A sweet pair of commissions for @mel-chan366 <3, some Percy and Will art, and some Jason and Will art! I had so much fun doing these, and it was super different doing some of my traditional pen-sketch commissions. Don’t get many of those~

If you’re interested in a commission, please feel free to follow this link!!

People kept telling Hinata to put on a bow and say he is the present. Well that’s exactly why I drew this.

(*o* I love this !! :D)

Oh, is that the next part of my birthday present?

S-Stop teasing me. C’mon, it’s time to eat now. *takes his hand and walks to the park where he had put a blanket on the ground earlier with a basket full of food he made for a picnic*

You can sit down, I don’t know if you will like everything I made but I tried my best.

I’m sure it’s going to be delicious. It can only be if you’re the one who made it.

Berserk Fandom : [ quietly praying for next chapter to actually happen. still and will never be over griffith , listens to forces 24/7]

Magi Fandom : [ is disappointed every week]

Snk fandom : one part : WHERE IS ERWINKJPHFSO the other ; fuck erwin :)))) another part : this is too good to be real.

Voltron fandom : [living in a cloud of sweet ships and klance comics* *lowkey angsty]

Hunter x Hunter Fandom : [thirsty for content, humbly waits for hiatus to end by making good fanart and 1999 vs 2011 discourse , also : breathes killugon] YOU CAN SMIIILE AGAIIN :’))))

Killing Stalking Fandom : aaaaw koogi is so swee-…hrluiaAAAAAAAH ICAN’T BELIEVE YOU’VE DONE ThISJMjklh.*killing me softly playing in the background*  

  YOI Fandom : we can die in peace now that victuuri is canon [will not die in peace until season two is confirmed]

Tokyo Ghoul Fandom : [ will always suffer ] we’re ready to suffer  [ is not ready]

 Danganronpa Fandom : [let’s wait for the english version to be released by making/watching weird sprite videos ]