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For @vi0lentquiche who wanted some classy Murder Husbands back-to-back (giving each other little looks and properly setting the murderating mood)~

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the-necessary-unnecessary  asked:

Hey, what's the nicest thing a stranger has ever said or done for you? Xxx

aaaah this is so hard !! i remember once a 6th former around school said she loved my bag when i was in year 9 i think ?? which made me smile a lot !! or there was another time (not rlly what they did necessarily for me buut if u have read the maze runner books u will know the character newt has a line where he walks into a table n says “tables, watch out for tables” n basically i said that once when i walked into a table by accident (i’m super clumsy hehe) n a girl turned round n said “great, we’re all bloody inspired” n it just made me smile because that’s also something newt says (he’s my fav character) n she got my reference n aaah it was perfect hehe !! (i hope u enjoyed that lil story)

Okay, so you know that GIFset with the whole “booby traps haha cool” scene that’s been circulating lately? Well, I have discovered the versatility of the famous second-to-last GIF. Observe.

Bad puns.

Someone insults your friend.

Someone says, “Ninjago is so stupid!” while standing behind you.

Someone takes a jab at your favorite video game, musician, or book.

You’re in a class full of idiots.

Your brother is watching you reblog stuff and you didn’t know he was there until he breathed a bit too hard on your neck.

It is very useful.