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the extra cute and proper use of a fresh water bottle by Kim Jongdae


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Keith nuzzled his pillow listlessly, stared blankly ahead as his nails scratched at the fabric of his sheets. The bed was too cold, too empty, even though it was tiny in all reality, barely any space for another body. But he still craved it, the contact, the sweet memories of touches and soft purring that lingered from a past nearly forgotten. He hugged the pillow closer. Closed his eyes. He wanted a hug, so desperately that it left him aching, almost trembling as he closed his eyes tight and tried to ignore the feeling, the craving to curl up around someone and tuck himself into them.

It was surely the Galra part of him that wanted all of this - hard to not relate it to that foreign side of him when ears had pushed their way from his skin weeks ago and had stayed, refusing to leave. When the tail had come too, months, years of growth packed into just one short fortnight. It had been agonizing. At least the purple skin isn’t permanent. But it was a hassle when it did come, splotchy and disease-like, staining his skin and reminding him even more of what he truly was.

Something more than human, but also something less.

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Deep Breath | preview

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genre: angst/fluff

one, two, three, four, five, six

I wish I would go back in time and not meet him; I wish I could have stopped our eyes from crossing; I wish I could have stopped myself from hearing his heartbeat so close to my ears; I wish he wasn’t himself, wish he wasn’t so easy to love.

I wish for so many things when it comes to him. More time, less time, no time at all. 

But, more than anything, I wish our end didn’t have come so soon. But wishful thinking won’t get us anywhere.



*run around screaming in a pillow and then go buy some fabric* be prepared because i’m gonna cosplay this NO MATTER WHAT.

Rose Lalonde : @hisayadaydream

Who’s the cutest little dragon?

Yes you are!

I was reading the Snk manga all over again and I ended up wondering why I resisted shipping EreMin, yet again. I’m not sure why I did that when Eren and Armin relationship fascinated me from the get go, as much as Ymir/Historia and Erwin/Levi.

Yet I ended up shipping the later 2 while I tried not to ship EreMin. It’s puzzling to me, especially when their relationship and bond was literally there from the first chapter.  An anon asked me if I had plans to write an EreMin meta of sort and I guess you can consider this my answer. I’m not sure I will be able to pour all of my thoughts on EreMin in this.

Warning for Manga spoilers, long essay with errors below the cut.

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Since here where I live we just finished celebrating Carnaval, why not draw my OTP doing the same? Perhaps Korra would the type that enjoy the festivities and the fun atmosphere - and would get their daughter used to it from an early age (every year dressing her up with a super cute costume, of course) 

Mako is not appealed by the crowded streets, the loud music and all that confetti but Korra simply would drag him along with her and he just wouldn’t have how to say no (she also would make him wear those ridiculous accessories she bought to him xD)