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okay so uh
i’ve seen a buncha people make human/gijinka versions of non human characters recently and suddenly i decided “o yea y’know what imma do it too”
aaaand i ended up making gijinkas/human versions of the Bone cousins.
and now it’s kinda turned into an AU of mine. whoops.
but here’s some art i did of them!
also yes the last image is from a draw the squad meme heeehh

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How do you make the corners of your bias tape so clean? Im drooling over how good they look!

Thank you!! I’m pretty proud of them because this time last year I had only recently learned to use bias tape properly at all, and I only learned the mitered corners some months ago, aaaand I’m amazed at how easy it is now that I know how to do it.

To learn it, I deferred to quilters! Quilters are the goddesses of these things. I find in the cosplay community there’s a tendency to look for “cosplay tutorials” when really, quilters, crafters and home sewers’ blogs are great resources.

I also find it is useless to pin bias tape ahead of time. It is much easier to get clean results by just sewing as you go.

- Jenn

In Your Arms - Neville Longbottom Imagine

A/N: aaaand more requests! :D you guys are awesome :D now, as I’ve said before I’m a bit new to writing about this themes and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone… so, I tried my best and I really hope I did a good job!

Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a Neville Longbottom imagine where the reader is having a really bad panic attack and he’s awkwardly doing his best to calm her down and stop her from actually hurting herself and it’s sorta fluffy, sorry if you find it uncomfortable to write, you don’t have to it was just a suggestion i’m sorry. 

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

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In Your Arms

Do it!”

(Y/N) shut her eyes flinching at the sound of Amycus Carrow’s voice. “I c-can’t” she said shaking looking at Neville.

The teacher walked over to the scared girl. Professor Carrow had them practice the Cruciatus Curse on students who’ve earned detention. And Neville had ‘earned’ a detention for standing up for (Y/N) for being a muggle-born. He leaned over towards the frightened girl and whispered evilly in her ear.

“Do it. Or I’ll do it for you. And then, I’ll do it to you” he threatened.

“(Y/N), please do it” Neville said getting scared. “I can take it, I promise” he said trying to smile at the girl but (Y/N) didn’t move.

“N-no” she said never taking her eyes off Neville’s.

“No?” Professor Carrow simply asked. (Y/N) closed her eyes shaking horribly but still found the strength in her to shake her head no before Professor Carrow slapped her across the face.

“(Y/N)!” Neville yelled from his spot.

“You filthy mudblood!” Professor Carrow said disgusted. “You think you can talk back to me?” he said at the trembling girl. “Alright” he said shrugging his shoulders. “Have it your way, then” he said pointing his wand at Neville. “Crucio!”

“NO!” (Y/N) screamed watching Neville collapsed on the floor yelling in pain. She was about to run towards him but Professor Carrow pointed his wand at her.

“I didn’t say you could move!” he said smirking before he pointed his wand at Neville once more.

“Please, stop” she said with her eyes welling up. “Punish me, instead” she begged. 

“N-no” she heard Neville complain.

“That’s not really up to you, is it?” Professor Carrow said pointing at Neville once more. “Crucio!”

“NO! Please, stop!” (Y/N) begged with tears running down her cheeks. “Please!”

“Oh, you’d like me to stop?” Professor Carrow snapped walking towards the girl.

“N-no, (Y/N) p-please!” she heard Neville mumble from his spot on the floor.

“Fine, I’ll stop” he said now pointing his wand at her.



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Hey Xedra, how are you? I wanted to ask how your time studying was to become a teacher and what kind of subjects did you teached aaaand (last, promise) where/what are you working right now? ^^

Hello there! I’m good, thank you for asking :) I’m sorry I took so long to respond to your ask!

Teaching wasn’t actually something I was aiming to do right away - I went to school for Animation and Interactive Media with goals of working in the game industry. I had always thought that once I got into the industry and worked for several years I’d go and get a teaching degree and share what I learned.

It just so happened that things happened the exact opposite of that XD My old high school was looking for a digital art teacher and they reached out to me and eventually offered me the job. I taught digital art and game design. So everything from using Adobe Creative Suite programs (Photoshop to After Effects to Dreamweaver and everything in between) to writing game pitches to developing cohesive art assets for the student’s video games. I taught for two years.

But, I couldn’t get the dream out of my head of working directly in the game industry, so I left my teaching job (which I very much miss) and started to work my way up/into game development.

Now I currently work as a QA Tester at Zenimax Media :)

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I wanted to know what your headcanons are if you got any and the aging up thing is understandable


AS USUAL your hard-working kaibacorp intern has like, put way more thought into this than necessary, but here’s my like, ~ sexy rivalshipping thoughts

so the first thing is that i have very strong doubts about the amount of affectionate physical touch seto has received over the years… like, aside from mokuba, who does seto physically engage with in a way that deliberately and intentionally communicates affection ? and on top of that, he and mokuba hug like…. five or six times in the series? basically i dont think seto is used to, much less comfortable with, affectionate physicality; so to go from Zero to Sexual Intimacy of any kind is A LOT. THAT IS SO MUCH. THAT’S A BIG DEAL

keeping that in mind, over here we have yuugi, who has readily and voluntarily yielded control over his body to the spirit sharing his headspace. lol ! he’s cool with it. he’s got no hang-ups about physicality or touch. i like to think he and anzu definitely hooked up a few times before she kicked it to new york and it was good and fun and sweet and both of them fell asleep tired and happy. aw. i love peach. anyway

this means that when he and seto get together, yuugi’s the experienced one and seto has zero experience at all. and yuugi’s like “yeah! kissing! sex! i’m into it! we can do those together if you want” and seto’s like “WHAT is your hand doing next to my hand get it away immediately”

but he trusts yuugi and he LIKES yuugi, and we would not have a ship if we did not operate under the assumption that these important things are already in place, so things MOVE FORWARD. (i say these things about seto being averse to touch, but i don’t necessarily headcanon him as asexual. if you do, that’s cool! such is the beauty of fandom and diversified interpretations.)

SO, i think yuugi takes more initiative and seto says ‘no/slow down/not that’ more often (after some gentle but firm coaching from yuugi bc honest communication is important and healthy, seto, you can’t just shove me away when you’re uncomfortable!!) but he reeeally needs to take this part of the relationship very slowly. 

they start off with stuff like [this] and [this] and [this] (all of it sfw) like the presence of another human body is sometimes just so relaxing, and if you trust them and like them, it’s….. so nice, and stuff like your partner stroking your hair or just cuddling and having their arm around you is so great. it’s my personal favorite. anyway !

in short it’s mostly over-the-pants hanky panky and yuugi giving seto hickies for a long time. a whole lot of [THIS STUFF] and [THIS TOO]. the endgame isn’t sex, that should never be your endgame in a relationship, but there is a gradual escalation in intimacy as seto gets more and more comfortable with the idea that someone can be physically affectionate with him and it can be fun and pleasant and feel Nice.  

anyway the rest of it is that yuugi spends a whole of time slinking all over seto like a fucking cat [like THIS] and please stop making seto wear turtlenecks, it’s july??? leave that man’s neck aLONE. GO KISS SOMEWHERE ELSE aaaand at one point seto just reaches a level of physical + emotional comfort w/ yuugi (do we hear the word ‘love’ tangled up in his quiet sigh? dare we give the thing its proper name? at last, we do) where he’s like, physical touch, got it. sex, want it. boyfriend! get over here. i have something for you. surprise. it’s a smooch. wait, there’s [more]. for his part, yuugi is absolutely delighted by this turn of events. 

i went through my entire rivalshipping tag to find all this fanart and they’re so CUUUUUTEEEE fuck LOOK AT THIS [ONE]

that’s all for now

Hey i’m back, yeah, i’m annoying, i know…anyways….Remember that solangelo idea of both of them going to college and sharing an appartment? Well, that made me think that given the sleep habits of College students, doctors aaand tired demigods combined together, these two dorks would totally fall asleep in the most riddiculous positions aaaand even read in them.

Just imagine them, Nico reviewing some cases for his upcoming lawyer exams, meanwhile Solace reads about anatomy….i mean, just imagine these dorks in that situation. 

PS: the things on nico’s belly are scars..

PS2: i’m guessing Nico is well fed by now and has no more dark circles because Will makes sure he gets proper sleep and vitamins.

PS3: The sweater Nico is wearing was a gift from Mrs. Solace last christmas.

I was watching AUJ last night and I just— Prince Thorin I cannot

But then…let’s fast forward a bit and oh yeeeeees blacksmith Thorin

Aaaand don’t get me started on Bag End Thorin

Battle of Azalnubizar Thorin

Potato sack Thorin

And then ok I might have fallen asleep it was pretty late don’t judge me, but we know that this

and this too were coming ( couldn’t resist the Bagginshield sorry not sorry)

So to make things clear this 

And all of the above are pure dwarven perfection all in one grumpy, sulky hobbit-loving, king in exile package that you should all adore and cherish because thorin oakenshield is just too precious for this world.


I used to roleplay as Majora a lot and could really only ever commission my design for him aaaand I recently got back into it just in time for the MM3D release. I haven’t drawn Maj in like a year and I’ve gotten much better at drawing since I last drew him (considering I can draw more than just eyes now) SO here’s a MM3D tribute pic/self-indulgent rp pic of my beautiful, pissy god brat.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Aaaand these are the things that I found the hardest:

1) Faces. In a 2 minute pose I just scribble in a face and it never reads well or fits the proportion of the bodies. I struggle with capturing faces quickly and easily, which my tutor picked up on. He told me to focus on just drawing the model’s face for a few poses to practice developing a short hand for faces. I still have a very long way to go but I know the direction I need to move in now.

2) The last hour was filled with dual poses; the model would make one fighting pose and then move into another so when drawn on the same sheet they looked like they were fighting each other. I reeeaally struggled with these exercised. My style is currently very messy and overlapping two bodies causes a lot of confusion on the page. I also get distracted from drawing nicely proportioned, accurate figures when I’m thinking about another figure too. I wish we could have spent more than 2 minutes on each figure D:

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“For me, like, it could be a lot worse and I would still be like insanely happy with her.” let me emphasize that "i would still be like INSANELY HAPPY WITH HER" i think i died a million deaths!!!!!!! like fuckkkkkk..... this is definitely stronger than we think it was, i mean yes we thought it was different and it will last longer and shit but what he said right there is just on different level and all this came directly from him it was not from a source or some shit.. and fuck i'm crying now.

He emphasized on the word insanely. Not just good, not just happy, but INSANELY HAPPY.

He’s basically saying that no matter how chaotic things get media-wise he would still be okay with it because she makes him happy and he’s willing to put up with anything to be with her. Because she’s worth it. Aaaand fuck I need a tissue because the Tayvin tears are real.