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prompt request: a blizzard keeps jack and bitty trapped inside their apartment without any power. it's just them, blankets, and a fireplace. Maybe an old radio too. (alternately titled: i got my love to keep me warm)

[it’s snowing today, so this seemed appropriate! i hope you enjoy! <3]

It’s snowing. It’s been snowing since…well, Bitty honestly can’t remember when it started. Sometime the previous evening, he thinks, after he and Jack had made it back to Jack’s apartment after the game, the prospect of an off weekend spent together bright and shining before them.

Honestly, Bitty’s hard pressed to remember what the weather was like on the drive home, distracted as he was by the way the streetlights played off of Jack’s cheekbones, the way his eyes lit up as he looked at Bitty across the seat. The perfect curve of his smile and his hand and Bitty’s heart pumping with anticipation and the adrenaline of watching Jack win. All he’d wanted was to be back in the apartment, several floors and doors shutting out the rest of the world.

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Chapter 23 (Behind the Walls)

Behind the Walls Masterlist

Pairing: Professor!Bucky X Reader

Words: 1429

Warnings: None. Language!

Summary: You are currently getting your PhD in Art History, your dissertation being about The Power of Nudity in Art. Your advisor recommends you switch from being her TA to another professor because she feels her health is declining and wants you to get the best help/advice from someone new. She recommends Dr. James Barnes and believes he will be of great help to you. Things don’t turn out as you plan.

A/N: Aaaand they’re back! I surprised myself writing this tonight tbh.Also, I’m really sorry this is the shittiest chapter/part I’ve ever written but something tells me if I get the writer’s block out of the way in this chapter then it’ll get better.  Let me know if you want to be tagged HERE.

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Omg will you do 'scandalous ankles'? Can they be Sherlock's? I will die.

Aaaand we’re back to the Victorian era! So when I first got this one my thought was, oh this is definitely gonna be cute and silly. Well…it seems that all I know how to do with these historical prompts is to get feelsy and romantic lol. Hope you don’t mind! :D (and I also hope you don’t mind that the focus on the actual ankles is pretty minimal lol)

Taken from these prompts- (prompts are closed)

“Good heavens!” Molly exclaimed as Sherlock burst through the door.

“Yes yes,” he sighed. “I realize my socks and shoes are missing. There are perils of chasing a criminal through the streets of London. Now, where is Mrs. Hudson?”

“She went out. Was there something you needed?” Molly asked, standing from her chair and doing her best not to stare at the amusingly bare feet of Mr- her fiancé, she reminded herself. It was awfully easy to forget sometimes, seeing as he hardly treated her as his bride to be. Though it would be hard to forget in two more days, seeing as then they would actually be getting married.

“Nothing,” he huffed. “Just looking for tea.”

Molly stood there for a moment, hesitating. But Lord knows she needed to try and put at least a little crack in the walls that seemed to surround this man.

“Why don’t you sit? I’ll make some tea.”

Martha Hudson’s had been kind enough to take Molly in upon the death of her father, who happened to be the older landlady’s younger brother. She was kind and hospitable, making Molly feel comfortable and welcome. And naturally Molly was soon introduced to her aunts tenant.

Sherlock Holmes had Molly head over heels within the first day. And he seemed pleased with her too, in his own way. They got on swimmingly; their mutual love of science and medicine creating an instant connection. But their innocent friendship was quickly noticed by the rest of the Holmes family, and it wasn’t long before Sherlock’s parents and brother thought up and orchestrated a rather surprising arrangement.

A few silent minutes of preparation later and Molly set the tea down at the table.

“Are they cold?”

Sherlock frowned. “Pardon?”

“Forgive me,” she laughed while handing him a cup. “I mean your feet.”

“Ah, that,” he acknowledged, glancing down. “A bit, I suppose.”

Molly convinced him that they should move to the chairs by Mrs. Hudson’s fireplace so he could warm his tired and cold feet. He seemed to settle in and relax after that, sipping his tea after divesting himself of his coat and suit jacket.

“So…two days then?”

He looked at her over the edge of his cup, still for a moment before quietly responding in agreement.

“Two days, yes.” He cleared his throat. “You’ll no doubt miss living here once having to move upstairs to what Mrs. Watson calls my ‘scruffy old flat.’”

“It’ll be our scruffy old flat…and it won’t bother me,” Molly replied with a soft smile, though that faded a second later. “Though, perhaps I’ll be the bother to you.”

“No!” Sherlock responded, more forcefully than Molly would have expected, which he clearly registered.

The tired looking detective sighed, set his tea down, and shut his eyes for a moment before looking at her again. “Miss Hooper, please forgive me but I cannot pretend to know what it is I am doing…with you. I have always considered myself married to my profession, and it has been a rather easy relationship. But you are…”

Molly watched him with baited breath, unsure of what he would say next.

“You are so much more,” he murmured. “The idea of being a husband to you is not repulsive to me, it is simply unfamiliar. It is unlike anything I’ve undertaken before and I fear that if I am not careful I could…fail you. And if I have been distant during our engagement this past month, it is only because of that fear.”

Molly would swear later that it was the forceful beating of her heart which propelled her out of her own chair and into the lap of her fiancé. She’d never so much as held his hand in affection before, but somehow this seemed as natural as drawing her next breath.

As she sat across his legs, she caught his face in her hands and pressed her lips to his, silencing any possible question forming in his mouth. And then she felt the delicious pressure of his hands around her waist as his lips and tongue responded instinctively in just the way she’d hoped. She melted into him for a few moments before pulling away and resting her forehead against his.

“Never be afraid you’ll fail me,” she whispered. “To be sure, we shall both be trying our best to learn something new. But along the way I cannot help but believe we shall also be having a truly marvelous time!”

His half lidded eyes smiled back at her. “Yes, I’m beginning to see that.”

Molly blushed a little. “I suppose you know now what you do to me, Sherlock Holmes…see that you use your power responsibly,” she teased.

“Am I allowed to use this sort of power anytime I need coddling after coming home barefoot?” He punctuated the statement with a kiss to her nose.

“Oh, especially then!” Molly agreed with a giggle and then sighed contentedly, leaning into him again.

“Well…it seems that I now only have one more pressing concern,” Sherlock murmured low.


Sherlock let out a little huff of frustration while clinging to her affectionately.

“Must our wedding be two whole days away?!”

Soul Part 2

philip hamilton x reader (modern au) 

requested part two (part one) of ‘Soul’ in which some dirty stuff occurs right after the events of part one whoops 

(ps. i’m sorry you all had to wait awhile for this!)

words: 1900

warnings: smutty fluff stuff, with a few swear words. I feel so dirty help lol

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Burn (Chris Evans x Reader)

gif credit

Summary: Morning routine. You climb out of bed before your boyfriend and find yourself sharing pancakes with Dodger before he finally joins you, joking around with you, laughing together. Then Dodger interrupts something.

Word Count: 1640

Warning(s): implied sexual interactions

A/N: again, sorry for waiting. i appreciate anyone still around at this point lmao

Prompt: anonyomus request from anon. you’ll see why

It’s the first thing you grab when you finally force yourself from the entanglement of the now slightly dampened sheets. You could have taken a few more steps, picked up your own shirt, and slipped that over your head, but like always, you’re drawn to the t-shirt next to yours, thrown so carelessly onto the ground amidst the morning wake up call. You pull the white cotton tee over your head and yawn as the fabric falls and brushes your mid-thigh before slipping back into your underwear and taking one last peek at your boyfriend passed back out in your bed. Then it’s padding across the hardwood floor into the kitchen where the sun is shining through the windows of your Boston apartment from its highest peak in the sky.

Since the first craving of the day was already satisfied, the next thing on the list is pancakes. And you sure as hell know that the scruffy man down the hall isn’t going to complain if you make some for him, too.

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Just; C.H. 9

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6 Part 7Part 8

“You’re boring.” Linda breathes as she hands me a glass of coke, her other hand in front of her eyes to shield them from the blistering sun. I chuckle, dropping my book on my lap and grasping the needed drink with both hands before taking a sip. “I’m just enjoying having to do absolutely nothing.” I haven’t felt this relaxed in ages, no worries, no obligations luring around the corner. Just me, sunshine, free time and a good book. I can’t even remember the last time I had enjoyed life for a few minutes.

Linda drops onto a sun chair besides me, the ones that are strategically placed around the pool for tanning. “I haven’t seen Luke around. Are you still tutoring him?”
I pick up my book again, my eyes scanning over the black letters as I let my sunglasses fall back onto my nose. “Nah, told him to revise on his own and I’d look it over with him after the weekend.”

“Finally you took some time off. I’m sick of those frat boys constantly prancing over.” I can’t help but furrow my eyebrows as I discard my book again to turn my head and stare at the now smirking Linda.
“Frat BOYS? As in multiple?”

Linda pulls her dress over her head, revealing her hot pink bikini before she replies. “That tattooed boy, he’s in Luke’s frat, right?”
“Michael? Calum?” I know she is referring to Calum but somehow I hope Michael needed me for something and didn’t think to ask my number, seeing as how all three other boys had my number.

“The second one! Calum.  Blackish hair, dark eyes? Hell of a tan?” Linda wiggles her eyebrows and I chortle, nodding my head along to every word she says. “That’s Calum alright. When was he here?”
“When you and Luke went to get a cup of coffee when he spent so long here… Monday I think? And the week before sometime as well.”

Luke never mentioned Calum coming over here during our almost daily meetups. Maybe Luke didn’t know himself and Calum came here for something totally unrelated. Nevertheless, I am kind of aghast by him showing up unannounced. How many times had this happened? Was it more than the two times Linda failed to mention earlier?
“Did he say what he wanted?”

“Well yeah, to talk to you.” Linda states as if it’s the most obvious thing in the world, and I discard my book completely on the pavement beside me as I lay my head back, staring into the clear blue sky. Why would he possibly want to speak with me. I thought I made it clear when I stormed out of his bedroom that I wasn’t agreeing to the call you later bullshit. I considered myself more than just a cheap hook-up and even though it hurt to make such mistakes, I wasn’t dumb enough to make them twice.

“Yeah Rosalee?” I lift my head up and turn it sideways to see the blonde approach me. Her walk towards us is tentative, almost as if she’s afraid for whatever that’s about to occur.
“You have a visitor.” Rosalee awkwardly states, stopping a meter in front of me as she rubs her elbow in circles. “You know Sher and Luke by now dear, just tell ‘m to come over.” I shrug my shoulders and turn my head again, closing my eyes as I feel the sun burn on my skin, giving me a healthy glow and I breathe out, trying to relax again. I could feel my day of nothing slipping away from me and there was nothing to do about it.

“Uh – It’s Calum.” I sit up straight as soon as the words leave her lips and am just in time to see Linda give me the I-told-you-so-look before she gets up and curls her arm around Rosalee’s shoulders. I know she’s trying to do good by leaving us alone, but right now I don’t want to be. I didn’t anticipate him coming over this instant and I’m unprepared, kind of curious but also terrified by his presence.
I get up into a sitting position, turning around and seeing none other than Calum Hood standing on the grass, his body dressed in his signature black skinnies along with a ripped muscle tee.

“You’re ignoring me.” I roll my eyes, taking the towel that’s hanging off of the head rest to wrap around my bikini-clad body. I thought that ignoring someone was the most logical thing after last time’s occurrences. Apparently, I was wrong in Calum’s eyes. I stand to my feet and face the boy who is slowly creeping closer.
“How can I ignore you when I don’t hear from you?” I think back about the promise of calling me over a week ago and a scoff leaves my lips almost immediately. I should’ve known better. I shouldn’t have drunk that night and I sure as hell shouldn’t have done that. Even though if a later description would be book-worthy.

“I texted you, I came over. You just disappear off of the face of the earth, only Luke sees or hears you.” Calum states with an aggravated tone, crossing his arms over his chest as he stares me down. He almost sounded as if he were jealous of me only speaking to Luke. But Luke and I speaking had a purpose. Calum and I speaking didn’t. Although Calum has sunglasses covering his own eyes, I can feel them boring into me.

“I literally heard two minutes ago that you came over. For what reason I still don’t know. And do you want me to reply to a text merely stating hi? What do you think I am?” I clutch my towel closer to my body as I see his head slightly tilt, feeling his gaze wandering along my exposed skin.

Calum seems flabbergasted, his mouth slightly hanging open as his arms uncross and drop to hang limply amongst his side. “Why did you come here?”
“I – Well, you ignored my texts and – “
“I have no obligation towards you Calum. Have you never had a girl ignore you before? Is that what this is about?”

“You’re a fucking bitch, Y/n. For once I wanted to actually hold my word and I guess it was with the wrong person!” Calum yells, stepping closer towards me as his tall frame towers over my smaller one. “I didn’t expect you to Calum, please don’t feel liable for making me feel okay.” I’m not sure if it’s anger that I feel bubbling in the pit of my stomach, along with a hint of curiosity at his words. For once.

Calum scoffs and he takes a defensive stance once more. “I thought I did a better job than okay, Y/n.”
I can’t help but roll my eyes and raise my arm to lightly push his chest. Of course he has to make a sexual reference instead of taking this seriously when it counts.
“You know damn well that’s not what I mean, Cal.”

Why do you ignore me? Did I do something wrong?” Now it’s my turn to take a defensive stance and I cross my arms over my chest, clutching the towel in that way so nothing would be too visible, although he had seen all already.
“How about throwing me out like I’m a withering vegetable?” I almost yell out, throwing my hands in the air and I feel my towel drop to the floor. Calum’s gaze immediately transfixes onto my bosom and I raise my hand to smack him across the cheek but he stops me with his fingers curled around my wrist.

“I’m a man, what do you expect? And don’t compare yourself to a vegetable.” I try to break my arm free but he keeps a firm yet gentle grip, lowering my arm but still holding on to it. I think he realised the second he let go I would go for a second attempt of marking his face with my small fingers.
“I thought we were at least more than acquaintances, Calum. I don’t even know why. Still you throw me out as if I’m one of your cheap slags.” Calum’s grip on my arm tightens again and I see his mouth pull into something that lets the tiniest bit of anger breaking through.

“Excuse me, you tried to escape my bed while I was asleep. What do you call that?” I break my wrist free and rub the tender skin with my other hand, biting my bottom lip as I am reluctant to answer.
“Trying to get out before you kick me out like you did?”

“If you didn’t try to leave, like everyone else, I might’ve let you stay.” Calum breathes, his lips slightly parted before his tongue darts out to lick his bottom lip slowly.
“You think with that reputation of yours I wanted to stay and find out?” I reciprocate his tone, taking a deep, visible breath as my heart hammers against my chest. I have no idea where this conversation is going but I find it thrilling to feel all these emotions again.

“Well sorry I thought we were friends! I thought you were different.” Calum bursts but his voice wavers towards the end and I have no answer for him. Perhaps I had judged too soon. But I find it rather normal that in a situation like this, my normal response would be to flee.
“But if you can’t see past my reputation, I don’t need a friend like you.” Calum states, nodding his head before he turns on his heel, stalking away rapidly.

Even though Calum pulled a dick move, we had started on the wrong foot, I’d rather have him as a friend, then not at all. “Calum!” Damn my stupid crush. I could’ve ended it by letting him walk away.
He stops in his tracks, turning his head as I walk over to him.
“Let’s give it a shot. Friends?” He smiles, his pearly white teeth coming into view before they sink into his lower lip. “Friends.” This will feel sore very, very soon.


“Are you and Cal still not speaking?” Luke questions as soon as we sit down on my queen sized bed, his books scattered between us. I can’t help but scoff loudly at his question.
“If you showed as much interest in biology as you did in my love life, you would’ve passed with honours.” I chuckle as I skim through his biology book in search of the right chapter for today.

“Ah come on Y/n, don’t keep me in the dark. This is my daily soap opera.” Luke clutches my upper arm between his large hands, juggling my body, a groan leaving my lips in stutters. Luke was like the annoying little brother I never had – thank god, an older one was bad enough.
“He came over – yesterday? I think.”

“Well we’re friends and keeping it that way, I presume. And friends don’t sleep with one another. Is that a suitable answer for you?”

“Calum won’t keep his end of that bargain.” Luke laughs, pushing his books to the side before he crosses his arms over his chest, leaning back on the head rest of my bed with his legs stretched out along the length.

“What do you mean?” I push his books back towards him, granting him with a pointed look while motioning to his books. “I mean you’re hot. Calum can’t resist you.”
I start laughing so loud I drop onto the bed, my arm thrown over my eyes as I can feel tears prickle and my abdomen burning from the amount of laughter.

“Focus on DNA replication instead of my looks, Luke. Or you’ll never pass.” I turn onto my stomach, my feet in the air, head resting on my hands.
“Sometimes you got to take time to appreciate a few things.” Luke points out as he drops the thick book on his lap, winking overdramatically before fixating his gaze on his book.

“Stop flirting or I’ll tell your girlfriend on you. But thank you, you’re too sweet.” I blink a few times and I open my mouth to ask Luke something else, but I’m interrupted by my phone buzzing just within arm’s reach.

Hey friend, want to hang out?

Feel better

Summary: Katara still doesn’t feel too well, so Aang does everything he can to help her feel better and cheer her up.

Word count: 1,145

Author’s note: I remember that @thecaroliner was hungry for some new Kataang fics recently. I rewatched ATLA Book 1 episodes 10-13 yesterday early morning (still 4 episodes behind my schedule + the 2 I was supposed to watch today), so I had this idea of what would happen after the ending of “The Blue Spirit” episode (they totally kept some of the stuff Momo gathered since he later threw Katara’s tiara at one of the swampbenders during the chase; I went through some screenshots and I’m laughing because Momo brought them so many dishes and cleaning stuff, such as brooms or vases). I hope you like this short drabble!

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HEY here's something to distract you: there's a post going around, a gifset of do'b kissing (which maDE ME DIE OUT OF PURE RAGE HOW DARE HE) and helenish started something where Derek is pretty experienced with /sex/ but not /kissing/ whereas Stiles hasn't had a dick up his butt (yet) but makes out with everyone aaaand guess what you need to finish it ok i need detAILED MAKEOUT SCENES ASAP PLS COFFEE I NEED IT.

inspired by: (x), (x)


“I’m gonna make out with every single person at this damn party,” Stiles says, and that’s— that’s pretty much what happens, actually, much to his own bewilderment, because until Heather and that vaguely confusing moment with Lydia a while ago he’d been pure as the driven snow. Also because he’d been joking, more or less, three beers in and determined to make this a night to remember, preferably one lacking in the nightmare and/or werecoyote and/or mass murderer department. He hadn’t actually expected anyone to—

Never mind, though, ’cause it turns out he’s actually pretty good at this. Might even have somewhat of a gift, if he’s to believe the girl who sits behind him in math class. “You really grew into your looks, Stilinski,” someone else, might’ve been Greenberg, slurs into his ear, and even Danny straightens up to squint at Stiles incredulously before moving back in for seconds.

(Allison simply lifts an eyebrow and says, “No.”)

Stiles is about to look for Scott to inform him of this newfound talent when a hand wraps around his upper arm and tugs, dragging him all the way across the crowded room and into the hallway. When Stiles twists around he comes face to face with Derek Hale, who looks tired and unshaven and supremely pissed-off.

“What the hell,” Derek says, voice low and tight, “is going on here.”

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His little girl (Joker fanfiction)

Request: Are requests still open??💗 If they are then could u maybe do one where you are Batman younger sister but you are also secretly in love with the Joker?? 

A/N: I’m thinking about making this into a series. Comment or message me if you like the plot and want more

‘’Y/N!’’ your big brother Bruce shouted from downstairs. He had invited you to this year’s Wayne party. To be honest, you were never that interested in all of his escapades. Sure, you grew up rich, but you always made sure never to take that for granted. Both Bruce and Alfred were extremely overprotective of you. When your parents died all those years ago, you were just a baby, so you didn’t have any memories of them.

Even though Brucey was just a little boy, he had made a promise that day to make sure you never got in harm’s way. You were only Y/A, so you’d never been invited to these parties before. 

There was always a lot of alcohol and a lot of adults. Don’t get me wrong, you loved how protective Alfred and Bruce were of you because it made you feel safe and loved but sometimes you were just annoyed with their constant checking up on you.

Alfred still did things like make you breakfast and put your socks out for you, as if you were still a little girl who needed help getting dressed. 

It had been about a year since Bruce told you his big secret. At first, you ran into your room and locked the door, crying. Refusing to believe that your big brother actually was the Batman. Although when you thought about it, it all made sense.

You eventually learned to live with it and now you were proud of your big brother, saving the city and everything. A knock on your bedroom door made you turn your head. ‘’Y/N? I called you, is everything alright?’’ a worried Bruce spoke from outside your bedroom.

 You sighed and shook your head. ‘’Yes, big brother, I’m just getting dressed, relax.’’ Bruce sighed and leaned his head to the door. ‘’You know I don’t want to be clingy, but I worry about you. I don’t know what I would do if anything happened to you.’’ 

Sighing, you walked over and opened the door. ‘’I know you do. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine. I will not drink alcohol and you will find me in the retirement section with Alfred.’’ Bruce laughed and messed up my hair. ‘’Eyy!’’ you laughed at him and pushed his shoulder. 

‘’By the way, you are not wearing that.’’ He glared down at your black, opened leg, V-neck dress.

‘’Aah, my bad. I’ll go put on my jumpsuit’’ you mocked him and stuck your tongue out. Bruce stopped and shook his head. ‘’I’m serious Y/N, that is way too revealing, it’s not appropriate.’’ 

You glared at him and dramatically surrendered using your hands. ‘’Got it, officer.’’ ‘’Funny. Party starts in ten minutes, so hurry down.’’

You walked back into your pink room, contemplating on whether or not to change into something less revealing. It wasn’t actually too revealing at all, it just showed of a little leg and a little part of your chest, barely even a glimpse of your cleavage. 

However, your toe showing was apparently enough for it to be branded inappropriate.

When you were going to introduce yourself to people, Alfred and Bruce had told you to say your name was Marie. Only a handful of people knew that you were Bruce’s little sister.

 After the murder, Alfred payed off the mayor to keep your life a secret. According to the newspaper, the little baby died along with the parents and poor little Bruce was left alone.

That was the same moment Alfred had the Batman-idea. You went to school but under the name Smith.

 It was kind of hard for you to make friends because you always froze when people asked about your family or if they could come visit at your place sometime. Eventually, Alfred had you pulled out of school and tutored you from home.

Because of your lack of a social life, you didn’t have much experience with boys or kissing. You had never really kissed a boy. That being said, you didn’t really have the opportunity to either. 

Whenever you left the house, Bruce always sent someone with you, in case something happened. 

He always stayed at a distance, so you wouldn’t feel pushed into a corner, but you could always feel his presence.  

A couple of months ago, you had begged Bruce to just let people know the truth. What was so wrong about the world knowing Bruce Wayne had a little sister? That night, he had sat you down and told you about how some of the villains in Gotham knew his identity. 

A few years ago, he had gotten sloppy and two-face was able to rip his mask of his face. Of course, every citizen in Gotham knew who the infamous boy billionaire Bruce Wayne was.

His identity had been well kept by Two-face and the others, figuring there would be no fun in revealing his true identity. Bruce had a lot of enemies in Gotham and if any of them found out that he had a little baby sister, you would immediately become a target. 

Because that would mean the Batman had a weakness and a weakness can be leveraged.

Understanding his side of the story, you had accepted that it would just have to be like this. To be honest, being kidnapped by a group of notorious Gotham villains didn’t sound that much fun, so you guessed it was for the best.

You walked over to your mirror and looked at the dress, hugging your body. It went down to about your knees, revealing a bit of skin on the right leg. It was short-sleeved and black velvet. 

You felt really glamorous in it and chose a pair of small golden heels to match. Applying some pink lipstick to your full lips, you headed downstairs to Bruce’s big mansion.

 When you walked down the stairs, you could see hundreds of people in suits and dresses, champagne glasses in hand and chattering about business and grad school. Scoffing to yourself, your eyes started searching for Bruce or Alfred. When you made eye contact with your big brother, you raised your eyebrows and hurried over to him.

 He glared at you when he saw what you were wearing, but kept his mouth shut, figuring this wasn’t the time and place. ‘’This is Marie, she’s an intern at Wayne Enterprises.’’ Bruce gestured towards you and you smiled gently and shook people’s hands, introducing yourself. ‘’You look awful young for an intern, dear.’’ An elder lady spoke and looked puzzled at you. ‘’Oh-uh, thank you, I suppose. I took my college degree a few years earlier.’’ 

The lady nodded her head and took a sip of her glass. Just when you thought you were off the questioning-hook, the man next to hear caught your attention. ‘’How old did you say you were again, miss?’’ Everybody’s eyes were on you.

You noticed Bruce starting to look a little nervous. ‘’Oh, I didn’t sir. I’m 21.’’ You lied and smiled at him. ‘’Oh well then, pour the lady a glass of champagne!’’ he exclaimed and the butler came rushing towards you. 

You had to hide the smile that was forming on your face, when you saw Bruce’s eye twitching.

Taking the glass of champagne, you thanked the butler and excused yourself. Bruce followed you and leaned into your ear. ‘’ You couldn’t have said twenty, could you?’’ he said with a stern voice. ‘’Ah, come on, Brucey, One glass.’’ Bruce looked at you and sighed heavily. ‘’Fine, one tiny glass.’’ You giggled and walked away from him.

Everything was so strange. When people thought you were a grown up, they treated you completely differently. The party seemed to be going smoothly, everyone was chattering, laughing and toasting. 

That was until I noticed a strange look on Alfred’s face. He was looking at the elevator, which was going up. Alfred always had everything under control and made sure the numbers were right and he knew there were no more people invited to the Wayne party.

Trying not to draw any attention to himself, he slowly walked towards the moving elevator, placing his hand over the revolver in his holster. Looking back to Bruce, you could see that he wasn’t there anymore. Something felt very, very wrong. 

You walked over to Alfred but kept a safe distance. When the elevator dinged and the doors slid open, Alfred tilted his head and a confused expression spread across his face. ‘’Richard?’’ Then his face turned into shock as the supposed ‘’Richard’’ fell face down to floor and nine men walked into the room.

The scene that was now unraveling, started to draw some attention and people were gradually turning their heads. Alfred backed away but before he could pull out his gun, a gunshot made everyone turn their heads to the middle of the room.

 Some squealed while others backed away. Through the crowd of masked men, you could see a green haired man walk up to the middle of the room. His hand was in the air and there was still smoke coming out out the gun in his hand.

‘’Ladies aaaand gentlemen’’ he exclaimed dramatically and spread his arms. People were now turning to the person next to them, whispering ‘’oh my god, it’s him, it’s the joker.’’ The Joker walked up to one of the butlers and forcefully grabbed a glass of champagne.

 ‘’We are tonight’s entertainment! Now, I have one question for you.’’ He threw the glass at the window and inhaled sharply, looking around the room. ‘’Where is Bruce Wayne?’’ Your heart dropped. Was the Joker one of the people who knew?

When no one replied, the joker walked up to Alfred and grabbed him by the neck. ‘’Mister Pennyworth. Do we really have to do this the hard way?’’ he smiled at him and ran a knife over his cheek. Instinctively, Alfred looked towards you to see if you were all right. 

Unfortunately, this made the joker also turn his head in your direction. First, he scanned the small group of people standing in your section of the room. When his eyes locked with yours, he stopped.

‘’Oh, never mind that’’ he said, eyes still on you as he pushed Alfred away and started walking towards you with a curious look on his face. ‘’And who, might you be?’’ he questioned and tilted his head. 

You were absolutely terrified. You had never encountered danger in your short little life. Attempting to answer him, your body froze and you found yourself completely dumbfounded and unable to utter a single word.

The joker raised one eyebrow, gesturing for you to answer. From behind him, you could hear one of his henchmen, chitchat to the other; ‘’Hah, she’s just a little kid.’’ You gulped. 

The joker growled annoyed and turned around, shooting the goon right between his eyes, before he turned his attention back to you.

‘I asked you a question, beautiful.’’ Finally finding your breath, you panted heavily in fear and swallowed hard. ‘’I’m just on the guest-list.’’ Your voice was shaky and cracked-mid sentence.

 Staring at your face curiously, the joker leaned in to your shivering face and licked his lips. ‘’You’re lying’’ he growled. Panicking, you looked around to see everybody’s eyes on you. People were giving you looks of pity and shook their heads.

‘’Tell me’’ he started and grabbed your chin forcefully, forcing you to look at him. ‘’Have you every danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?’’ he grinned. You shook your head and nervously exclaimed; ‘’N-no mister joker.’’ He laughed and tapped his finger on your nose, as if you were a five-year-old little girl. ‘’That’s Mister J to you, doll.’’ 

Then he grabbed your lower back, pulled your body towards his, and out to the center of the room.

Mister J waved his hands suggestively towards the quartet who had two guns aimed at them. They looked at each other with fearful eyes and began playing. Terrified of what that freak might do if you ignored his order, you carefully placed your arms around his neck and let him lead you around the dancefloor.

You could hear the beat of your heart pound in your ear and you felt sick to your stomach. Your cheeks were burning and you had a hard time catching your breath.

 Looking around you could see everyone passing your eyes in a blur as you twisted and turned in his grip. His eyes never left your face and you felt tempted to look into his eyes. Whenever you looked up, your heart started hyperventilating and you had to look away after about three seconds.

‘’Tell me, angel. You seem a bit young to be on the guest list for a Wayne party.’’ His grip around your waist tightened and you squealed. ‘’How old are you?’’ he looked down at you with warning eyes, as if he already knew that you were going to lie. ‘’I’m 21.’’ You hiccupped.

The joker inhaled slowly and shut his eyes, as if he was trying to restrain himself from ripping your eyes out of your eye sockets. ‘’Do. Not-lie to me’’ he growled lowly and grabbed your cheek roughly, leaving a little pink mark. With tearful and fearful eyes, you gazed up at the clown maniac and swallowed. ‘’Y/A’’ you whispered so only he could hear. 

His entire face lit up and his eyes grew wide. ‘’Oh-ho-ho-ho-ha ha!’’ he laughed loudly as he turned to look at his goons, his amused and shocked expression making them grow a bit nervous. Apparently this wasn’t a part of the plan. ‘’And what is a widdle girl doing at such a big party?’’ he taunted you with a baby voice. You were panting heavily, your chest rising and falling. The joker’s eyes darted down to your chest and he gazed down at your perky little breasts, growling under his breath.

 Feeling a bit of your confidence growing back, you grabbed his hand and tore it away from your cheek, glaring at him angrily. ‘’Ooh-ho! You’ve got a little fight in you.’’ Then he looked you up and down. ‘’Mm. I like that.’’ Your eyes widened in fear as he raised his hand and grinned down at you. ‘’Then you’re gonna love me.’’ A low growl spoke as the joker flew into the punch bowl. 

You quickly turned your head and saw The Batman coming to your rescue. A wave of relief washed over you as they indulged into a fistfight in front of everybody. You could hear sighs of relief from everywhere around the room- Batman had come to save the day.

For a second, Bruce was down and the Joker was quick to make his way back to you, but before he could reach you, Brucey got in front of you. ‘’Why oh-so protective today, bats?’’ the joker laughed. He noticed a change in Batman’s eyes. Was it fear? Stomachache? Love? Love. 

The joker took a few steps back and squinted his eyes, looking at the two. It didn’t take him long to figure out the picture.

Once Bruce understood what was happening, he placed a protective hand on your shoulder and pushed you behind his back, so that you were out of the joker’s sight. A terrifyingly wide grin spread across the jokers face and he almost looked like he wanted to cry. ‘’THIS, THIS IS TOO GOOD!’’ he shouted and waved his arms around like a maniac.

‘’Back away, clown. It’s over’’ batman said in his signature dark voice. The joker’s grin turned into a smirking grin as he slowly shook his head and rubbed his hands together. ‘’This is gonna be SOO GOOD! OH, just you wait and see.’’ The joker excitedly backed off as his henchman followed behind him.

‘’What do you mean by that!?’’ Batman shouted at him and took a step forward, making you visible to the clown again. The joker’s eyes drifted to you and he grinned. ‘’Bye-bye batsy!’’

 After all the guests had left and the police had arrived and spoken to Bruce, we were all ready to call it a day. Bruce walked up to you once the police officers had gone.

 You were sitting on a couch with a blanket wrapped around you. ‘’Y/N, I don’t know what that maniacal freak has in mind, but I swear to you, I won’t let anything happen to you. These officers will be stationed in front of every door in the mansion until this thing blows off. That includes, two officers outside of your bedroom. I won’t take any chances with that clown.’’

 You simply nodded your head. ‘’Brucey, I’m tired, I need some rest.’’ Bruce looked at you and stroked the top of your head as he asked one of the police officers to escort you to your room.

You were so physically and mentally exhausted that you didn’t have the energy to remove your makeup. Slipping into your pink nightgown, you crawled under the covers and snuggled into the pillow. There was no way you were sleeping tonight. The events of what had happened kept replaying in your mind over and over.

You stayed in that state for about an hour, thinking about the Joker. The way he touched your skin and looked into your eyes. There was something hauntingly beautiful about his deranged eyes and you couldn’t get him out of your head.

A sound from outside your bedroom snapped you out of your train of thought. You could hear a man gargle on his own spit and making choking sounds. Your eyes widened and you hugged your pink pillow tighter. That’s when you heard footsteps walking up to your bedroom door. Breathing heavily, your eyes frozen and glued to the wall, you could hear the doorknob turn. 

This can’t be happening, this can’t be happening. It’s just a dream you kept repeating in your head. The door made a clicking sound and creaked as it slowly opened to reveal a shadow. You felt a rush of blood flow through your entire body in fear and excitement as you heard an oh-too well familiar growl.

Of Mafias and Men (11)

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Pairing: Jaehyun/ Y/N for this chapter 

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Y/N jolted awake in the cold cabin. She hadn’t realized that she had fallen asleep with her head resting atop Jaehyun’s firm shoulders. Looking down, she saw how his hoodie was laid on top of her like a blanket, lending her warmth.

“We’re here,” Jaehyun said, looking at her with a smirk on his lips.

“But where exactly is ‘here’?”

However, Jaehyun’s smile only held mystery.

The first thing Y/N noticed as soon as she left the plane was how warm the air was. Excitement built-up inside her as it finally sank in her that she’s in another country.

As they walked towards the conveyor belts to wait for their luggage to arrive, Jaehyun surprised her by holding her hand. He fitted his fingers in between the spaces and squeezed. It made Y/N smile. The beat of her heart quickened and she could feel the blush spreading on her cheeks which she tried to hide.

When they finally had everything they brought over, Jaehyun led the way outside of the airport. He then held out his arms in a gesture of welcome and said, “Welcome to the Philippines.”

Y/N’s jaws dropped. “What?”

She was a 4-hour flight away—1 629 miles away from home to be exact. Contacting Taeyong, even if she wanted to, was clearly impossible. But even so, the idea of being away, even if it was just for a day, thrilled her. Y/N looked forward to what sort of adventures she was going to have with Jaehyun.

He only smiled at her, the impish kind, like he had done a great prank which he successfully did.

Approaching him, Y/N hit his arm. “You really are crazy.”

The laughed from Jaehyun bubbled deep from his throat. When he was done, he said, “Only for you.”

Complete that with a wink.

Y/N’s backside couldn’t feel sorer at how long the car ride was to wherever they were heading. It felt numb, practically non-existent.

Error 404: butt not found.

“How much long?” she asked Jaehyun as she shifted in her seat, trying to get some blood circulating to her system.

“Too long,” Jaehyun replied. “We’re not arriving in at least 3 hours.”

Y/N deadpanned then made a pained expression. She didn’t think her butt could take that long of a ride anymore.

“We got to have breaks.”

Jaehyun nodded in agreement. “Hungry?”

“Yeah,” Y/N admitted shyly.

“We can stop by somewhere to buy dinner.”

“Okay. Sounds good.”

“This place’s a fast food chain and probably the most popular one here in the Philippines,” he shared.

“Anything’s fine by me.” Y/N shrugged her shoulders, not really caring as long as she got to eat. “So, where are you taking me?”

This time, Jaehyun smirked. He took his phone out to read the name of the place. “Mo-al-bo-al?”

“Huh?” Y/N grabbed his hand so she could see the word he was trying to read.


“The place’s famous for its beaches.”

“Uh huh,” Y/N said. She was a bit skeptic but sighed and said, “Alright. I trust you.”

“I rented a house by the beach,” Jaehyun added. “But tomorrow, we will be going to Kawasan Falls?” he paused, unsure of the pronunciation, then nodded, “Yeah. That sounds about right.”

“You really did plan out everything,” Y/N said as she rested her head on his shoulders. “You must have really wanted to spend just a day with me.”

The thought made Y/N sad for some unknown reason.

Jaehyun rested his head on top of hers. Then whispered, “Yeah.”
“Well, you got your wish. You got one day to change my mind,” Y/N whispered back before drifting off to sleep again.

All was peaceful until Y/N felt someone shake her shoulder.

“Y/N?” Jaehyun’s voice was pulling her out of the depths of unconsciousness. “Dinner’s here.”

Y/N sat up, still groggy from sleep. She didn’t realize she took the entire backseat. Looking up, she saw Jaehyun handing her a bag of burgers and fries through the opened window. After taking the bag from him, she got handed a large cup of soda.

Bright reds and oranges washed the inside of car and Y/N looked outside to see where they were.

Jollibee?” She said to herself as she read the name of the fast food chain. They had parked the car on the side of the road.

“I didn’t know what you wanted to eat,” Jaehyun opened the car door and settled beside Y/N again, “so I just got you a big burger.”

She opened the bag and the scrumptious aroma from the burger made her mouth water instantly. Without a moment to lose, she immediately took a bite and sighed in contentment at the delicious taste.

“Delicious?” Jaehyun asked her, happy at the expressions she was making.

Y/N could only nod her head.

“Let’s go?” Jaehyun addressed the driver.

And they were back on the road again.

“Is it that good?” Jaehyun asked, breaking the silence that had wrapped itself around them. “You’ve been quiet for a while now.”

“Yeah.” Y/N paused from eating and looked at Jaehyun. She wiped the side of her mouth which was stained with ketchup.

“Want some?” she offered.

Without hesitation, Jaehyun took a bite out of her burger and came up smiling. “Thank you.”

He looked like a kid at Christmas who just got what he wished for. Even though what happened shocked Y/N, she couldn’t help but chuckle at how cute Jaehyun was being.

“How much long till we arrive?” Y/N asked, still eating.

“We’re almost there,” Jaehyun replied. “I asked the driver while you were asleep.”

“Oh. Good. But it’s so far, though.”

“It is.” Jaehyun nodded in agreement. Then he looked back at her. “Are you comfortable?”

“Yeah.” She had just finished eating. “Thank you.”

Jaehyun pulled her closer so she could rest her head on his shoulders again. “I just thought you deserve a break, too.”

“With you?” There was the quality of teasing in her voice.

“Yeah, with me.”

Y/N looked at Jaehyun, the close proximity allowing her to study his face and seeing how he seemed to be distracted still made her ask a question bugging her ever since that afternoon.

“Jae, what’s bothering you?”

“Hm?” He looked right back at her and saw the curiosity shining in her eyes. He shook his head. “Nothing.”

Y/N sat up straighter. “That’s not nothing.”

“Y/N,” Jaehyun sighed, “we can talk about it later.”

But ‘later’ never came because as soon as Y/N and Jaehyun arrived at the beach house, they were too tired to talk about anything.

Y/N went inside the bedroom first and did her nightly rituals to freshen up. After which, she plopped on her bed, opened her flip phone, and tried to contact Taeyong.

They had just made up from their recent fight and the sudden trip could very well be the stem of another.

She sighed. It was useless. Her phone couldn’t even get signal. Let alone messages or calls.

Yup. It was definitely another war with Taeyong.

In the middle of the night, Y/N stirred from her sleep as she felt the bed shift. Creaking one eye open, she was greeted by the sight of Jaehyun’s sleeping face.

She was about to close her eyes again, not fully registering what was happening, when she realized the close proximity she now shared with Jaehyun.

Her eyes snapped open again, now alert. She kicked Jaehyun out of the bed who fell with a crash. “What are you doing, Jung Jaehyun?!”

Jaehyun came back up, rubbing his sore arm. “Ow!”

Y/N pulled the sheets closer to cover herself. “When did you come to my room?”

She probably should tone down her voice but the thought of sharing the bed with someone other than her sister shook Y/N up.

“What?” Jaehyun scrunched up his face. “What are you talking about?”

His mind was still slow from sleep and the rude awakening did not help.

“Why are you here?” Y/N was calm now.

Instead of replying, Jaehyun plopped back down on the bed then said, “It’s my room too.”


Jaehyun lifted his head from the pillows to reply, “Because there’s only one in the house.”

“How much of this have you planned, Jaehyun?”

There was no longer a reply, just a light snooze from him.

Y/N slowly went back laid back to bed, still shaken. It amazed her how many firsts she had shared with Jaehyun, this being one of them. Taeyong had not even been on the same bed as hers. The closest probably was when he held her hands that one time she got a terrible fever from her cold.

And they’ve been best friends for a long time!

It felt weird and scary.

With Jaehyun, Y/N had to admit she liked the thrill every time she’s with him but he feels dangerous. Dangerous of how easily he could make her forget of time passing because she’s too engrossed with talking with him. Dangerous of how he could easily make her heart beat fast and her cheeks blush. Dangerous of how carefree she feels when she’s with him.

It scared her.

Still, her feelings for Jaehyun were unsure and debatable.

When she could no longer take it, Y/N sat up again and positioned pillows between their bodies, creating a wall in the middle of the bed.

This was to prevent Jaehyun trying anything funny.

When Y/N was satisfied, she lied in bed again but decided to observe Jaehyun’s face up close.

He really was handsome; she had to give him that. With a tall, delicate nose and soft, red lips, Jaehyun exuded innocence when he’s sleeping. With her index finger, she traced the lines from his forehead, down his nose, and to his lips. Then stopped when Jaehyun moved slightly.

Y/N sighed. She really shouldn’t be distracted. With that last thought, she went to sleep.

However, in the wee hours of dawn, Y/N felt something heavy resting on top her stomach.

She groaned in her half-asleep state. Opening one eye, Y/N saw how Jaehyun had taken away the division of their sides and placed a muscular arm over her like a cage, trapping her in his embrace.

“Jae,” Y/N drawled, her voice still heavy with sleep. “Off.”

With a bit of effort, she managed to take his heavy arm off her.

However, after a few moments, something heavy fell on top of her again and Y/N had given up all hope. She knew it was Jaehyun’s arm again.

So instead, she succumbed into his embrace, into the warmth of his firm arms. It felt safer and peaceful.

Sighing in her sleep, she no longer resisted and that was when Jaehyun pulled her closer.

“Jaehyun, this is not what I signed up for!” Y/N had to shout her words to be heard against the loud roar of the waterfalls. She looked down and felt somewhat nauseous from the height she has to jump from.

The early rise and 1.5 kilometer hike had been worth it as her eyes feasted on the scenic beauty provided by the river connected from the waterfalls.

“Whoa.” That was all that came out of Y/N’s mouth when they finally arrived.

With clear turquoise waters set against bright green foliage, Y/N thought it was one of the most beautiful sights her eyes had set upon.

And there it was. The Kawasan Falls.

Y/N regretted underestimate its height because Jaehyun, being the thrill-seeker bastard that he is, urged her, no, forced her to jump from it.

“Come on, Y/N.” Jaehyun’s voice pulled her back to reality. “You can do it!”

Then he moved too close for comfort to fix the straps on her lifejacket.

“You’re all set for the jump,” Jaehyun whispered in her ears.

The low whisper sent a shiver down her spine although her cheeks felt warm. Jaehyun backed off, seemingly content at the effect of his actions on Y/N.

And being the crazy, spontaneous bastard that he is, he hugged Y/N and launched themselves off the cliff and into the cold waters down below.

“Jaehyun!” His name was all Y/N could scream as she hurtled down.

His boyish laugh was the last she heard before they disappeared into foam and bubbles.

“So, how is it so far?” Jaehyun asked as he and Y/N went out that night to set up a camp fire right outside their beach house.

They stayed for a few more hours at the site of the waterfalls. There was a bamboo raft available so they rented it and paddled closer to the waterfalls. Staying under rush of the waters felt like a massage.

Instead of replying, Y/N said, “Are you sure you’re allowed to light up a camp fire though?” Her eyes searched the beach for any signs of authority that might call them out.

By then, Jaehyun had already lit up the twigs and kept the strength of the flames going.

When he was satisfied, he sat on the sand, not bothering to lay down a blanket to keep the sand from getting everywhere. “Yeah, I’m sure.”

Y/N sat opposite him.

“I almost forgot!” Jaehyun bolted right up his seat and patted his pockets in search of something. A look of discovery made its way on his face when he finally found what it was.

Y/N strained to see what it was when Jaehyun produced a rose-gold smartphone, the newest one in the market. He held it out to her and Y/N just stared at it then back to Jaehyun before finally setting her gaze on the phone.


“What’s this?” Y/N asked, bringing her eyebrows together in confusion.

“For you,” Jaehyun replied as he sat back down. “I figured, you know. You might need it.”

He placed the phone in her hands and she felt how foreign it was. Y/N wasn’t used to ‘modern’ phones and she held it like a time bomb about to explode in her hands.

“What am I supposed to do with this?” Y/N still could not believe Jaehyun was just giving this to her.

Jaehyun chuckled at her lost expression.

“Ever since I saw how outdated—“Y/N somehow felt offended with his words, “your phone was, I thought of gifting you a new one.”

Y/N stared at the rose gold smart phone and reveled at the idea of how much it must have cost. “I don’t even know how—“

“Go on and try it.” Jaehyun’s expression showed how eager he was to see and discover the phone’s features.

But Y/N’s fingers did not move. “I just can’t accep—“

“Y/N,” Jaehyun said in a serious tone this time. “I won’t take no for an answer.”

She bit her lip, at a loss of what to do before finally sighing in defeat. Looking into his eyes, she asked, “Why are you so kind to me, Jae? Like how you’re always giving me cups of coffee.”

His eyes widened in surprise. “How…how did you know?”

She rolled his eyes at him. “Please. As if it wasn’t also obvious? Americano? That’s all you order in the coffee shop.”

Jaehyun smirked then said, “I’m glad Americanos remind you of me, Y/N.”
“What?” Y/N was flabbergasted. “That’s not what I meant!”

“Aw, no need to be shy about it,” Jaehyun teased.

She only rolled her eyes in reply. “Fine. Think whatever you want.”

Jaehyun only laughed.

“They were also gone when you were.”

“I’m glad you are noticing.”Jaehyun smiled at her but then it fell when he saw the expression on her face.

Y/N frowned. “You don’t have to give me anything, Jae.”

“But I would give you everything, Y/N,” Jaehyun whispered, bringing her face close to his. She could see how his eyes shone with unshed tears. “Just ask.”

He sealed it with a kiss.

Y/N closed her eyes and savored the moment where their lips touched. She noticed how soft Jaehyun’s lips were and her heart threatened to burst out of her chest. Something damp touched her cheeks and she knew tears finally escaped his eyes.

And just as quickly, he broke the kiss.

He stared into his eyes, searching for hope. It made her guilty.

“I don’t want anything.”

“Was one day not really enough to change your mind?” he asked, pressing his forehead against hers.

Y/N could not even answer him. So, she just shook her head. Tears were also forming around the corners of her eyes.

“Why can’t it be me, Y/N?”

The guilt weighed her down like she had been asked to carry the world. Y/N hated to disappoint him when they already had shared so much.

There was already an answer in her mind. But even as Y/N was about to say it like a sentence, deep inside her, doubt began to grow.

Y/N sighed. She hated to break Jaehyun’s heart. Even the thought of it sent sharp pains to her chest as well.

“I’m sorry. I like someone else.”

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-birthday surprise-

pairing: gruvia (duh)

summary: “I love you, Stripper.”

sidenote : how I imagine –>this<– au series when they all grown up


“…Happy birthday Juvia!” Lucy cheered, and suddenly my apartment lights flickered on to reveal a small cast of my friends crowded around my kitchen table, an ice cream cake decoratively placed in the center.

I, of course, was comically pushed up against the wall in a defensive position, embarrassed that I had actually thought someone had broke into my apartment. I saw the door open and immediately assumed I was under attack, I guess. Under attack b Lucy’s affection, more like.

“We love you, Juvi-bean!” Lucy cackled, squishing her cheek up next to mine and blowing some tiny bubbles in my face.

“Hurry up already, the cake is melting!” I heard Erza bark from somewhere behind Evergreen.

“Good lord, save the cake!” I cried, mostly just to humor Erza.

Levy began cutting out tiny pieces, per Lucy’s instructions, apparently we were all collectively on some diet she had recently invented, or something.

“Come on, come on, Juvia, you have to open presents now! Mine’s the best!” Lucy insisted, yanking my arm around like she had just assumed it was already dislocated and could move every-which-way.

“Calm down, I haven’t even gotten cake yet,” I insisted, hoping to put a small delay on Lucy’s excitement. Last year she had gotten me a double date with her and Natsu, which hadn’t turned out well, at all. As in, a restaurant burned down and I’m pretty sure Natsu was formally charged with aggravated assault. Not sure how it all quite happened, but it did, and I will be forever wary of Lucy’s impending presents.

”Hurryup. Hurryup. Hurryup. Hurryup.” She repeated robotically as I ate, slow as syrup. I had enough time to converse with my friends before Lucy finally did manage to drag me to the front of the room for my ceremonial birthday gifting, or whatever she calls it.

“Ladies and gentlemen – presenting Juvia Lockser on her twenty-third birthday, looking not a day over fifteen-“

Ok, wow Lucy. Way too young.

“-stunning as ever. We all came here to celebrate another day, in her god-given life,” Lucy pretended to wipe a tear dribbling down her cheek. “Happy birthday Juvia. I love you the most.”

“She’s lying!” Erza yelled, just to piss off Lucy.

“-Oh whatever Erza, you’re only here because of Dairy Queen!” lucy smarted, before looking down at me evilly. “and now, without further ado…”

Lucy’s cool hands slipped behind the back of my neck and flipped my hair over the back of my shoulders gently.

“Close your eyes~” she whispered creepily, and for a short second I thought back to the time I had tricked her into thinking Erza and I were lesbian lovers. No Lucy! I don’t swing that way, I swear-

The blindfold brought silence to my world of sight and immediately I regretted even coming home. Even sleeping on the park bench would’ve been better than whatever the hell was about to go down.

I let myself be dragged outsie my apartment, and down a flight of stairs, I think, and into another apartment, Lucy’s, I suspected.

“Have fuuuunn!” I heard Lucy prattled, spinning me into the room and slamming the door shut behind me. I scrambled to tear off my blindfold, only to find that the room I was now locked in was still pitch black.

“What the hell-“ I fumbled for a light switch and failed, making hand-slapping noises that resonated through the empty apartment.

At least, I assumed it was empty.

My eyes blinked fervently to adjust to the darkness, and soon enough I could make out shapes and blobs of furniture. That didn’t stop me from slamming my toes into a counter.

Ow, son of a-“

I felt a hand slip over my mouth and I bit it instinctively.

“Juvia, jesus what the hell is wrong with you!”

The hand pulled away. “Sorry. I thought you were Hannibal Lector.”

Gray sighed. “Oh yeah, happy birthday Juvia! We brought you an iconic cannibal! Have fun!”

“Very funny, but we’’re talking about Lucy here. Anything could happen.” I reasoned smartly. “Where’s the light switch?”

“I’m not allowed to tell you,” he admitted. “We’re here to have some fun…”

Even with the lights out, I could perfectly picture his fingers wiggling dramatically.

“Did you bring Mario Kart?” I asked hopefully.

No,” he answered, most likely scowling. “Even better.

I heard a scarping sound, like when a seven year old rips the Velcro off of their sneakers on their way indoors.

“…What the hell was that?”

I could hear Gray grinning.

“Lucy bought them for me.” He explained partly, followed by another similar sound.

“That doesn’t-“

“She paid me twenty bucks to do this.”

“Gray, what-“

Another Velcro sound.

“Gray, what the hell is happening!” I demanded, reaching blindly for something to grab, like his throat. He easily swatted me away with a patient ­tut-tut-tut.

“No touching, not yet…” He jeered. Another Velcro sound. I almost screamed.

“Gray, if you don’t tell me what’s going on, I’m gonna start screaming.” I threatened. Another Velcro sound.

“One.” I counted.


“Two,” I continued.


“Three,” I said with finality, reathing in to let out a nice scream, only to have y mouth be met by his hand once again.

“Sh-h, goodness, you’ll give the neighbors a heart attack,” he warned. “Don’t worry, I’m almost done…”

“Gray, this is creepy as fuck, tell me what’s going on or-“


“Aaaand, all done!” He announced, one of his hands winding around my waist and pressing my body up against his.

“Ah! What the fuck, Gray is that your junk?!” I screeched, pushing him away from me with impressive force.

“Heh-heh. No, that’s the sock puppet I keep in my front pocket.”

Gross, if you think this is romantic, you’re dead wrong, you crackbab-“

He put something I  my hand made out of cloth and I realized he wasn’t lying about the sock puppet. It was filled with cotton balls and I stifled the urge to laugh out loud.

“Gray…” I asked testily.


“Are you…naked?”


“How naked?”

“Fifth base.”

“What sport has five bases?”

“Love, Juvia. Love has five bases.”

Coming to an odd conclusion, I spoke again. “Gray…were you just wearing stripper pants?”

“I told you Lucy gave them to me.” He answered. “They were freakishly comfortable, but I’m kind of afraid to find out who had them before me.”

“Stop.” I advised, loosening my grip on his shoulders and relaxing into him.

“I really don’t think you want me to, birthday girl…” he rasped, and I felt something poke my collarbone gently.

“Did you just lick me?”

“Shut up! I’m trying to be sexy.” He whined.

“…But you totally just licked me!”

“You taste like lavender.”

“You’re really sweaty.”

“You love me.” He accused, lifting me off my feet so I was hovering inches off the ground, his hands firmly wrapped around my thighs and the front of my legs squishing against his inevitably bare chest.

“A little bit, yeah.”

“You love me a lot. You obsess over me. You write Mrs. Gray Fullbuster all over your journals-“

“What journals?”

“-And you dream about ravishing me, and you always want to impress me-“

Ravishing? Are we talking about me, or Jellal?”

“-say it.”

“Say what?” I inquired, pressing my finger against what I assumed was his lips. It was still dark, so I only got the confirmation I deserved when he licked my finger.

“You know.” He hinted almost shyly.

“I love you, Stripper.”

“Knew it.”

“You’re mean.”

“You’re heavy.” He tossed me up to regain a better grip on my legs. “…you do know there’s a reason why Lucy locked us in here, right?”

“Sure do,” I responded, swooping down and kissing his forehead. I was aiming for his lips, but close enough anyways.

He threw me over his shoulder like a sack of old potatoes and strolled towards the bedroom. And the only thing keeping us from it was a few run-ins with the wall, and the coffee table and the couch.


they are dork dork dorky dorks in bed and u know it.

Happy Birthday, Love (Stiles Stilinski)

Fandom: Teen Wolf

Character(s): Lydia x Stiles x Reader

Word Count: 1728

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: none

Summary: based on this Imagine.

You are Lydia’s younger sister and have a crush on Stiles but he only has eyes for Lydia.

Requested by anon

You entered the school building, already wanting to go back home and fall into your warm and cozy bed again. That feeling grew even bigger when you saw Stiles flirting with your older sister, Lydia. You’ve been having a crush on him for probably just as long as he’s had on Lydia. She had always been the prettier Martin sibling. You didn’t really mind all of the guys drooling over her, but with Stiles it was something different. Every time he was around you felt happy. You laughed about all of his jokes. You just loved his sarcasm, his voice, his looks, his dorkiness, his everything. But he didn’t notice, no less than Lydia at least. To you, it couldn’t be more obvious. But as hard as you tried, you knew he would never like you back. For him, or for the whole pack actually, you were the baby of the pack, who needed to be protected. But the thing is, you were only one year and a half younger than Lydia, but still everybody treated you like a child.

As you passed them you glanced at Stiles, he smiled at you and suddenly grabbed your arm, pulling you to them, almost making you bump into his chest.

“So… because of your birthday next week. Lydia, the pack, you, a lot of other people from school and I are going to celebrate your 17th birthday on Saturday with you. Are you excited?” He cheerfully told you. You couldn’t help but blush and looked at Lydia. She was smiling at you almost jumping of excitement. She’s been talking about the party for, you think, 3 months now. And it wasn’t even her own birthday. You can tell how much she loves organizing parties.

“My little sis is growing up so fast. I am so excited for this party. Aaaand mum isn’t going to be home.” She basically yells at you, making everybody turn their heads to look at you. You start getting nervous. You’ve never been the loudest person and also didn’t like a lot of attention.

“Um… yeah! I’m excited! But I really have to go to class now.” You rushed to your class, not really feeling good about all of this. Stiles said a lot of people are coming and if Lydia invited them, then there ARE going to be a lot of people. People you didn’t know, probably. And they are all going to be there for your birthday. As you said, you didn’t like that much attention and especially not from people you didn’t know. This was going to turn out… great.

It was Saturday afternoon and you were getting ready for your birthday party. Of course Lydia insisted on doing your makeup, your hair and decided what you were going to wear. But you had to admit, you looked hot.

9:00pm. The doorbell rang. “Can you get that?!” Lydia shouted at you from the other room. So you made your way downstairs. Your heart melted as you opened the door. “Happy Birthday!!” Stiles was standing there, cute as always. A goofy smile on his face and a huge surprise in his arms. Your eyes widened and your mouth opened slightly. “Is- Is this for me?” You asked him. “Of course it is! Or do you know anyone else whose birthday it is today?” He pushed himself through the door handing you the surprise and giving you a kiss on the cheek. By this point you were as red as a tomato, but luckily you could hide behind the present. He really did care about you, you thought.

“So… where’s Lydia?” Nevermind. “Uhhh, she’s still upstairs getting ready.” Then the doorbell rang again. Stiles opened the door while you put the present in a small room near the living room. As you left the room again, there were like 20 more people here than before. And Isaac, Scott and Allison were the only ones you knew of them. You walked to Lydia, who was already downstairs talking to Allison. “Lydia, who the fuck are all these people?” you asked her. “Oh, you know them. They go to our school.” “That doesn’t mean I know them.” “Well… you’re gonna enjoy it anyway. Maybe meet new people.” She winked at you.

“Let’s play truth or dare!” Stiles shouted over the music. Everyone was kind of drunk by now and really outgoing. Even you. “Seriously, Stiles?” Isaac said with a questioning look on his face. “I think it’s a good idea.” You shouted with a grin on my face. What the birthday kid says, counts. So a circle of about 12 people formed. All of you sitting on the ground. “So… Scott, truth or dare?” Scott was caught off guard at first, not knowing what to say. “Um… dare?” He finally answered. “I dare you to lick whipped cream of off Allison’s stomach.” Everyone laughed at the face expressions of both, Scott and Allison.

The game carried on. Stupid dares like running around naked and ringing at the neighbours’ house were accomplished. And you had fun, until a stupid boy, you didn’t even know, thought it was a good idea to dare Stiles to kiss Lydia. At first everything got quiet and Stiles’ cheeks turned a deep red. But you could see the small smile playing on his lips and the happiness in his eyes. He slowly got up making his way over to Lydia, who was sitting next to you. She got up as well. He gently brushed her hair behind her ear, looking deep in her eyes. As he leaned in closer to her you just couldn’t take it anymore. You jumped up from your spot in the circle of people and ran to your room. Was it the alcohol that made you act like that, were you jealous? Or both? Probably the latter.

It knocked on the door and a soft voice whispered your name. You immediately recognized it as Stiles’. To be honest you really didn’t want to see him right now, but you also couldn’t tell him to leave. As you didn’t answer him, he opened the door and came in with caring look on his beautiful face. “Y/N….” “Don’t. I know it was childish to just run away. But I… God I’m so stupid.” “No, you aren’t, Y/N. I totally understand how you reacted.” “So, you knew?” you asked him shyly while looking at your hands. He came closer, so he could lift up your chin to look you in the eyes. “Yeah… I noticed. And I know how hard it is to love a person, who doesn’t love you back. It almost killed me every day to see Lydia with Jackson, mostly because he’s such a jerk….” You giggled and he sent you a soft smile, making your heart melt. How did he do this to you?

His face suddenly changed and he looked like he was deep in thoughts. “Wait a second.” He rushed out the room, only to come back two minutes later with the present he got you. “You didn’t open it yet.” He told you as he put it on your bed. “Come on! Open it now.” Stiles sounded really excited which made you curious about what was inside of it. You obey and rip it open. It was a big box. As you opened it you almost couldn’t believe your eyes. You pulled out a photo album, there were different photos of you, the pack, your family, friends. The first one was a selfie of you and Stiles, you couldn’t help but smile like an idiot at it. He carefully watched you as you looked at the pictures, smiling to himself. The next item was a CD of all your favourite songs. You couldn’t believe he remembered them all. You almost screamed as you held two concert cards of your favourite band in your hand. “Who’s gonna come with me?” you asked him with excitement clearly in your voice. “That’s up to you.” He chuckled. In the box were even flowers with a card on them, which read: “I want you to stop smiling when the last rose dies.” You looked confused at first but Stiles took the roses and pulled one out. “This one is plastic. I know it’s really cliche and cheesy but I just couldn’t help it.” And that’s everything it took for you to fall into Stiles arms and hugging him so hard, you were sure he couldn’t breathe anymore. Tears were building in your eyes but you held them back not wanting to ruin the perfect Make Up, Lydia did. “Thank you so much, Stiles. This means a lot.” “Wait.” He said as he let go of you and searched for something in his pocket. “I’ve still got one more thing.”

As he pulled out a small box, which looked like there could be a ring in there, and opened it, you gasped. You just couldn’t believe your eyes. It was the necklace you probably looked at, at least 50 times while walking by the jewelry store. But you never bought it because you thought it was so expensive. “OH MY GOD STILES! This necklace alone costs like 80 dollars! How much money did you spend on me?” “Does it matter?” He chuckled again as he held the necklace in his hands ready to put it around your neck. It was kind of simple but with a beautiful, purple stone. You never understood why it was so expensive, but it still had something… magical about it. At least that’s what you thought. By now you were crying on his shoulder as he was hugging you tight, brushing through your hair. “No one ever gave me such an amazing present. I don’t know what to say. Thank you so very much, Stiles. Really, this was more than I’d expected.” “It’s no problem, really. Are you still mad at me?” You take one step back looking at him as if he was a ghost or something. “Are you kidding me? How could I ever be mad at you again after this.” He smiled at you, taking you in his arms again and placing a kiss on your forehead, whispering a soft “Happy Birthday, love.”

I’m sorry I haven’t been uploading a lot, but ya know… school. Enjoy!

KBTBB - Soryu Oh - Shadow Queen

Hey, Anon, so I tried it and I’ll hope it’ll make you happy. I really liked your request (though I hope I understood it right what you wanted). So, I hope you’ll like what I’ve written.

Aaaand: Credit for KBTBB and all characters connected to it goes to Voltage Inc. Thanks for creating these awesome games.

Enjoy reading!

“Damn. I’m so tired. I went to bed way too late.”

And I was late for work as well. If only I hadn’t been so careless back then. I could still have the nice life I was used to. But because of my carelessness I ended up as an item on a black market auction. I ended up in the possession of a mobster and to be honest I’m not sure which was the hardest about all that: pretending like I was a scared little damsel in distress (although … at some times I was actually pretty scared) or not being able to use my powers. A short time after I started working at this hotel I lost my powers. Well … not exactly lost. It’s more like … I can’t use them right now. I overdid it a little on my last job and ended up using too much of my powers, almost killing myself. I was told to get some rest and recover my powers before even thinking about a new job.

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Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: BokuAka
A/N: because @shizuos was sad about bokuto graduating and I’m a sucker for second-button confessions. also yelling at @cutiekeiji about thirsty laps makes me crave awkly cute bokuakas.

Akaashi is pretty.

Not in that conventional pretty sort of way that Bokuto supposes most guys look at girls or most girls look at guys. An Akaashi kind of pretty, he decides. It’s a little jarring. A little bewildering. Definitely a little distracting. 

Maybe more than a little.

The realization isn’t so much a surprise as it is a constant stream of thought that floods Bokuto’s brain receptors on a daily basis. He’s generally able to keep his head straight, able to keep the thought contained, pushed back that no one is the wiser. 

But today is different. Important. 

Today he’s going to do something about it. At least, that’s what he’s been trying to tell himself for the last hour as he tries to ignore the weight of a few dozen anvils in his gut. To dispel the horde of butterflies fluttering angrily and impatiently around it. 


How does he walk around like that? How are people not blinded by it? I wonder if I can get sunglasses made special ‘cause it hurts my eyes sometimes. Does the sun get jealous because I’d be jealous if I were the sun. Is his hair actually glowing?


His mouth is doing that thing. He has a nice mouth. Why does it do that thing because it’s making my stomach do the other thing and I don’t know how I’m supposed to–


“Are you even real?” Bokuto says absently, expression screwed in concentration. When it registers that Akaashi has used his given name, the butterflies multiply and he blinks, completely floored.


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Jack Gilinsky Imagine : "Summer with the Jacks" - Part 5

Part 1  ||  Part 2  ||  Part 3  ||  Part 4  || Little Story

             “(Y/N)! EMERGENCY! WAKE UP!” I hear someone shout from outside my window.

                “What the hell is going on?” I think to myself while stretching and getting out of bed.

                As I go to my window I find Johnson looking at me with a horrified look. “(Y/N)! She said yes! What am I going to do?” I laugh when I finally understand what’s going on.

                “Give me five minutes.”

                “Make it quick.” He says sitting on the pavement to wait for me.

                I go inside and quickly put a hoodie over my pajamas’ t-shirt and brush my teeth and then go down the stairs and sit next to Johnson.

                “Go on, drama queen.”

                He gives me a reproving look “She. Said. Yes. Which part do you not understand?”

                “She was supposed to say yes, Jack, that’s what you wanted! You’re just nervous.” I stroke his back while talking to him. “Speaking of nervous, have you told Jack about this?”

                “Yes I did!” He turns around slowly raising an eyebrow.


                “You’ll have to talk to him yourself!” He says with a singing and sassy tone.

                “WHAT?” I half scream. “What’s going on?”

                “Beach. 1 p.m.!” He shouts running away from me suddenly.

                “I DON’T LIKE THIS, JACK! THAT’S NOT FAIR! YOU SAID YOU’D HAVE MY BACK!” I scream to him gesturing with my hands.

                “I DO, SIS, BELIVE ME!” He speeds up after saying this.

                “Believe me” I whisper, quoting him, as he disappears.


                It was almost 1.p.m so I started my way to the beach; once I got there I took a look around not seeing Jack anywhere. I sat down and waited for about fifteen minutes but he didn’t show up, honestly I didn’t know what to think so I just started walking by the sea.

                Suddenly, out of nowhere I feel someone pulling me up from behind and immediately know its Gilinsky when he says “Hey, pretty girl.”

                “Hey.” I say placing a lock of my hair behind my ear. I really didn’t know what to say so I just looked down at my feet.

                “About the date…” He started.

                “I’m sorry I know it’s stupid, I just wanted to help Johnson with Leah.” I say, feeling my cheeks turning red.

                “What are you talking about?” He laughs. “It’s not stupid!”

                I look up at him and give him a shy smile. “So, you don’t mind going?”

                “Mind? Johnson ended up helping ME out! I wanted to go out with you, just didn’t have the courage to ask.” He smiles at me. “Now, I might as well ask you properly! Sooo, (Y\N), would you like to go out with me? Like on a double date, you know, I have this friend and he really needs help with this girl, what do you think about helping them out?”

                “It would be my pleasure.” I laugh and hold his hand when he suddenly pulls me to  a tight hug.

                I feel his chin on my head and I’m able to hear his heart beat and I just can’t help but smile like an idiot when he runs his fingers through my hair.

                “Also there’s another thing I want to talk to you about.” He says, keeping an arm around my shoulders as we start walking again.


                “It’s about your talk with Johnson.”  

                “He has such a big mouth.” I whisper hiding my face with my shirt. “What did he tell you?”

                “First of all, I’m glad he told me, I didn’t want you to have this impression of me that I’m some playboy that will use you and dump you in the spot after I get what I want. Honestly, I felt scared when I found that you thought that about me.”

                “Jack…” I start in an apologetic tone but he cuts me off.

                “Let me finish, please. If I don’t say this now I’ll probably never say it so… I admit I’ve been a bit of a playboy until now, but it’s just that I never found one girl that made me forget all the others.”

                “That’s exactly what Johnson said.”

                “Until now.” He lets out.

                I stop and take a long look at him. “Jack, you don’t know me. You just met me.”

                “That’s the thing, (y\N), usually with the other girls, I meet them, make out with them and that’s it, but with you I don’t want do that, I want to take my time, get to know you better, I want to do things right.”

                What’s so special about me? Was all I kept thinking as I listened to him. I wanted to ask him but I didn’t have the courage to do it. I’ll ask, some day. For now all I wanted to do was hug him and hear his heart beat once again, and that’s what I did. We stood like that for several minutes, just listening as the waves hit the shore.


                “Emergency!” I said to Johnson later that night as he answered my Skype call.

                “Hey Jack, how are you? How was work? Fine, (Y\N), thanks for asking.” He starts mocking me by making a girly voice and pretending he was me.

                “Oh, shut up! You woke me up this morning!”

                “True, true.” He placed his chin on his hands and smiled. “So what’s up?”

                “He wants to do things right with me.” I hid my face with a pillow.

                “Oh my god!” Jack screamed with a girly voice. “What are you going to wear?” He blinks about a hundred times as he says that.

                “Stop it! You’re so mean, but… since you asked.” I giggled and got up and then reappeared with a bright yellow hoodie and my joggers and posed for him. “What do you think?”

                “Fabulous!” He says and we both laugh. “But really are you going like formal, or what?” he asks seriously.

                “Probably a dress, nothing too formal or anything. Jack, don’t be worried.”

                “That is just not possible.” He hides his face and then reappears.

                “Look at you, so cute, all nervous for your date!”

                “You sound like a proud mother!”

                “More like a proud sister!”

This is an idea I showed to Bree-bree a long time ago, I think it’s time to write it down, well and neat. Aito and Eri are her adorable twins that most part of the Akafuri fandom adopted I think.


“Eri, Aito I swear…Go brush your teeth. Now. Both of you.”


It was truly a nightmare when your boys came to this age where they only wanted to say no in order to drive their parents crazy. Eri especially, judging by the tiny smirk he arbored, something he inherited from his father. As for Aito, he seemed more hesitant to resist to his order. But his brother’s influence was strong, way too strong on him. 

Kouki was releasing an exasperated sigh when Sei put down his papers and approached. Hovering over his sons, he adopted a calm and confident expression. 

“Okay let’s play it fair.”

Kouki frowned, already doubting his method. Sei was so determined to go against the educational tactics his father used on him that the one he employed were always suprising, a bit ridiculous and not quite effective. He totally understood he wanted to give his sons the freedom and fairness he never had in his childhood. But sometimes some good and basic authority would have been welcome. 

“We’re gonna play hide and seek. If I can’t find you, you’ll gain the right to go to bed without brushing your teeth.”

“That’s totally not fair you always find us.” Eri retorted, crossing his arms in a sulking way. Nine years and already as stubborn as his father. 

“So you’re giving up already ? How deceiving…” Sei’s fake disappointed look had the power to make Eri frown in defy. 

If it wasn’t for Aito and his more diplomatic and gentle ways, they could have glared at each other for a long time. Sei trying to make his son yield, Eri wanting to accept the challenge despise the fact that he already knew the outcome. But sweet Aito just grabbed his brother’s hand in an encouraging manner and nodded at his dad. 

“You count to one hundred and you don’t cheat !” He warned him, ready to play the game as long at it was as ‘fair’ as possible. 

“Never. Cross my heart.” Seijuro swore with a victorious smirk who made Eri wince. Yet he let Aito drag him and both disappeared behind a door, running around the house to find the perfect hiding spot. 

As soon Sei turned his smug smile toward Kouki, this one responded with an unimpressed look. Really ? That was his solution ? 

“What ?” He shrugged. “You know I’ll find them soon, no need to worry.”

“That’s what you call fair ? Be careful one day these little games of yours will backfire.” He warned, focusing back on the lunch he was preparing for tomorrow. He better make some nice bentos for his sons, so they won’t be too bitter too long about their future defeat.

“My…” Sei started and Kouki rolled his eyes. 

“Yeah, yeah, I know your will and knowledge are above mine. Even with your two terrors of sons. Blahblahblah…” 

Walking slowly around the kitchen island, Sei positionned behind him, hands on the counter, trapping Kouki between it and his husband’s body. A warm breath tickled his nape and he shivered pleasantly, smiling as he continued to prepare the meals. His lover really had an exagerated taste for the drama and the clichés.

“Are you doubting my words, love ?”

“Nope.” Kouki innocently answered. “After all they’re absolutes.”

With this little mockery, he earned a low chuckle and a kiss on the crook of his neck. Years ago he would have never dared to tease him and Sei wouldn’t have surely reacted so well. But nowadays gentle bickering was a part of their routine and Sei was actually quite pleased with his sass, he said he liked to feel challenged by his lover. Hands slided around his waist as another kiss landed on his shoulder, then his cheek, then his ear. Kouki knew where this was going and he wouldn’t mind if there wasn’t the teeth problem to solve. Firmly pushing Sei away, he pointed the door.

“You go search for your sons, find them and force them to brush their teeth. And if you succeed then I might reward you.” He added with a wink.

“Prepare yourself…” Sei whispered against his skin as he pressed one last kiss against it. Then, motivated by this tempting promise, he walked out of the room and Kouki heard him climb up the stairs. Of course he would knew the twins favorite spots were in the numerous closets on the upper floor. 

Kouki was placing the last meatballs, Eri’s favorite, in a corner of his bento box when he heard a terrible ruckus.

“What the..! Eri ! Aito ! Don’t…Wait..!..”

Taken aback and a bit alarmed, he wiped his hand on the dishcloth. Pricking up his ear, he frowned when he heard muffled noises. It sounded like someone was struggling and fighting. This time he began to feel real panic rise inside of him and he rushed upstairs, totally abandonning his current task. 

“Sei ? What is…”

He was turning and entering the corridor when he fell on a surprising scene. At the end of the hallway, the twins were dancing in victory, around their dad. Their dad who was kneeling on the floor, hopelessly trying to get ride of a ton of adhesive bandage wrapped around him. When they noticed him, his sons sheepishly smiled at Kouki, attempting to hide the roll of ducktape in their back, in vain. He knew it was their doing, who else ? But instead of the expected scold, Eri and Aito’s trick was welcomed by a nervous and monstrous laughter. 

God. Sei was tied down, at his sons mercy. They even thought about putting some on his mouth. It was too hilarious, too surrealist for Kouki to stay serious. Sure he was sorry for his husband and the glare he was sending him made him feel guilty. But didn’t he say his games would backfire one day ? It happened sooner than he expected but, oh dear, it was amazing…

“Do we still have to brush teeth ?” Aito shyly asked.

“No, he didn’t found us, it’s us who found him first. Right papa ?” Eri stared at Kouki with resolve, confident in his reasoning. 

He could barely calm down to lecture his kids, his eyes always falling back upon Akashi and his pityful situation. It was too good to be true, it looked like a scene coming straight out of a cartoon. His sons were truly evil geniuses, they will have to fear for the future…But for now he could only applaud their bravor and ingeniosity. Especially when it gave a little lesson to their daddy and his questionable methods of education. 

“Oooooh I need to take a picture of this…” He giggled, taking out his phone. “Take the pose boys.” It was too tempting and he shook in laughter as Eri put a feet on Sei’s lap, like an hunter with his trophee. Aito was more timid, glancing worriedly at his dad and not bold enough to mimick his brother. 

Akashi’s restrained protests only made Kouki’s grin broaden. It was the very picture of the biter bit. He took some nice shots before going through his contacts and selectionning some.

“Aaaand sent to Kuroko, Himuro and Takao.”

A muffle who sounded really close to his name made Kouki focus back on his poor, poor husband, still abducted by his terrible sons. Taking pity, he kneeled in front of him and carefully tried to pull the duct tape off from his mouth. 

Sei’s eyes were still fixed on him, holding all the frustration in the world and silently menacing him. But Kouki didn’t feel afraid in the least, his husband looked too ridiculous to be taken seriously. It was almost cute how he tried so hard to scare him with his sole glare. 

“Boys…” He started while concentrating on his delicate task. “I admit that it was pretty creative and impressive, the way you totally took down your dad. But it wasn’t really nice and I highly doubt he can appreciate this prowess. So go brush your teeth and then come back to apologize. Otherwise you will be grounded.”

Eri grumbled something while Aito fidgeted anxiously. Of course given the situation and the fact that they beat their dad at his own game, it surely didn’t seem fair for them. Yet it was out of question to yield to their whims.

“No dessert for one month.”

His menace was immediatly followed by hurried footsteps toward the bathroom and he smiled proudly as Sei’s eyes widened, incredulous. 

“Stop looking at me like this, I warned you they would make you pay one day.” He smirked, answering to his husband glare with an apologizing kiss on the nose. “Now my beautiful damsel in distress, stop moving.” 

His mouth eventually free from any adhesive, Sei coughed a little, his eyes still hard and vexed though. He managed to loosen up the duct tape wrapped around him and Kouki helped to snatch it off his clothes. 

“Next time they should use real ropes.” 

“Kouki…” His husband growled dangerously, apparently really embarassed by his state and how easily he got captured. It was still hard to believe in truth. His powerful and mighty husband who had to deal all day with sly and dangerous opponents had been taken down by his own children. And in a terribly hilarious way on top of that. 

“What ? This adhesive thing is awful to take off and it stick to everything. Oh don’t look at me this way, it was only fair game, after all it’s not like you actually gave them a good chance to win hide and seek. Now stop scolding like this you look like Midorima.”

It only made him accentuate his undignified frown. It was actually cute, really cute. So cute that Kouki felt a sorry fondness toward his husband and the need to calm him down with little pecks peppered everywhere across his sulking face.

“Stop it I said. Or I rewrap you in this. Actually I kind of like you all tied down…” He added in a teasing whisper who made Sei’s sour expression soften up.

“Hmmmm, try to make me forgive you.” He rolled his eyes but a little smile betrayed him.

“I’m not the one who did this to you.” 

Sei granted him his forgiveness with a tender kiss on the lips.

“Right, I have some things to tell to my sons…” His tone was threatening but Kouki wasn’t worried as he saw him get ride of the last band before walking to the bathroom.

Sei was never cruel even when he had to ground his sons after they perpetrated the worst stupidities. But tonight his pride had been deeply wounded so he might be a little harder than usual. Yet it wasn’t bad, maybe he needed to show his sons some more real and fair authority if he wanted to avoid such tricks in the future…Though Kouki wouldn’t mind if he found his lover abducted and ridiculized once again, it was truly a sight for sore eyes and a really effective way to cheer him up. From afar he heard Sei’s scolding his sons while trying to sound collected. It only made him giggle more, Eri and Aito will need more than this to ever fear their dad again after that. 

His phone buzzed and he read the feedback he got from his friends about the glorious picture he sent them some minutes ago.

“Tell Akashi-kun it’s only karma’s doing for all his bad deeds in middle school. Also thank you, you just broke Taiga-kun. And now he look suspiciously at our own kid.”

“I bet it gave you tons of naughty ideas for tonight. By the way Shin-chan said he lost every last remain of respect he could still have been holding for Sei-chan.” 

“I think I won’t look at Akashi-san or duct-tape without laughing for a long time now. Even Atsushi lost all interest for his cake and is still staring at the picture every five minutes. I think seeing his ex-captain in this position is like he just learnt Santa Claus wasn’t real.”

“Koucchi ! Why did I only received this by Kazucchi and not directly by you ? Did you forget me ? So mean ! You need to share this kind of things with me otherwise how can I get blackmail material ?!”

With a tiny smirk to his husband who was coming back from the bathroom with a satisfied expression, he thought this one wouldn’t last long. He could only imagine how laborious and embarassing their next friendly gathering would be for him…

writingwithiron was the anyone that wanted the follow up to this. As much as I love the idea of platonic gajevy, I love them starting out as platonic and then, falling in love even more.

Still not completely satisfied with it, but maybe part 3 will be enough to redeem it.

Natsu stepped onto the end of the buggy and ignored the harsh glare from his cousin. “Well, are ya ever gonna tell her?”

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