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I think in Dragon Age 2 Merrill or Fenris (I really don’t remember, and maybe it was in a DLC, but I think it was one of these two) mentions at some point that a big Arlathvhen is going to happen soon-ish somewhere in the Dales (I could be mistaken though).

Anyway though: if there was one relatively shortly before the events of Inquisition (maybe particularly the clans coming together to discuss the upcoming Conclave and the Mage-Templar conflict, maybe already planning to send at least one of their own to spy on the event), it could mean that Lavellan most likely was in the Dales before. And even if not I’ll just adapt it as a headcanon because I think it would be at least somewhat logical. And it would also fit with the Arlathvhen being hold about every 10 years. I think there was one shortly before Origins (so probably 9:28 or 9:29) and this one would then maybe take place inbetween 9:38 and 9:40, roughly 10 years after the last one.

Now I had to imagine Tamlen (my Tamlen Lavellan, just for clarity’s sake) returning to the Dales with the Inquisition later. Maybe the Arlathvhen took place in the Emerald Graves or the Exalted Plains, because both places are so important and significant in Dalish history. Meeting in the place where they once were defeated and had their final stand against the humans, to now again come together because an important event is about to happen that might change Thedas future forever. This meeting is before the Civil War in Orlais starts, so while the Dales of course are under human control they are still in a more or less peaceful state. It would pain Tamlen to see the Andraste statues and all the reminders of the Dalish elves’ biggest defeat, the human settlements, sure. But I can only imagine to how it must have felt to return only a few years later to the same place in the Exalted Plains, the remaining trees burned down, the smell of death and decay in the air, human soldiers everywhere fighting each other and destroying yet another piece of land that once was given to and belonged to his ancestors. Yet another instance of humans taking whatever they want and then destroying it and whatever history it might bear - because who cares, since it’s “only” elven history. I think a journey to the Dales is always bittersweet and possibly also painful for a Dalish, seeing what they lost in a stupid conflict so long ago and still couldn’t reclaim, being reminded that they still couldn’t find a new home for their people, and that they’re still not welcome in their own lands. But then additionally seeing everything destroyed or under so much human influence and affected by the Civil War as the Dales are during the time of Inquisition… it must be heartbreaking to see.

At first Tamlen would just be shocked to see the Exalted Plains’ current state, but very soon the first shock would turn into anger, the anger of thousands years of oppression that just doesn’t seem to come to an end.

misadventures in the mist. mistadventures?

damn, i can’t believe i actually finished this drawing, the sketch is actually a month old, but my drawing program crashed on me so many freaking times, that i just kept putting it off. the only one who escaped the loss of progress and redrawing is diath (uncanny dodge??) everyone else had to be redrawn at least once.


Gosh ndbdjxbxjsuwo
Its been very shitty lately, probably all year and this looks like the greatest thing that happened in all this time
I just keep looking at the tag and posts and get so happy every time TT wTT

Of Things Lost and Gained (Rafe x Reader, fluff, requested drabble)

Hope you guys enjoy! Drabble for “You shouldn’t be trusted with small children, should you?”. Took inspiration from a Parks and Rec episode for this one, haha! P.S. I added the whole ‘submit your name’ feature on my blog and I’m pretty excited to see if people like it or not! Lemme know! :) xx

Word Count: 2,174


“You will arrive at your destination in five hours and fifty-six minutes.” The animatronic voice of the GPS is dulled by the blaring of horns, the distant swearing of someone with their window rolled down and the too-heavy bass of a car that cost more than your house.

“What the hell?” you mutter under your breath, resting your head back on the soft leather of Rafe’s BMW. You had told him he needed to get the damn thing replaced, but with the way traffic was going you were beginning to think it might not be broken after all.

The car panel screen lights up as the highway finally comes to a standstill: Rafe Adler.

You press the answer button and your boyfriend doesn’t skip a beat, “Y/N, are you almost home?”

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Happy birthday, @yoshizora!! I’ll never be able to put in words how much I love and how grateful I am for your fics, so!! here’s some quick (older) rinmakis and devil rin!!! (since you said the world needs more devil rin, and I agree wholeheartedly)


Hey! I’m editing the new yoonmin audio. I’m still in the beginning. I’ve only made like one scene so it might take a while, but it is ssoooo romantic….. aaahhh my fEELS!!!!!  i neED immediate hELP!!!

credits to the owner of the gif. If you know who it is tell me please so I can give them direct credit.

voltron + social media
  • first things first they all run a collective vine account where they post lots of clips of anything and everything
  • shiro is facebook
    • he likes tagging people in posts he finds funny and cute videos of things he likes
      • he doesn’t realise everyone else has seen it on all of their respective places already because they always reply to him
    • goes through and likes peoples photos and statuses
    • has literal thousands of friends and will add anyone
    • still has the same dp and cover photo as when he started because pidge set it up for him and he basically never wants to touch it again ever in case it implodes
    • has the strongest messenger reply game ever
  • keith is basically stagnant
    • has a suprising amount of accounts on basically every social media
      • all of them are generic and none of them actually have his photos
    • no-one expects it but he follows everyone on everything and just lurks
      • the serial liker but never comments ever
    • more active on everyone else’s media where he makes surprise appearances in photos and videos
      • everyone makes a big deal when even his elbow like flops into the frame because oH MY GOD YOU GUYS I HAVE KEITH ON RECORD BOOYA Y’ALL CAN SUCK IT
  • hunk is a snapchat fiend
    • he has the highest snapchat score known to man
      • no-one can beat him. no-one.
    • literally has the best story ever?? like it’s full of himself and the paladins goofing around
    • half his snapchat friends he doesn’t actually know - he’s basically a snapchat celebrity
    • his streaks are lit boi has like 45 going on at once and never has dropped even one
  • lance and pidge are tumblr and reddit gremlins
    • the two of them snicker over those Fresh Memes™
    • they will spend literal hours scrolling and losing themselves
    • neither of them are active in the reddit community - they just like sitting there and watching shit-storms brew
    • pidge’s blog: a weird mix of memes, aliens, conspiracy theories, and science things
      • personal posts are basically just endless screaming and weird spacey things
      • will not let dat boi die. 
        • will never let dat boi die.
    • lance’s blog: some aesthetic space things but mostly just memes. 
      • literally the straightest memes, the freshest market, has such a loyal following that any post he makes gains hundreds of notes in minutes
      • makes a lot of personal posts but they’re all funny and relatable so everyone loves him basically
  • allura basically has the most aesthetic instagram ever known to man
    • like it’s the sort of instagram where you go on and just cry at how successful and beautiful and lovely her life is
    • pretty scenery, pretty selfies, pretty squad photos, pretty food
    • 99% of the comments are just love hearts and “#goals”
    • always has a flawless comment
      • like she doesn’t even need to try??
      • she can just take a photo, type anything, and it somehow comes out perfect
  • coran somehow becomes exponentially famous on twitter who knows where that came from
    • he makes one with the help of pidge and lance
    • his first post: “Hello? Hello?? Am I doing this right?”
    • everyone basically loves how much of an old cool uncle he is like it’s refreshing and just so adorkable
    • he makes bad jokes and dad jokes left front and center
    • all the retweets are basically just “ADOPT ME PLEASE”
oKay listen

Magnus met tiny, passionate, angel faced Clary and didn’t blink. 

He met Jace, screaming bad boy, and dripping with an inner dark struggle, leader. And Nothing.

He saw Alec, walk by and pick up a knife. And he said I want that.

He met freaking IZZY. Okay goddess divine, smoking hot, caring, flirtatious, gorgeous Izzy.

And he turned his gaze back to Alec. 

Planet Earth II Suite
Hans Zimmer
Planet Earth II Suite
Jumin Han x MC

||Hey guys! This is my first fanfic. I wrote it for myself but then I decided to share it with you haha||
Extreme smut|| Kink|| Nswf content.
Enjoy!! :)

“Jumin, what are you doing?” I ask, wiggling. I had been tied to the bed, my arms above my head and my legs spread apart.
“Oh, just a little surprise”, Jumin said, giving me an evil smile.
I managed to upset Jumin (idk how, we were talking about Elizabeth Third and I politely mentioned how his obsession with the cat was unhealthy).
*Few minutes earlier*
Jumin: “(Y/N), I know that you are worried about me, *gets up from his chair ditching his dinner and approaches me on the other end of the table, takes my chin in his hand and lifts it up towards his face* but, it’s kind of getting annoying with everybody nagging at me”.
MC: “I didnt mean to upset you..”
Jumin: “You? Upset me? Oh that’s impossible. However, I’d love to teach you a thing or two about not nagging me…”
MC: “What do you mean?”
Jumin grabbed my hand, led me through his endless hall, his huge ass dining room with the glass walls and black and white sofas, up the stairs, into a large room.
Wait, that’s his bedroom….. right?
I could see a big bed placed in the middle, with two side tables, a dressing table with some creams, and that’s it. It was an empty room. What a waste of such space.
He picked me up in his arms, lay me down on his bed.
Incase you’re wondering, no, we have never had sex, just kissed.
MC: “Jumi-”
I was interrupted by a pair of lips meeting mine. I closed my eyes , wrapped my arms around him, and we kissed passionately as he lay me on the bed. He got up, opened his side table’s drawers, and pulled out one of his ties that was shoved in there
Currently, Jumin was dressed in his white office shirt, with the sleeves rolled up and his black suit pants.
MC: “What are you doing?”
Jumin: “Oh, just a little something I want to try out”, he said, giving me his seductive smile. Oh how much I love this man.
“Hold out your arms together”.
I held out both my arms, he put the tie around my wrists and tied my hands together.
Then, he looked at me with lust oozing out of his eyes. Suddenly, the atmosphere felt a little different. As if he had released the demons. He held my arms above my head, pushed me on the bed, and started kissing me wildly. He tried to push his tongue into my mouth, my lips parted and made way and soon our tongues were dancing together. I let out a little moan.
He stops kissing, looks deep into my eyes as if staring into my soul, and in his deep,seductive voice, says, “If you will make such funny sounds, I won’t be able to hold back”.
I looked into his eyes, bit my lip, and said, “Then dont”. That did it for him. The lip bite, the words were all it took for Jumin Han to completely let out his inner demon. He got up, went into his dressing room, and came out with 2 more ties. He took my arms, and this time tied them to the bed’s rod above my head. He demanded me to spread my legs apart, so I did.
MC: “Jumin, what are you doing?” I said, wiggling my body. I hate to admit that I was getting aroused by this little play.
Jumin: “Oh, you will see”, he said, with a devilish smirk.
He then unbuttoned his shirt, exposing my eyes to his well built body. He didn’t have abs, but he was fit, had some biceps and triceps, broad shoulders, a well toned stomach, and his nipples were erect. The sight was heavenly. I suddenly felt my love juices stirring up inside me.
He dimmed the lights a bit, grabbed a candle, lit it up, and kept it beside us.
MC: “Jumin, I’m a virgin”.
He froze.
Jumin: “What?”
MC: “Yeah. I am a virgin, I have never had sex before”.
Jumin: “You should have told me nefore!”
I rolled my eyes.
MC: “And which before are we talking about?”
Jumin sighed, disappointed. Then, with a serious expression,he stared at me, and said “I won’t be able to hold back anymore”.
MC: “Then who’s stopping you?”
He smiled at me, came towards me, and started kissing me passionately again. Our tongues danced together, our mouths making wet sounds. I wanted his saliva. I loved his taste. He tasted too good.
Then, he kissed my chin, my neck, he started biting on my neck, I moaned slightly, he left two-three hickies on my neck. He trailed down my neck, then stopped. He unbuttoned my shirt, while staring deep into my eyes with his serious expression. He opened up my shirt, unhooked my bra from behind, lifted it up.
Jumin: “Shit.”
MC: “What?”
Jumin: “Should’ve taken off your clothes before tying you up”.
I laughed.
Jumin: “Don’t laugh, I have never done this before”.
He untied my hands, took off my shirt and bra, then tied me up again.
He started with the kisses again; first the lips, then the neck, then he reached my chest. He backed up a bit, stared at my boobs, and let out a sigh.
MC: “What happened?”
Jumin: “Can’t believe these are mine”.
I giggled as he dug in. He started to twist my left boob’s nipple and sucked on my right boob’s nipple. I started moving, moaning. He bit my nipple, then gave it little licks. He switched sides, did the same to my left boob. I was feeling soooooo good. His mouth felt so fucking good on my boobs. I could feel his soft, velvety lips just sucking on my boobs.
He left a hickie on both my boobs, then proceeded to leave a trail of kisses on my tummy, and stopped again. I let out a deep breath. OhMyGod, he will see my pussy.
Jumin: “May I?” He asked. What a gentleman.
I smiled and said, “Yes, you may”.
He got up, took the tie he had brought earlier, and tied it around my head, covering my eyes.
MC: “Oi! What are you doing?”
Jumin: “I don’t want you to see anything now. It’ll be more exciting. Oh and, I hope you’re ready for a little pain”, I heard him giggle.
MC: “Pain? What pain??” I asked.
Jumin: “Oh, you’ll know it when you feel it”.
I can’t believe this guy has never done this kind of stuff. He seems so experienced.
I was blinded. I could only hear stuff. Like that would help. I felt Jumin taking off my underwear slowly. The fact that I couldn’t see anything happening to me arouse me more. He sighed once again, and said “You’re very beautiful”. I blushed and giggled. Then I felt him kissing my inner thighs. I started breathing heavily, and I could hear him breathe heavily too. He slowly kissed & bit his way in and he stopped just near my pussy lips. I was sweating!!
He then got up, I heard him grab something, then I felt something extremely hot drip onto my boobs.
MC: “Aaahh!!”
I let out a deep moan. I…. kind of liked it…..
“Jumin, what was that???”
Jumin: “Oh nothing, just something I wanted to experiment”. Then I heard him put that thing back. It had to be the candle.
Then I heard him unzip his pants, and take them off. Then he probably took off his underwear too.
Jumin: “MC, are you really ready for this?”
MC: “As ready as I will ever be”.
He kissed my pussy, then he kissed my clit. I let out a slight moan again. He started licking my clit, and that’s when I lost it. My back arched as he left little licks on my clit. The pleasure was too much.
MC: “Jumin! Aaahhh! It f-feels s-soo goo-oood” i moaned.
I could feel Jumin’s smile forming over there!!!! Omg!!!
He then started to insert his finger inside me. I moaned a bit more than before as he slid it in. Then he started moving his finger inside me while licking my clit. I could hear his heavy breaths.
Jumin: “MC, you taste too damn good”. I smiled & blushed.
He kept this on for a while.
Then, he stopped.
“You are so wet, if you saw my dick you would probably scream. It’s so hungry for you”.
MC: “Since i can’t see it, why not make me feel it’s hunger?”
Jumin: “You know if you keep saying stuff like this, I might attack you like an animal?”
I felt myself grow hotter and hotter each minute.
I heard Jumin come on top of me, he then took off my blindfold and untied me.
Jumin: “Since it’s your first time, I want you to see everything”, he said.
I looked down on my chest and sure enough, there was candle wax on it.
“Oh, let me clean that off for you”.
He went to the bathroom and brought a wet cloth. He then wiped the wax off. He set the cloth aside.
He got on top of me, kissing me passionately all over again, then he put his dick on my pussy. We both moaned. He started rubbing his dick slowly against it, rubbing my clit. I was going crazy!!
MC: “Aaahhh Jumin” i moaned.
Jumin: “Can i put it in?” He asked between pants.
I smiled and nodded. He took his dick, positioned it on my pussy, then said “Could you please put it in? I don’t know how to find your hole….” he looked so embarrassed and cute haha. I held his dick, and guided it to my hole.
MC: “Do it”.
He then slowly tried to insert it.
It hurt a bit, and it was only the head. I held in my screams.
Jumin: “I want to hear everything. Please don’t hold back.”
He started to push in more, half of it, then all of it, while I was moaning real loud and he was panting like an animal.
Jumin: “You’re so tight MC”
I dug my nails into his flesh. I could feel blood trickling out of my pussy. He started moving slowly at first, letting my pussy get accustomed to the movements. Then he started to gain some speed. He kissed me deeply while thrusting in hard, harder, and i was moaning loudly into his mouth Snr he was panting deeply into mine. I hugged him real tight and wrapped my legs around him.
Jumin: “Ahh ahh haaa haa oh fucking MC you feel so fucking good haa haa”
MC: “Jumin your dick haa haaa is so haa haa biggg haaa haaaa i can feel it sliding ahhh in and ahhhh out. Fuuuuccckkkk”.
Jumin: “You keep making those sounds and I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow”.
With that his speed increased more and he thrusted more deep. Tears started welling up into my eyes. This pleasure was too much for me to bear. The wet sounds were being heard from his dick thrusting into my pussy and that was more hotter.
MC: “Ju-Jumin ahh ahhh ahhhh F-f-fuck ahhhh fuck me DADDYYYYY!!!!”
Jumin: “Oh God why did you call me daddy now I won’t stop”.
With that he continued to thrust real hard into me. Our bodies got extremely sweaty, the heat rising, my pussy throbbing on the inside. I could feel his dick pumping up.
We were so in the moment, he kept staring at my face while I was making those moans and weird expressions.
MC: “Jumin, s-stop ahhh looking at m-me ahhhhhhh”.
Jumin: “Your face is more of a turn on haaaaaaa”.
Eventually, we both were at our ending points.
Jumin: “MC, I’m gonna haa haa haa cum! Haa haa haa”
MC: “Me haa haa haa too haa haa haa”
With that, he gained extra speed and thrusted way deep into me and I was screaming and pushing him into me more with my legs wrapped around him and his moans were going crazy and eventually he gave his last thrust and cummed on my boobs.
He then lay upon me with his dick back in me, both of us panting like mad crazy.
Jumin: “MC?”
MC: “Yeah?”
Jumin: “Ready for round 2?”
MC: “You bet”.


Peevils Headcanons

● Peevils=Dark!Peebles/Amy/Iceddarkroast

● I feel like Amy would totally want her dark persona to be an alien, so she is (I gotta do as the queen commands)

● She comes from this almost advanced race of aliens from a solar system not too far from ours (they’ve only been doing space travel for a little over a century, so this is relatively new territory for them)
● She was bred to be a super soldier for their queen, in a group of about 100 other alien kids, but she’s always been the best in her class mentally, physically, and she’s socially very sly and very cunning. She’s charming and convincing, and it makes her a great asset to their Empire.

● When she graduated out of the Academy, they were originally going to have her be an assassin for the Queen’s enemies (which she hated the idea of) but around two decades ago (our time, their concept of time is much, much different than ours) their satellites began picking up sound bites frequencies from the nearest inhabited planet, that they didn’t even know had intelligent life on it (News flash: it’s us)

● The only signal they ever pick up, though, are 1980s cartoons and John Hughes movies. They consider it the guide book to our culture. When they brief her on the mission, she’s forced to watch all them. Repeatedly. They’re convinced Weird Science is real, and humans can create more humans using computers. They create a mission for a small squad of aliens to go and learn human culture, steal their technological secrets, and make sure they aren’t dangerous

● So they send her to Earth on this ship with a few other people, and it takes several years (she is much older than anyone alive on earth, keep in mind) to get there, but when they do, there’s a catch

● She has to leave her body behind. The people who were sent with her are going to watch over her body, as well as monitor everything she sees. They take out her soul/essence/conscious, whatever, and send it down to Earth.

● And proceed to implant it in a 13 year old Amy Nelson

● It’s all very Avatar/The Host-esque

● Amy doesn’t really know she’s there at first–she feels sick for a few days. She thinks it’s puberty–she’d just gotten her period, and she’s really still not sure how it all works. She hasn’t even had a health class yet.

● But Alien!Amy can see everything Amy sees. And she’s absolutely amazed. She was sent to Earth to observe their culture and find out if they were a threat to their way of life, and Earth is so bright and overwhelmingly different. And not all people are good, but so many are compassionate and she’s surprised

● Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for the observers on the ship to figure out a way for Alien!Amy to take over Human!Amy’s body. And make her do it.

● It’s easier when she’s slipping, when she’s angry. Amy gets into a fight with her parents one night, and when she stomps up to her room, she scrambles, loses her footing, and her whole body crumples and contorts on the floor. It takes Alien!Amy a few minutes to get her bearings, but she’s able to lock the door and examine herself in the mirror. The Observers ask her do things, simple like moving her hands and talk. They ask her if she can see Amy’s memories. She can. She can run, do jumping jacks, everything. With the help of Alien!Amy, she’s actually stronger. She can speak her home language again. It gets hard to hold it, however, before human!Amy to regain control. She thinks she’s blacked out, and she considers telling her parents. She doesn’t.

● It happens more and more frequently. Amy thinks about going to the doctor, but doesn’t.

● When she gets a hold of Amy’s body and is forced to interact, people can noticeably tell the difference

● She talks like Lady Macbeth, and she’s got this razor blade smile that doesn’t at all look like the one she normally wears

● Alien!Amy is the reason that Amy is drawn to Mark in the first place. They both know who he is, and she convinces Amy that she needs to befriend him. Get close. Alien!Amy wants his technological experience and, if need be, he provides a global link to 16 Million people and growing. Any brain washing needing to be done, in severe cases to cover their tracks, of course, would have to be done here

● Mark always gets scared when she switches over, and never kisses her when she’s like that, even when she asks. When he asks her about it later, she can never seem to remember the conversations they’ve had.

● Alien!Amy is surprised by the LA, she’s surprised by the amount of people who support her. Girls never seem to like each other in movies, and yet Kathryn is one of the quickest friends Amy has ever made, and and Alien!Amy trusts her. She records data about her as proof that humans can be good.

● Alien!Amy doesn’t trust Mark for the longest time, and she can’t decide why. Sometimes, Amy gets bad intuitions about Mark, and Alien!Amy has to cover her tracks and actively convince Amy there’s nothing wrong

● Alien!Amy is not at all, no, never ever, not even possible, is not in love with Mark (maybe just a little. It’s hard when he looks at her like that)

I had a ton more but now I can’t remember them aaahhh feel free to send some in or add them I s2g it’s too late for me to be doing this