, you knew he would flirt with you again, he always does. It’s not like you are not interested, it just makes it hard for you to stay professional. You loved your job, and a big part of that was because you loved spending time with Lucifer. When he wasn’t constantly flirting with you , you two could talk for hours and he actually listened to what you had to say.

You enter the dressing room, and by now you already know where you could find the different pieces of clothing. You open the closet which contained his tuxedo jackets.

“So, what look are you going for ?” You ask while looking at the many different jackets.

“Well, I want a look that says ‘hot and generous’, or just generous. I have the hot part covered.” He smirks while motioning at himself.

You smile and shake your head, while taking out a black tuxedo jacket and walk over to where he’s standing. You hold it up in front of him.

“Perfect. You should wear this with a white shirt and a black pair of pants. But something’s missing.” You walk to another closet and open it while Lucifer puts on the jacket.

“Got it!” You say and take a black bow tie from his closet. “Come closer.” you say.

“Ooh gladly.” He walks to you and you start helping him to put on his bow tie. He looks at you with amusement. When you finished putting it on, you stand behind him and you put your hands on his shoulders, making him turn around to face the mirror.

“What do you think?” You ask him.

He takes a couple of poses while checking himself out in the mirror then turns to you.

“What do you think ?“ he fires back the question and he stands up straight.

You can’t help but smile, you knew he would ask you. He always does. “I think you look very handsome. Aaand generous of course.Very classy.”.

A big smile appears on his face, and you realise this is the first time you told him he was handsome.  

“Handsome, huh? Well, in that case, I shall gladly wear this outfit for the event tomorrow. You never cease to amaze me.”  

You walk out of the dressing room, trying not to blush and Lucifer follows you.

“Hey, uhmm.. It’s getting late, I should be heading home. Good luck tomorrow at the–” Before you could finish your sentence, the very loud sound of thunder could be heard and it made the large windows of the penthouse shake. The sound made you jump, you were never a big fan of thunderstorms, truthfully, you hated them. Lucifer noticed your reaction.

“Bloody hell, Someone’s throwing a fit again it appears. Listen, you don’t have to drive home through this weather, you can stay here if you’d like.” A worried expression on his face.

You shake your head “ No, thank you Lucifer, i’ll be fi-” another loud thunder makes you jump again.

Lucifer walks over to you and puts a hand on your back “I would feel personally responsible if anything would happen to you. Please stay here, at least until the weather gets better.” He pleaded and you gave in.

“Okay, i’ll stay on one condition.”

Lucifer looks at you questioning. “And what would that be?”

“I want pizza, I was going to have dinner before you asked me to come here. I’m starving.”

“It’s a deal. So, what should we do to keep ourselves occupied in the meantime?”

“We could watch some movies? “

You both go to sit on the couch in front of his big TV. You start searching for good movies, you ask if Lucifer has any preferences, he wants you to pick the movie so you decide to watch The Avengers.

During the movie you remarked how the actors were hot and out of the corner of your eyes you could see him rolling his eyes, and you tried your hardest not to laugh. He was jealous. After the movie ended you two started talking. First about the event tomorrow, but after a while it became more personal, you talk about your familly and Lucifer openend up about his. You always saw him as someone who could not take anything serious. But the more he revealed, the clearer it was that he   felt rejected by his familly. You could see the hurt in his eyes even though he tried to hide it with jokes or he brushed it off like it was nothing. Out of nowhere you hugged him. Wanting to make him feel better, to let him know that he was not alone. And maybe, maybe because you were starting to feel something for him. At first Lucifer freezes, not enterily sure what to do. But then he wrapped his arms around you as well. You stayed like that for while, just enjoying the genuine moment. You broke the hug and curled up next to him on the couch, leaning on his shoulder. After a while you started to feel tired and when you looked up to Lucifer you could see that he had fallen asleep. A smile spread across your face as you rose up and planted a kiss on his cheeck. You layed your head back on his shoulder, and soon enough you were sleeping as well.

Lucifer however, was awake now and his heart was racing from the moment your lips touched his cheeck.

08.12.2017 MUCC @ Shibuya WWW (Satochi birthday edition!!)

Mucc added a few extra shows to the end their Aishuu to antique to itami mo homuru tour and I managed to get a ticket to the one on Satochi’s birthday!

As you probably already guessed, this tour was dedicated to their earliest albums - Aishuu, Antique, Tsuuzetsu, and Homura Uta. 

Setlist and various Satochi celebrations below!!

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Didn’t Mean It (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Request: rozasalavisa said:

Hi queen! I have a Remus request! Like he says something that hurts you because he’s not feeling well but after he realizes what he did he hates himself and can’t even look you in the eye so you end up going to him? It’s OK if you don’t wanna do it!

A/N: So I changed it to Fred hope its okay! Also, different things hurt all of us, so I tried to personalize it the most. And in this one, you can include what you are most insecure about, as everyone’s insecurities are different.

Didn’t Mean It (Fred Weasley x Reader)

Originally posted by mitten

Christmas time was right around the corner and you couldn’t wait. You couldn’t wait to spend it with your boyfriend Fred, your friends, your family. You couldn’t wait to drink hot cocoa, listen to jolly music, dress up cozily, play in the snow.

You found yourself in the middle of another daydream while you were supposed to be working on something. Suddenly, a warm pair of arms wrap around your waist.

“Hey love.” Fred’s voice says into your ear.

“Hi Freddie.” He took a seat behind you so that your back was leaning against his chest.

“Watcha working on?” he asked.

“A list of Christmas presents I have to get.”

“Aaand is my name somewhere on that list?” he peers over your shoulder.

“Yours? Of course not I barely know you!” you joke.

He switches position, and now his head is leaning on your legs, preventing you from keeping on writing.

“Hey stop it, this is uncomfortable” you giggle.

“You always sit on me!” Fred protests.

“Cause I’m not a half-giant.” You joke.

“Are you calling me fat?” Fred says, faking being hurt.

“You know what I mean, you’re so tall. Anyway, I am getting you something for the holidays, something amazing. Can you get off of me now?”

“Fine.” He sits up, grabs your waist, picks you up and sits you down in between his legs. Your head lays comfortably on his chest as his arms wrap around your stomach.

“I can sit like this all day.” You grin up at him.

“I know I am the best couch ever. Hey Y/N, wanna help George and I throw a Christmas party?”

“One condition. I get a kiss.” You joke. At this, he flips you onto your back and starts lathering your face with kisses. You start giggling, he was so cute, like a puppy who always wanted to lick your face.


The music boomed loudly throughout the common room, making your insides vibrate. There was booze, food, you were pretty proud of the party you helped set up.

You chatted with your friends, and was having a wonderful time. There were lights everywhere, you were wearing a warm velvety red dress and George had lit some small red and green fireworks.

All of a sudden, you hear a booming laugh coming from behind you. You turn around, and see Fred with Lee, both of them obviously wasted and drunk as hell.

“Yo I don’t get it. How are you and Y/N so stable? You should get her angry from time to time, get a little challenge you know?”

“Haha how, I tell her that she’s (something you’re insecure about)?”

At this, your face falls. He knows that that was something that you hated about yourself, that you constantly tried to change. He knew that that was your biggest insecurity, that that thing crushed your self-confidence and self-love. How can he say that. You let out a sob and run out of the common room.


“Haha how, I tell her that she’s (something you’re insecure about)?”

Oh shit. Somewhere in my conscience that is not mulled by alcohol, tells me that what I said was wrong. I turn around and see Y/N running out the common room. Turning to my right, I grab a Sobering Potion, something that every party thankfully has and down it. My eyes come back into focus and a pain hits me. Fuck. How could I say that? About the one I love, the one I need. How can I just let slip such a thing? A thing that wrecked Y/N. A thing that I constantly comforted Y/N about. A thing that I always tell her doesn’t matter and I disregard it totally and I love her for who she is? How can I say that ruins the self-confidence she built?

I run out after her and see her standing beside a window, looking out. That’s what she does when she’s upset, she look out towards the sky and tries to think how small her problems are compared to the whole Universe. That’s what I admire about her. She has that way of thinking. I can’t help but stare in awe, the moonlight lighting her up and showing every beautiful inch of her, every fucking beautiful inch of Y/N.

“Y/N?” I whisper.

I walk up to her and sit down beside her.

I see her holding out her wrist in front of her, staring hardy at her tattoo that says “love yourself first.” She got that a little while ago, when she had finally learned to love herself and wanted a permanent reminder of that on her.

“Oh god Y/N. I’m so sorry. How can I have said that? Oh god I hate myself right now. I loathe myself right now.” I spat out that last sentence in disgust with myself.

“Fred it’s okay I know you didn’t mean it.”

“No seriously. How sick of a monster am I to just have blurted that out?”

“Fred, you’re not a monster. You were drunk and just out of it. It’s fine really.”

“I can’t forgive myself.” And I run out.



It has been 2 days since the party. You were fine. No, actually you were. You had spent so many years learning to stop hating yourself, that nobody can tarnish your self-love. You had fought so hard against your own insecurities and won, so no one can take away that victory. You were more worried about Fred. He was so guilty. He didn’t dare speak to you and for 2 days, every time you went somewhere he was, he’d stare at the ground rather at your face. It was enough. You wanted your beautiful boyfriend back. (When I mean beautiful, I mean internally because I strongly believe that what’s outside doesn’t matter shit compared to what’s inside.)

“Hey George you seen your brother?”

“Yeah he’s in the dorm again. That’s what he’s been doing for the past 2 days, sleeping and muttering “I should not have said that”.”

(K this is another author’s note. I know this part isn’t too funny but I couldn’t help it. Remember when in the first movie, Hagrid always blabbling about the Stone and he’s always like “I should not have said that”. Hehehhe. Okay that wasn’t even funny, back to the story.)

You thank him, and make your way to the Gryffindor common room. Climbing up the stairs to his dorm, you wonder what you’re going to say to comfort him.

“Hey Freddie.” You whisper, seeing him. He’s wearing his favorite hoodie, lying in bed, eyes puffy.


You take off your cloak and climb into his bed, smiling at the sudden warmth.

“I’m so sorry-

“I know. And it’s completely fine trust me. I’ve worked so hard on loving myself and I know you were drunk and didn’t mean it.”

“I fucking love you Y/N.”

“I know.” You smirk. “And I love you too.”

And you fall asleep in his arms, as he watches you gently. How he found such a strong amazing girl, he’d never know.

So, this imagine is really close to my heart, because I’ve been hating myself all my life, but only recently I’ve been starting to love myself. You should really do it too. Beauty is only skin-deep and society’s standards of beauty are crap. Utter bullshit. If you guys want to share your insecurities, I’d love to know em. Mine is my body. I don’t have big boobs or a butt or anything and Ive been putting myself down for 13 years on being too skinny. The I realized that if I’m a beautiful person inside, no one’s gonna give a shit if i got cleavage or not. So, the one thing i want you to remember out of this, love yourself first.

You are my dentist and I have the biggest crush on you and one time you give me too much laughing gas so I end up telling you that

Going to the dentist surely was no one’s favorite activity. It hadn’t been for Jean, not for the longest time at least.
His teeth had always caused him problems, they were crooked and had holes in them more often than not, even though he brushed and flossed regularly.

Old doctor Bodt had once told him it had to do with the composition of bacteria in his saliva, that it was much more aggressive than it normally should be and started damaging his dental enamel more quickly.
At that point it had annoyed Jean to no end that he still wasn’t through with worrying about his teeth after spending the better part of his childhood as well as his whole adolescence wearing all different kinds of braces. That had corrected his teeth to somewhat normal – there were still some gaps but nothing too obvious – but sadly couldn’t change the fact that his own saliva tried digesting them all day.

It actually was a lot less gross than it sounded, he was not contagious or long-suffering or anything. Using special antibacterial mouthwash helped a lot with making him feel less like some  hobo who didn’t know what a toothbrush was by keeping the whole milieu relatively clean.
But even the best hygiene couldn’t save him from his visits to doctor Bodt. The old man had been friendly enough for the 25 years they knew each other. It wasn’t his fault that, due to his condition, Jean had enough memories of bad treatments to last him a lifetime and couldn’t stop himself from panicking whenever he set foot into the practice.

But when old doctor Bodt became, well, too old to manage all the patients on his own and his son began working at the practice as well, something changed.
Marco Bodt was a very capable, young dentist, specifically trained in dealing with phobic patients, always kind and patient and deserving of all the respect Jean could show him.
He was also hot as all hell, Italian charm and tight ass included. Jean tried not to be too obvious about his instant crush on the sexy doctor but it was hard when Dr. Bodt Junior took such good care of him.

First of all the treatment room he used for his phobic patients was that much nicer than the one his father had treated Jean in for years. It wasn’t as glaringly white, still somewhat sterile – of course, it was a treatment room, after all – but with nice frilly curtains, colorful pictures on the walls and warmer lighting.
Marco also switched from injecting the analgetic with that big, scary needle that always made Jean even more nervous, to using laughing gas.
Sweet and simple, not at all panic inducing and it also gave him some kind of euphoric rush every time, without fail.

It only took three months of gentle coaxing and empathetic care until going to the dentist became Jean’s … well, still not his favorite activity, that would be crazy, but he sure didn’t panic anymore. That had to count as a win.
The thing was, those three months had also worsened his pathetic crush on the doctor.
Now when he came into the practice he wasn’t jittery with nerves but with childish glee, excited to see young Dr. Bodt again and chat a little after he’d come out of delirium. Those chats helped him get to know the dentist better than he’d ever expected.

He knew now that Marco Bodt had three younger sisters, but none of them wanted to study medicine. He knew how the man liked his coffee but that he preferred tea, knew which shows he binge watched whenever he had time to do so and that he got most of his tricks from a psychotherapist friend of his.
They had established that little ritual, the friendly conversation after his treatment, to ground him again when he came to. That way he knew he was still safe and it would all be over soon.

The doctor had talked him through all the small steps they’d take to ensure Jean didn’t get too nervous anymore, explained some of the psychological background to each measure before even taking a single look at his teeth. Jean would’ve had listened to him if it hadn’t been for the fact that this had been their very first encounter and he’d been busy staring at the man.

One day, after the filling of some particularly nasty holes – god that sounded so dirty, now that he was lusting after the dentist like the protagonist of a cheesy porno – Jean felt decidedly more woozy than usual when he slipped back into consciousness.
His eyes were still closed but the room didn’t always feel like it was spinning around him and his senses were unusually fuzzy.

“Mr. Kirschtein? Can you hear me?”, Dr. Bodt’s gentle voice reached him through the fog in his ears. Jean tried to nod but wasn’t sure if the movement came across as such. “Don’t worry, you’re gonna be fine. I overdosed a little on the laughing gas, I’m so sorry. But there should be no side effects, you’ll just need some more time to adjust.”
He nodded again, this time more firmly and succeeded in opening his eyes on the second try.

“’s no problem, doc”, he slurred, tilting his head to the side and searching for Dr. Bodt’s silhouette in the dim room. It came into view right next to him, his face illuminated by the warm light, practically glowing. It was a wonderful sight to wake up to.
Without really thinking about it – he couldn’t do much of that, at this point – Jean slurred the first thing that entered his mind: “Holy shit, you’re gorgeous” He needed another few tries to get his eyes to actually focus, then hummed at the surprised expression. “Mean it. So pretty, doctor…”
The dark, drawn-up eyebrows lowered again as a kind smile spread across Bodt’s face.

“You’re really out of it, huh?”, he asked and leaned back into his chair a little. “It’s okay, just breathe. You can close your eyes again until the effect wears off.”
Jean reflexively did as he was told, eyelids slipping shut, but only for a few seconds. Then they fluttered open again. Dr. Bodt didn’t understand, he thought this was some joke, but it wasn’t and Jean had to tell him!
“Really, Marco! You’re so pretty, so attra …. acttr … jus’ really hot, ‘kay?” Dr. Bodt laughed at that, amusement in his voice but no spark of evil intent when he said:
“I get it. You’re high, Mr. Kirschtein. We can talk about this when you’re yourself again.”

“I am. And you’re hot. Honessly. I’ve liked you since … for months, you know?” Somewhere, deep in the haziness of his mind there were alarm bells going off, telling him that this was not something he should ever share with this man. But they were way too far away right now and he just kind of giggled at his own words. “You’re just so fuggin perfect…”
Another laugh, this one a little breathy and a quiet, bashful “Thank you.” before they both fell silent. Dr. Bodt was still leaning back in his chair and Jean was still staring adoringly at his cute little smile.

“You know…”, he started again after a while, not that out of it anymore but still loopy enough to utter the following “We should get coffee sometime. Or … tea. Aaand … and you should tell me jokes.” Jean giggled again, the memory how they had once tried out-joking each other crossing his mind, hazy and diffuse. “I … like the way you laugh. You laugh before you’re even finished. Every time. It’s cute.”

His tired eyes could be playing tricks on him but from this angle it looked like Dr. Bodt was blushing.
“That sounds really nice. But you’re my patient, I’m afraid I’m not allowed to let you take me on a date.” Jean let out a deep sigh at that, shoving his bottom lip forward in the best pout he could muster like this.
“Not even for tea…?”, he whined. But Dr. Bodt just shook his head, then reached out to squeeze his patient’s hand for a few seconds.
“I’m sorry. Not even for tea.”

Jean spent this evening burrowed under his blankets, cheeks flaming with embarrassment as the realization that he could never go back to that practice sank in slowly.
But then, when it was way after midnight, a whole other realization dawned on him. That Marco Bodt hadn’t exactly said no.
It took him two weeks and a dentist switch to finally get his tea-date. The return of some mild panic attacks every few weeks wasn’t too bad when he had his very own doctor at home to kiss it better afterward.



Everything I write is turning out to be a phanfiction. Help.

This is sort-of a sequel to Who Is He? but it can be read alone

Summary: Phil persuades non-youtuber!Dan to go on the radio show with him and fluffiness ensues.

Word count: 2009 haha yes coincidence much?

Warnings: not edited, but I think that’s it… 

Dan and Phil were lying on the couch in browsing positions, Dan always said he was going to be crippled by the time we was 25.

“Hey Dan” Phil began “have you seen the Phan tag on tumblr?”

Dan shook his head, bemused. “What’s a Phan?” he asked

“Phan is now our ship name” Phil replied, giggling

Dan laughed. “I never imagined I’d end up dating someone famous enough to have a ship name”

Phil shrugged noncommittally, he didn’t consider himself famous. He turned his laptop screen around so Dan could see. They scrolled for a good two hours, stuck between marvelling at how fast and talented they all were, and being slightly creeped out because there were a few… interesting drawings, to say the least.

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Valentine’s Day

fandom: Stony (Steve x Tony), Tony and Rhodey brotp, Steve and Bucky brotp, a bit of WinterFalcon (Sam x Bucky), mentions of Pepper x Happy, Maria x Rhodey, Avengers

summary: It is Valentine’s Day and Tony and Steve decide to spend the day away from each other, but still with people close to their hearts.

length: 5 962 words

a/n: okay, so this was written for my dA, but decided to post it here too, as we need more friendship fics around here! that being said, the fic is set in a timeline where Steve and Tony are already married. aaand the fic has a little bit of ticklish!Tony, because ticklish!Tony is my love. and a lot of friendly banters between friends. yes, I am a low key WinterFalcon shipper. have a happy Valentine’s day, cherish your lovers, friends and family and remember to be good to yourself today!! watch the movie you like, eat a whole chocolate bar, and remember that your Stony Queen loves you all!!


Valentine’s Day

They were standing at the Stark Industries private airport, wind whooshing around them, tousling their hair in every direction. Steve had to squint his eyes to protect them from the wind, and Tony only grinned unnervingly, his eyes safe behind his beloved Matsuda sunglasses.

They were going to say goodbye. And it was never easy.

“Are you sure you want to do this?” Steve asked, in a quiet, calm voice, closely looking at his husband’s face, trying to spot any hesitation or uncertainty.

Tony’s grin twitched and became bigger, while his eyes turned a bit softer, not reflecting the cheeky grin. Only Tony was capable of doing that. “I’m sure,” he confirmed, his voice soft and loving.

Steve drew eyebrows together, looking worried. It would be the first Valentine’s day they spend separately, since they became a couple. Not that they had planned something special. It was a day, like everyday, and small gifts and cute gestures were not obligatory, but welcomed, together with a movie marathon. Seemed that this year, Steve would miss watching Tony covertly sobbing while watching “Wall-E”. 

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Gravity Falls - Mabel’s Mind Palace Ch.7

Chapter 7 of Mabel’s Mind Palace

Got some excellent feedback on Chapter 6, so I’m happy that people are enjoying the series. All chapters are in the links here, in case you want to read the previous six chapters. We’re nearing the finale, and although we may be nearing the end of this particular story, that doesn’t mean that this is the end of my Mind Palace AU. *hint hint* Please enjoy Chapter 7! (Btw if you haven’t figured it out by now, yes, this is a Pinecest fic. If it’s not your cup of tea, then please respect my writing and refrain from reading the rest of my fic, although I must say that I keep Pinecest to a minimum in this story.) [Word Count: 3723 words]

[ Chapter 1 ] || [ Chapter 2 ] || [ Chapter 3 ] || [ Chapter 4 ] || [ Chapter 5 ] || [ Chapter 6 ] || [ Chapter 7 ] || [ Chapter 8 ] ||  [Chapter 9 - FINAL CHAPTER]

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Change of Heart

A while back, @iriswestallens offered to deliver something for me at Comic Con, so I wanted to write a drabble as a thank you. She requested a continuation of this bridal shower headcanon (to be read first for context). The official prompt was “What about writing about when Iris comes home after the party, and Barry sees her in her gown anyways? And he’s always amazed at her beauty and they talk about impatiently waiting to be married already.”

“PLEASE tell me that’s the last of them,” Wally groans to Iris after zipping through the front door of her and Barry’s apartment, dropping the assortment of gift boxes and bags he was carrying onto the dining table that was topped with a large pile of presents from her bridal shower, an overwhelming majority packaged in various shades of silver and white. “Why do you have so many damn gifts anyway?”

“If you think this is a lot, just wait until we get married,” Linda cautions, following suit with a single large box under her arm, balanced against her hip.

“What??” Wally whips around to stare incredulously at Linda.

Linda sets the box onto the floor with a forceful exhalation and uses her foot to slide it under the gift table before facing Wally, arms folding over her chest. “Excuse me, but does the thought of marrying me shock you?”

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anonymous asked:

Imagine Steve keeping very detailed and personal journals throughout his life. Someone comes across these journals and discovers just how good Steve is at hiding his depression/PTSD. Cue Steve/anyone confrontation and platonic comfort.

After Steve was thawed out of the ice, Pepper Potts took it upon herself to retrieve some of his personal effects from where the Smithsonian had been keeping them in storage.  She had been good friends with the curator for years, so when she called up asking after Captain America’s belongings, he told her she was more than welcome to collect his things.  The only items on display in the museum were of little sentimental value.  Most of what he’d left in the Brooklyn apartment had been boxed up by the SSR, and donated by Peggy Carter when she moved on to establish S.H.I.E.L.D.  The exhibit mainly consisted of wartime relics: propaganda posters and mission reports from Steve’s days with the Howling Commandos, and Steve had made it abundantly clear that none of that was important to him.  

“Here we are,” the assistant curator chirped, setting a dusty filing box on the table in front of Pepper.  “I guess there wasn’t much to the place besides the furniture,” she admitted apologetically.

“I’m sure he’ll be thrilled either way.”

“Well, we’re happy to have been able to hold onto these for him.”  

Pepper gave her a wry smile.  “A bit different from a museum’s usual mission, isn’t it?”

“Returning the artifacts wasn’t covered in my graduate program, no,” she laughed.  When the lid was lifted, it was clear nothing had been disturbed for quite some time.  No dust had gotten inside, and the tags denoting each item were yellowed, with elegant, faded handwriting.  Pepper imagined that they were old enough to have been written by Carter herself.  “Let’s see.”  The assistant curator carefully pulled a string of painted wooden beads from the box, letting them pool in the palm of her other hand.  “Mrs. Rogers’ rosary,” she read from the tag.  “Recovered from Captain Rogers’ rucksack.”

“Oh, he’ll definitely want that,” Pepper told her, and the woman placed it gently in the new box she’d brought over to send back to the tower.

“Aaand…there’s some recipe cards, his parents’ wedding rings, a copy of the Hobbit…”

“Yes to all of them.”

“Alright.  Some sketchbooks?”  Pepper’s eyebrows were the only thing that gave away her surprise.  She hadn’t know Steve was an artist.  He’d certainly never drawn anything when anybody else was around to see.

“Yes.  Please.”  Pepper took one of the offered notebooks and out of curiosity, opened it to a random page.  In the corner was a quick sketch of a woman with smile lines by her eyes and a familiar shape to her mouth.  Below that, he’d written “I wish she’d stayed like that forever.”

The next page was one of Bucky, in dirty work clothes with stooped shoulders.  “He says I ain’t a burden, but he’s carrying me anyway.”   Each sketch was dated and accompanied by what must’ve been the thought that prompted the drawing to begin with.  It wasn’t a sketchbook; it was a journal.  She flipped through a few more pages, before placing the book in the carton and picking up the next one.  It was clearly from the war, and as she got closer to the back of the book, the more she felt like she was no longer looking at observations, but depictions of a nightmare.  She closed the journal.  All of the others were packed up without being opened.

The next day, she left her hotel near the museum and headed to Steve’s apartment in D.C.  He was obviously surprised to see her, but smiled warmly anyway and took the box from her, offering a cup of coffee.

“So, what brings you to Washington, Miss Potts?” he asked.

“Oh, you sound like JARVIS.  My name is Pepper,” she told him.  “And I’m actually here to see you.”

“Oh?”  She could hear the wariness seep into his voice, hiding under the hospitality.

“Yes.  But just you, Steve.  The suit stays on the hanger, I promise.  I hope you don’t mind, but I have a friend at the Smithsonian, and I asked her for some of your stuff.”  Pepper patted the box on the table beside her.

“My stuff?”

“Some of the personal effects that Agent Carter had in SSR storage.  From your old apartment.”

“Oh,” he said quietly.  “Thank you.  You didn’t have to, really.”

“It was the least I could do.  I know this hasn’t been easy.”  She took a breath, steeling herself, and hoping she wasn’t about to ruin what trust he had in her.  “And I owe you an apology.  I…When we were sorting through your things, I came across some sketchbooks.  Or, at least, what I thought were sketchbooks, but they, um, looked privates so, I’m sorry for looking at them.  I didn’t mean to invade your privacy.”  He looked at her in surprise, and he was younger than her, she realized.  Captain America looked no older than the graduate students she worked with at Stark Industries, but she felt like she was about to receive a lecture from the principal for being so rude.  Instead, he said,

“It’s okay.  I haven’t had much in the way of privacy for a while now.  Gotten used to it.  But you’re the first person who’s at least had the decency to be sorry.”  Pepper heaved a relieved sigh, and then figured she might as well go for broke.  If he didn’t like her for it, at least she wouldn’t have to leave him looking so sad, knowing that she could’ve done more.

“Permission to completely overstep my bounds?”  Steve bit his lip, eyebrows scrunching together just the slightest bit, but eventually nodded and said,

“Permission granted.”

“I know,” she began, “that in your memory, psychologists were scary, and usually led to asylums, and there was a lot of shame surrounding them.  Up until very recently, people avoided them, but it’s different now.  You have to be sick of hearing that, but I promise this one’s true.  People go to therapy now when they’re going through rough times, or having trouble adjusting…A lot of soldiers go.  After they get back from the war.  I think you would benefit from seeing someone.  I know I did.  When Tony…well, he was captured…for a long time.  And it was difficult, even after he came back, so I started going to therapy.  It helped life seem more manageable.”  `

Steve was quiet for a moment, staring at his huge hands wrapped around the steaming mug.  She could only see the top of his head, but didn’t miss the slight nod that followed.  His hands tightened around the ceramic, and she reached out to lay one of hers on his wrist, giving a gentle squeeze before the cup could shatter.  He looked up at her with watery eyes, but forced some measure of composure into his voice to say,

“Thank you.”

Sooo MSA fandom…are we done Freaking Out yet? OF COURSE WE’RE NOT

That being said, I was heavily inspired by the new video (and @squigglydigg​‘s love of Arthur) to write a little something-something. I’m not sure where this is going to go, or how long it’ll be, but here’s a start. It’ll be posted on AO3 later tonight, but for now it’s under the cut. Set directly after the events of Freaking Out

PS: I own nothing and no one. :’D

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on an evening in late summer

Summary: ebonynightwriter wanted Mako + Mom fic and I caved
Word Count: 2600
A/N: unfridge ALL the dead moms. also, 2.6k words in two days? say it ain’t so


Naoki tears damp clothing off the clotheslines, piling shirts and trousers and coats onto her arm, and hopes her neighbors will forgive her. The courtyard of the tenement building is crisscrossed with clotheslines, bowing in shallow curved lines towards the cobblestones under the weight of laundry. The verandas are cast in dusky purple shadows and the wide square of sky above them is rosy pink; everything is awash in the quiet sound of the city settling into another warm summer night. She’s cleared out half the clotheslines when she decides that’s good for now, the space is big enough; and she spreads her neighbors’ laundry across the railings around the courtyard.

Now for the boys, who disappeared while she was pillaging the laundry, both of them barefoot and browned from long days in the sun. They’d been playing there by the water pump, flicking water at each other and giggling over some secret joke, and then they ran off to… somewhere.

Naoki stands in the middle of the courtyard and cups her hands around her mouth.


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