aaaa~ so cute

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Omg I've just found your blog and aaaa its so cute and funny haha (this made me consider thief/deathshipping a lot haha) my YGO ships are all over the place//hit...I recently just finshed the YGODM series and still fairly to the fandom but its been enjoyable so far!!

AAAAHHH! Well, welcome to the fandom! You will never escape these ships, turn back!

Glad u like my stuff! :D

Things to have in mind, some things on my shorts are taken from the Anime, as well a bit from the Manga, and YGOTAS (Yugioh The Abridged Series) n_n

That will take you more into Thiefshipping

usnavi needed a lil time to buffer after seeing vanessa in her red dress

bang pd nim more like min yoongi bs&t era 50 years later ((@ anyone who’s reblogging this i am nOt making fun of him cmon im going emo all over the tags;_;))


05.01.17 // needless to say, neither the chocolate, nor the book lasted long.


Minville 🌸🌿🍊