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one of these people is about to be murdered can you guess who

(also, this comic makes no sense if you don’t know the weird al song “white & nerdy.” so. sorry about that.)

queen-fire03  asked:

Your so cool 💕💕love your fanfic do have any headcannon for Michelle x Peter ?

aaah, stop, but thank u! well, most of my headcanons i’m using in the fic

but one big headcanon they’ll have to prise from my cold dead fingers is that michelle always, always gets flustered when she sees peter in the suit, like it does things to her and the little shit knows it. and she’ll run her fingers over the fabric while they’re standing too close for comfort and it’s like !!!!. this might become a foreplay thing when they’re older BYE

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hi, are your requests still open? if they are could I RQ headcanons for peter dating someone who is mute? and by that i mean medically/physically mute (as in larynx damage or otherwise), not shy. most of my vocal chords were severely damaged when i was young and although i've gone through copious amounts of speech therapy, it's extremely painful for me to even attempt speaking and when i can manage there is a terrible stutter (and sometimes blood) that follows. i see little to no rep, so thank!

Aaah!! My first ever Peter Parker headcanon! I got you Anon, I hope I won’t disappoint you! Also, I don’t know if you know sign language, but for this headcanon you’ll know a little.

Oh God, I hope I did a good job… sorry if it’s short by the way! As I said this is my first request in the MCU fandom.


·         Peter had done everything to be sure he could understand you, without forcing you to use words of course.

·         He even learned sign language for you, which you didn’t use much, just in case of an emergency.

·         Besides that you two were just a normal couple.

·         Peter had grown used to the comfortable silence between you two, and when you occasionally tried to speak, he would quickly kiss you.

·         You just wanted to say ‘I love you’ but he knew that saying those three words would harm you.

·         “I love you too (y/n) and I know you do as well, but please don’t force yourself like this. Seeing you suffer hurts me a lot.”

·         b o y

·         You two had the best cuddling sessions. He would literally trap you inside his protective arms and rest his head on your shoulder.

·         Occasionally he’d kiss your throat, and you would giggle silently.

·         He’s go with you to every speech therapy, and if his Spider-man duties were in the way he’d send a long text expressing how sorry he was.

·         And how he’d make up to you.

·         When you finally told him why were your vocal cords damaged, Peter cried a little.

·         You didn’t deserve this.

·         You showed him a video of when you were younger, maybe a toddler, when you could speak.

·         You bet your ass that he saved that video and cooed over it all the time.

·         Sometimes, when you felt sad about not being able to talk with him, he would go silent as well and express how much he loved you without words.

·         To make things fun, you two would have lip-sync battles and to no surprise, you’d always win!!

·         Ned and Michelle were the judges.

·         In school he would always hold your hand and make sure you were always able to communicate well enough.

·         Peter is so lost in how you managed to attend a normal school while being mute.

·         You always had your trustworthy notebook if some communication was lost.

·         Texting was also another option, you and Peter literally would text each other even if you were sitting together.

·         And it was easier to make jokes by using emojis or gifs.

·         One day Peter saw you coughing blood, and he panicked.

·         He wanted to take you to the hospital but you kept shaking your head.

·         You started stuttering something to him, and he seriously almost kissed you even though your lips were covered with blood.

·         You stopped him though, determined to do this once and for all.

·         “I… l-lo-lo-ve-ve y-y-yo-you…”

·         You cried so much at how bad you sounded, you wanted to say it in the best way possible. You thought that maybe not trying to speak for days would help. But you could not control the stuttering.

·         Peter however, stared at you with his mouth open. His brown, warm eyes gazed upon you so softly and lovingly that he almost thought he was meeting you for the first time.

·         “(Y/N)… I love you too…”

·         He could not believe that you’d hurt yourself like that just to tell him three words.

·         As he pulled you into a tight hug, you smiled. Because finally he knew.

·         Peter always told you that actions speak more loudly than words. But he was SHOOKETH.

·         He never wants to let you go, ever again.

Webbed || Peter Parker x Reader

A\N: Guys send me some more requests to write out before I leave for vacation. Enjoy tho!

Prompt No.7: “Do you hear that? That’s the sound of my awesomeness.”

Prompt No.9: “Congratulations. I think you found the world’s thinnest argument.”

Request: “Can you do a Peter Parker x Reader prompts 7 and 9 together? Greatly appreciated if done so!”

You chewed on the end of your pencil while staring a hole in your maths textbook. You were over at Peter’s apartment to do your homework. Why you weren’t at your house? Well your parents had some important guests over and you had been unceremoniously kicked out of the house. So now here you were. You were sitting on Peter’s bed with your books sprawled all over his bed. 

You glanced up at Peter who was sitting on the desk, his head bent over his webbing gadget tinkering with it. His back was to you so you couldn’t exactly see what he was messing around with. You confusedly looked at your book and then back at him, wondering why he wasn’t working as well.

“Hey Pete? Why am I the only one who’s currently working?”

“Oh I uh finished ten minutes before you got here,” he answered not looking up.

“Huh,” you shrugged. “Sure why not? By the way what are you even doing?”

“I’m trying to improve my web shooters,” Peter answered turning around with a screwdriver in his hand. “I also developed a new formula for the webbing so that it’s more stronger. Makes it harder for the bad guys to rip it apart.”

“Such casual, much vaow,” you smirked at which he rolled his eyes. “A totally normal day. I just developed a new formula. Tomorrow I’m gonna go to Mars and come back in time to find a cure for cancer. Maybe even solve world hunger.”

Peter threw a crumpled up paper ball at you but you successfully moved out of its way. “Thank you for your support in my crime fighting business.”

“Are you kidding? My best friend is a kickass human spider. Things could not be more supportive.”

Peter grinned at you and turned back to his gadget. After a few minutes he put the screwdriver down and stood up yelling success in a triumphant manner. 

“What’s the matter? Found a cure?” you sarcastically said scribbling the solution to a question in your textbook. 

“Oh haha. Very funny. No I finished the improvements. Do you hear that?” he said putting his hand behind his ear. “That’s the sound of my awesomeness.”

You rolled your eyes. “Lame. Besides be careful. May might walk in.”

“Oh don’t worry she isn’t home,” Peter furrowed his eyebrows as he prodded the device. “Now where is the- AAAH!”

Peter had accidentally shot himself with his web shooter and he was currently stuck to the wall in an awkward position. 

“Holy shit Peter!” you burst into laughter as you clambered out of his bed. “What did you even do?”

“It’s not funny!” he managed to say as you were clutching your stomach in laughter.

“It’s not? Well you should see yourself from where I’m standing. It is hilarious!”

“Oh come on [Y\N],” he pleaded as you dissolved in a fit of giggles. “Help me out here!”

“Should I though? You didn’t help me out with homework.”

“Congratulations,” his voice dripping with sarcasm. “You just found the world’s thinnest argument.”

“That tone won’t help you out in this situation buddy.” He simply glared at you. “Okay okay sheesh.”

And you bustled off to find something that could get Peter out of his mess.



“After…I’m gonna kill y-ou,” he promised the man. With that, Vincent had lost the last of his strength and nearly melted onto the floor, eyes fastened shut.

He didn’t even remember most of the attack. He had been backing out of the security room, not paying attention to anything, when this…this thing came and violently attacked him. Out of pure surprise, he didn’t even try to defend himself.

What a lovely decision.

Vincent had been gripping the hem of the man’s pants, trying to drag himself upwards. But when he lost consciousness, his red and brown hands relaxed completely and let go of the other.

(there’s a mask that we wear) A voice, the Voice, was singing softly in his mind.

“Hey, it’s not my fault they don’t like you.” … They didn’t like him? They didn’t like someone other than the one they’ve been haunting for months? They never paid much mind to anyone else. How odd. That sparked a little curiosity. The fallen man did have a slight familiarity– what could it be? The spirits went back to singing their usual song of misery once the other went silent.


“You’re not dead are ya?” He nudged the other with his foot. Well, this was disappointing.