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Aaaawww thanks for the photo of Jen, Ginny and Josh hugging, they really look like a family with their daughter <3

No problem ❤️

Negan having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaaawww Negan being a fanboy again XD Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Him realizing how awestruck he is in your presence and just thinking that your kindness and humor isn’t helping at all

-Him always looking your way to keep his eyes on you when you’d work around the camp and him just smiling at you like an idiot when you’d catch him

-Him having a hard time refusing whatever you would ask of him, especially when you would do so with a smile and act bashful about it

-Him cheering you on like a fanboy whenever you would kill walkers, put other people in their places or simply when you are playing ping pong

-Him stopping mid sentence when he flirts with you and just clenching his jaw and fists to throw mini punches in the air as he smiles at you expressing his excitement to see you before ending his sentence

-Him actually going blank and just staring at you whenever you would do an act of kindness for him exclusively, only for you to ask if he’s alright making him melt even more

-Him talking about how fond he is of you and how everything you would do is to get his attention, to his men and them just wondering as to why he doesn’t just marries you

-Him wanting you to pay attention to him only and constantly bothering you in any way possible way, from tripping you over to him to plain pulling you by your shirt to make you turn around

-Him usually pushing to the side anyone who is trying to help you so he could personally be the one to help you

-Him not being able to handle the idea of you maybe being with someone and coming up with plans to propose to you

King's Cage Baby
  • Farley: I'm neither a soft nor a nice woman.
  • Mare: Are you sure?
  • Farley: Totally sure.
  • Baby Clara: Mommy...
  • Farley: Aaaawww. Come to mama, little one! Who is my pretty girl? You are. Yes, you are!
Simon setting you up with Dwight would include :

(Woooo more fluffy prompts! Aaaawww Dwight :3 and lol for Simon being the best/worst wingman. Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owner.)

-Simon noticing how awkward and shy you and Dwight both get when you have to work together and just thinking how hilarious if he decided to set you up together

-Him handing everything that you might need to Dwight and telling him that he personally has to go to give them to you or he’ll get mad at him

-Him getting you flowers and telling you that they came from Dwight, only to run away and yell his name the instant he sees him walking over to make him look at you

-Him tripping you over and leading you towards Dwight with his hand at your back, only for it to be very obvious as to what he’s doing

-Him hanging out with Dwight and holding him close as he walks over to see you and asks you about your plans, only to then push him towards you and tell you that now you have real plans

-Him leaving you love notes and signing them as Dwight’s while obviously the handwriting tells you they’re his as well as the words as they are just bad and slightly inappropriate

-Him getting the both of you drunk as you sit next to each other and just staring at you both, hoping to see some action, only to end up being disappointed and deciding to make you hold hands or hug

-Him taunting Dwight by flirting with you inappropriately, only to get overly excited about it when Dwight really tells him off and he pulls you away

-Him always butting in with other Saviors when you would play games with Dwight, only to have an excuse to put you together in the same team

-You and Dwight actually falling for one another and just laughing when you both realize how Simon was the reason behind it

Dating Derek Hale Would Include:

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  • Well, first off, I think we all know he’d be really defensive and always try to protect you. 
  • Even when it’s not really necessary? For example: 
  • “Where were you? I called you 6 times and sent you a bunch of texts! I was worried sick!”
  • “Ok, but like I was gone for an hour and I told you I was going on a hike?”
  • And he’d get incredibly jealous very easily 
  • “Ok, but Danny’s my best friend and he has a boyfriend…so to answer your question: no, he was not hitting on me.”
  • Being the push over in the relationship, and Derek always gets what he wants basically
  • “Oh, don’t you give me those puppy eyes, Hale! I’m not falling for it this time!”
  • “Aaaawww, but please?”
  • “Fine!!”
  • Finding out that he’s actually naturally good with kids and they love him (he’s just a big softy)
  • Watching him work out all the time and occasionally joining him when you’re up for it (his routine is probably pretty hardcore)
  • He’d hate PDA and always put a tough act up, especially in front of the pack, but in reality he’s puddy in your hands and basically everyone knows it 
  • Following that, you’d be the only one to genuinely make him smile and laugh (*that gif though…*)
  • You’d basically teach him how to let loose
  • Shirtless Derek walking around all the dang time tbh 
  • Him always running his fingers through your hair
  • Hearing him whisper, “Oh my God, you’re so beautiful.” at least 50 times a day
  • Being really competitive over dumb things
  • “I bet I can carry more grocery bags than you.”
  • “Oh, you’re so on Y/L/N!”
  • And you being his anchor

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My day's been pretty bad but your blog and the asks coming in are making me happy

Aaaawww!! Im glad to hear that!!!! I hope evefything gets a little better eventually!! ♡♡♡

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*clinGSSS* Aaaawww- *ppaat*

it’s okay don’t worrYY, I get super freaked out by sudden loud noises jdnjksnf and that’s inconvenient bc it’s usually nice and quiet then my brother just bursts out laughing bc of some youtube video he’s watching and heEEEE is loUDDDD-