aaah something i really like about their dynamics

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(confession meme) I've always thought your OCs are really cool and dynamic, and I'll be honest, I'm really jealous of your ability to do worldbuilding! You have a natural talent for storytelling!

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aaah thank u!!! so much!!! this means a lot ;v; thank u,,,i could leave it at thank u but like let me take this opportunity to say why compliments on my work mean so mcuh??

bc i make them for myself but also for other people,,,i dont necessarily do art to please others, i of course have fun with it but its more satisfying 2 get 2 show my work and have people smile or in panda pearl’s case just getting good reactions. its why i can kinda feel sad sometimes when nobody particularly has much to say abt an update ;0; 

and like, sure i want to make a career out of it someday, and that means charging money for some pieces, ect. but overall ym main goal is to spread stuff 2 make people happy!! and to share the babies i love so that others may love them. if i make money doing that, cool, but i aint in it for the cash all together