aaaa~ so cute


dreamt of @chokoraitodisuko‘s amazing jungle town alma! 🍒🍍🌴 aaaa the whole atmosphere was sooo cool! ♡ I absolutely adored how creative and exciting this town was! ♪ the torches and fire pits looked so perfect everywhere! 🔥🍖 and I really loved running around and exploring in the ogre mask hehe! it was so beautiful! ♡ the interiors and characters were incredible too!  👹

♡ 7D00 - 002E - 2EE2 ♡

An absolutely adorable picture of Pyrrha done by @felipone !! Feli is such a sweetie to work with; responded to everything very fast, and the quality of their art is so nice! I love everything about this, it’s so cute! Please, go check them out or commission them if you can!  ♥ ♥