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Hey there! I really loved your fanfic! it was really cool and I cant wait to read/listen to the rest of it!

(I’m bad with words, so I made a cool drawing instead….. backgrounds and weird perspectives arent really my forte but I gave it a shot ;) )

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AAAAAAH LOOK AT THAT LITTLE BEAN! Poor thing, so scared! You did GREAT on the perspective, I love it! And the shading is just fantastic! This is so awesome, thank you <3 I will try not to disappoint with the rest!

I beat Starbound yesterday night

like, okay, this is not a game you just ‘win’ and that’s it. The main quest is just one thing you get to do alongside tech tree progression, and there is a thousand things to do that open up alongside this progression, and with the latest update there is a whole new tech tree for the mechs to pursue

I did not expect much from finishing the 'main quest’ it was just kinda the next thing to do and then get on with all the other goals I had in mind (upgrading my mech, the bunch of stuff for my colony, making a cool interior for my ship)

like seriously, I thought, what is this quest even building up to? There’s no way it won’t be silly and underwhelming

I’m not spoiling
I’m just saying I was wrong
it wasn’t

okay maybe if the mc was allowed to have personality + relationships beyond like, the way they stand and the pre-programmed people deciding fully on their own to join the mission regardless of what you actually do, it could have been even more poignant and fantastic

but like wow
I almost don’t feel like going back to the rest of my stuff to do now cause I’ve… won. I’m done, that’s it, there is nothing I can do in this game that will top what just happened

it feels like gameplay should change more after what happened. Not just a 'special reward’ with a lot of money and other sweet stuff (bitch I have this much money saved up already and the only reason it’s not more is because I keep spending it). There should be a fundamental change somewhere, the world opening up in some way, getting to do something you didn’t get to do before

there should be specifically 'postgame’ content and not just 'lategame’ content you could enjoy in the same way forever without actually ever finishing the main quest

this HOLY SHIT WHAT JUST HAPPENED thing must have some effect on the rest of the universe

like, I knew it wouldn’t and I didn’t expect it to… and now I feel like it should have coz. holy fuck. that was EPIC

okay i want to not spoil coz EXPERIENCE IT FOR YOURSELVES GUYS but i just want to gush about it so much so im just? going to put this under the cut?


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Okay, so you know that GIFset with the whole “booby traps haha cool” scene that’s been circulating lately? Well, I have discovered the versatility of the famous second-to-last GIF. Observe.

Bad puns.

Someone insults your friend.

Someone says, “Ninjago is so stupid!” while standing behind you.

Someone takes a jab at your favorite video game, musician, or book.

You’re in a class full of idiots.

Your brother is watching you reblog stuff and you didn’t know he was there until he breathed a bit too hard on your neck.

It is very useful.