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I just made a Header for @amazingphil !

Btw I did not do my homework my art teacher will definitely kill me tomorrow aaah ;w; ALSO ! I wanted to thank you guys for 500+ followers ! You make me so happy guys ! All your cute and kind messages make me wanna cry omg. Before being on Tumblr no ones gives a shit about my art so having so much love from you guys it’s too much I’m gonna explode one day but seriously thank you again ! ♥ THE PHANDOM4EVERINMYKOKORO-DESU.

@inkchara23: Happy new year dear! ;w; dang i want to call u by a name but i have no idea what even now pff x’))



@sapphirescarletta123: dawwww thanks hon!! happy new year to you too! hope this year will be great for all of uss!!


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You can't be a better artist, you're already the best! Besides, the cute/warm and fuzzy Hanzo is really important too coz so many people only draw him sad ;w;

sdkfsl i’m glad you like it aaah i do love drawnig hanzo happy bc i love him!! and i want him to be happy but sometimes i do like drawing angst pft

im just glad so many people are into my cute hanzo content tho

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Aaah I'm in love with this blog at this point. Since you're looking for material to work with, maybe a Cold Protection Story? I've always found those to be pretty damn cute. :3

Madeline and Damon shivered profusely in the corner of their bed against the wall, a thick blanket wrapped tightly around them as they hugged each other for warmth. Dark frowned at the sight, crossing his arms… His frame was meant to shield against all temperatures, but unfortunately his two lovers were not so lucky…especially Damon. He was a human, therefore he was about freezing to death in this god forbidden weather, and Dark impatiently tapped his foot, climbing into bed with them and wrapping his thin, angular arms around both of them.

He sighed and whispered into their ears, “My deepest apologies, dearests… I’ll find a way to warm you two back up somehow, but I’ll stay right here for you until I can think of something.”

“D-Dark…” Madeline whimpered, teeth chattering, “Y-You should know t-t-that you can j-just swallow us by n-now… We’ve d-done it enough times, now.”

Damon’s face flushed a bright red and his face burned for the first time in what felt like a millennium since the blizzard came in. He shrugged, seemingly agreeing that he’d be fine with that, though he dared not open his mouth in fear of his teeth jumping right out of his maw.

Dark rolled his eyes and sighed-it was true, Dark had swallowed both of them enough times that it was probably just an ordinary thing by now. Sometimes, they didn’t even think about it. They’d be watching a movie together in one instance and then the next one of them, or even both, would be in his gut, squirming with delight. He bit his bottom lip and grumbled, “Alright, fine. Damon is first, since he’s physically weaker and…mortal.”

Damon nodded weakly, letting Dark carefully grab his shoulders and lead him inside of his wet, fleshy maw. He managed to at least mutter a quick, “Thank you,” before sliding down Dark’s tight throat and into his waiting gut where gurgles and rumbles sounded greatly.

Madeline, watching from outside, always found happiness in seeing how careful and gentle her fiancé was when handling their new boyfriend, who was chubby and soft and reminded them of a marshmallow. She knew it must have been difficult to get him down, but he did it with such grace that it seemed like no big deal. Practice makes perfect, she supposed. Her favorite part of it all was how his belly went from completely flat and gradually rounded out as Damon slid down into it.

While she was thinking, she didn’t realize that Dark was already gulping down Damon’s feet, and she was soon to be next. His belly was well rounded and expanded outwards greatly now, heavy and solid with the weight of their soft lover. She scooted closer to him, reaching out a cold, shaking hand to rub his belly. Damon was quickly warming up in the massive stomach and he wriggled out to get comfortable in his new abode as the rest of him was swallowed down with him. When he felt the press against the belly from Maddy he smiled, rubbing back. He called to her, “Hey, I’m already warmed up in here, honey! Come join me, quick!”

Dark heard the muffled shouting as well and smirked, tugging on her sweatshirt. His voice came out raspy from the labor of gulping down his small boyfriend, and he beckoned, “You heard the man~. Climb on in, dear.” He opened his jaw wide as Madeline crawled in herself, sighing with delight at the immediate breath of hot air that was exhaled against her face. Eager for more warmth and cuddles with her boyfriend, she slipped down Dark’s throat, quickly getting coated with a saliva-like liquid. Dark tilted his head back as more of her was stuffed into his gullet, resting a hand on his gut that was bloated to what seemed to be a dangerous level. As she made her descent into the groaning and now aching stomach, his belly expanded to half of his entire height-which was already a whopping 6’ 7"-and double his width, and he whimpered faintly.

Now, only her ankles and feet were left-wait, no, now they were hidden in his mouth. Now they were being quickly sent down to his gut…you could trace the bulge in his throat down to his planet of a stomach. After a long, long wait, he finally felt the rest of her slide completely inside of him and he let out a loud, painful moan. Both of his hands immediately flung to his roaring belly that groaned at him as a plead for no more, rubbing it with a vigor. From the outside, his tum was just a sack that rumbled and moved about from time to time, bulges visible from time to time from the two lovers inside attempting to get situated.

Dark let out a crass belch and moaned again, “URRRRRPPP-ohhh… You two could-ughh-lose a little weight, you know…”

Damon giggled from inside and rubbed at the folds within the stomach. He sneered, “Hey, who’s the one with the tummy the size of a truck?” Both he and Madeline laughed from within, causing the belly to shake and giving Dark nausea. He patted his stomach and gritted his teeth, “Urghh, s-stop that, you two, please. If you keep that up, I’ll spit you two up and you’ll sit in the cold again, and this time you’ll be wet!”

The two inside immediately stopped their jittering and simply hugged each other, rubbing the walls of the stomach to calm down the larger man that they filled. They felt his heartbeat calm down just a little, and they called to him, “We’re sorry, sweetie. We didn’t mean to hurt you, but thank you for giving us a warm place to stay!”

“Uuaarp…no problem,” Dark groaned back. He was too exhausted to be angry, honestly, and all he wanted to do was close his eyes and sleep. “Dearests, I think I’m going to take a quick nap. I suggest you do the same until the snowstorm is over.”

At that, he could immediately feel them snuggling up against each other, and he grinned as he heard their quiet snoozing, following in their steps as his belly gurgled and grumbled the night away.

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Would 'I'm just your problem' song fit in the Ludoffee mix? (I am sorry for leaving this message to you if this message is dumb)

aAAH im sorry abt the late reply
id say Mayb bc i associate it more w/ tomco but like. imagining ludo and toffee as bubbline… thats so cute pls

EXOs Reaction to you being on your period

Hey Anonymousesessijeke I think this would be super funny and confusing so lets gogogo ~ 

Kyungsoo: *just happy to see you how you got in a argument with one of his haters* 

Y/N: … now tell me … why you hate him so much ? Because he has a girlfriend ? AAAH now listen you… ( you dont wanna hear/read what she’s saying ~ w ~ )

Kyungsoo: she’s too cute ..

Tao: *gets in a argument with you* 


Ugh … this is … how could she make me sleep in the bathtub ? … *sighs*

[ gif from x ]

Chen: Talk to me when you not complain about me and everything.

Lay: *he adores how you act like a little girl and does literally everything for you* 

Kai: Did you had to cry because you wanted me to get you some water ? Its ok I’ll get you some do you want something else ? A hug maybe ? (super cute caring jongin ftw)

Suho: *does everything you want him to do so you are happy and satisfied*



Y/N: Can you please get me so-..

Kris: *on his way* 


Y/N: Minseok can you please … *sighs* you never understand me. You always ignore me. Did you even listened to me ? 

Xiumin: *still waits till you say what you wanted so he can go buy it* can I please what ? 


Y/N: … Luhan can you get me some chocolate ? 
Luhan: It’s 2am … do I really have to get you chocolate now ? 
Y/N: Luhan PLEASE DO YOU WANNA KNOW HOW I FEEL RIGHT KNOW ? YOU DONT WANT TO, BELIEVE ME ! Now … get me this god damn chocolate ..

Luhan: You know I’m the man and I’m dominant … that means I do whatever I want 

Y/N: *gives him the satan stare* 

Luhan: And now I want to get you some chocolate … *runs for his life* 

Baekhyun: Girl I like your dominant and bad side.

Chanyeol: Jagiya can you please give me the remote on the desk ? 
Y/N: Chanyeol I already told you that I feel like someone is stabbing and slicing me up aND YOU WANT ME TO GIVE YOU THAT REMOTE WHICH IS LIKE LITERALLY 2 METERS AWAY FROM YOU ?

Chanyeol: I.. what .. I just… I … *confused and scared little beagle starts to get the remote for himself* 

Sehun: *talks to Suho Hyung* Hyung … I dont know what to do anymore … yesterday she cried, screamed, did aegyo and gave me a lesson at the same time … *confused pouting maknae*

Thank you for your Requeeests ~ I hope you liked them and I apology for the CAPS ehehe … sry ~~ 

See ya next time ♥

@mystoria-crossing said: omg let me know if it’s fun. i played all the other ones and loved them, but idk if this one will be better than the first one for 3ds T-T

I haven’t ever played Style Savvy! I can’t wait to do it cause I heard it’s super fun and they improved a lot of things! 

@sagacrossing said: I just bought style savvy trendsetter yesterday, I’ve been playing it’s non stop but sometimes when I save it crashes…

U-oh I hope mine doesn’t crashes D: 

@mayorsarah said: i have played so many hours of style savvy!!

Aaah I’m sure I’ll do the same!! 

@mothmansw1fe said: I love style savvy: fashion forward! it’s so cute and fun ☺️

Can’t wait to play it! ( >w<) 

@seabasstard said: they’re both really good but style savvy !!!!!!! superb :+) 

I’m so excited about it!!!! I want it to arrive now!! And I loved the 1st Rhythm Paradise so I’m sure I would love this new one too… I have to buy it 

@l0cs said: lol me too i play both demos all the time XD

There is a demo for Rhythm Paradise? I need to check it!   

@maple-bonsai said: It’s so good!!! I got it when it came out and it’s seriously awesome!  

Aaaaaah I want to play alreadyyyyyyyyyyyyy ( ;u;) 


aaah these took forever but I’m so happy! >W<

I got so many design choices wrong, but I rechecked the ref right after I finished, so… :/ The first and fourth are personal favorites~

Fanart for @cheapcookiez ‘s awesome game Subscribe and Punch. I need this! Like!!! Now!!!

This started when I needed a character to test my new chibi style and escalated to four pages of doodles that I whittled down to these five. Sorry he has the same pose twice, but it was cute :P

Little appreciation blurb for Cookie under the cut, ignore if you like~

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