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How do you make the corners of your bias tape so clean? Im drooling over how good they look!

Thank you!! I’m pretty proud of them because this time last year I had only recently learned to use bias tape properly at all, and I only learned the mitered corners some months ago, aaaand I’m amazed at how easy it is now that I know how to do it.

To learn it, I deferred to quilters! Quilters are the goddesses of these things. I find in the cosplay community there’s a tendency to look for “cosplay tutorials” when really, quilters, crafters and home sewers’ blogs are great resources.

I also find it is useless to pin bias tape ahead of time. It is much easier to get clean results by just sewing as you go.

- Jenn

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something to do that’s easy first thing in the morning. I think we’re supposed to tag twenty people? Thank you @court-of-wildfire for the tag, I feel like we need to have a horror marathon together some day. 

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In Your Arms - Neville Longbottom Imagine

A/N: aaaand more requests! :D you guys are awesome :D now, as I’ve said before I’m a bit new to writing about this themes and the last thing I want to do is offend anyone… so, I tried my best and I really hope I did a good job!

Anonymous said: Hi, I was wondering if I could request a Neville Longbottom imagine where the reader is having a really bad panic attack and he’s awkwardly doing his best to calm her down and stop her from actually hurting herself and it’s sorta fluffy, sorry if you find it uncomfortable to write, you don’t have to it was just a suggestion i’m sorry. 

Warnings: Mentions of self-harm.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Harry Potter

Your name: submit What is this?

In Your Arms

Do it!”

(Y/N) shut her eyes flinching at the sound of Amycus Carrow’s voice. “I c-can’t” she said shaking looking at Neville.

The teacher walked over to the scared girl. Professor Carrow had them practice the Cruciatus Curse on students who’ve earned detention. And Neville had ‘earned’ a detention for standing up for (Y/N) for being a muggle-born. He leaned over towards the frightened girl and whispered evilly in her ear.

“Do it. Or I’ll do it for you. And then, I’ll do it to you” he threatened.

“(Y/N), please do it” Neville said getting scared. “I can take it, I promise” he said trying to smile at the girl but (Y/N) didn’t move.

“N-no” she said never taking her eyes off Neville’s.

“No?” Professor Carrow simply asked. (Y/N) closed her eyes shaking horribly but still found the strength in her to shake her head no before Professor Carrow slapped her across the face.

“(Y/N)!” Neville yelled from his spot.

“You filthy mudblood!” Professor Carrow said disgusted. “You think you can talk back to me?” he said at the trembling girl. “Alright” he said shrugging his shoulders. “Have it your way, then” he said pointing his wand at Neville. “Crucio!”

“NO!” (Y/N) screamed watching Neville collapsed on the floor yelling in pain. She was about to run towards him but Professor Carrow pointed his wand at her.

“I didn’t say you could move!” he said smirking before he pointed his wand at Neville once more.

“Please, stop” she said with her eyes welling up. “Punish me, instead” she begged. 

“N-no” she heard Neville complain.

“That’s not really up to you, is it?” Professor Carrow said pointing at Neville once more. “Crucio!”

“NO! Please, stop!” (Y/N) begged with tears running down her cheeks. “Please!”

“Oh, you’d like me to stop?” Professor Carrow snapped walking towards the girl.

“N-no, (Y/N) p-please!” she heard Neville mumble from his spot on the floor.

“Fine, I’ll stop” he said now pointing his wand at her.



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So I was tagged in a thing

Relationship status: too busy with music to care about anyone romantically 

Favourite colour: PURPLEEEEEE

Lipstick vs chapstick: probably chapstick because winter is brUTAL

Last song I listened to: this one:

Last movie I watched: uhm…..probably Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs

Top 3 TV shows: oh god uhm Gravity Falls, Rick and Morty, and the original Pokemon anime

Top 3 Characters: Maxwell/William from Don’t Starve, Stanford from Gravity Falls, aaaand Caroline/GLaDOS from Portal

Top 3 ships: oof….Caveline, Maxwil, aaaaand Space Core x Space itself

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tagged by @misterfuckingcompassion, sorry for the late! Aaaand thank you for the tag, always a pleasure

nicknames: just Emi, or Hola (which is a silly nickname came out at school)
time right now: 21:16
last thing i googled: news about Nothing But Thieves new single
fave music artists: Jeff Buckley, Lauryn Hill, Brunori Sas, The Black Keys, Woodkid, Nina Simone… I love too many artists, choosing is so hard.
Song stuck in my head: LOYALTY. by Kendrick Lamar and Rihanna
Last movie i watched: I know it, I’m weak, but… Reservoir Dogs. And every time I love it a little more.
Last tv show I watched: Better Call Saul (and this episode was just AMAZING.)
What I’m wearing right now: black jeans and a black sweater
When I created this blog: March 2013, but I started to use it properly just in… like… 2015
The kind of stuff I post: film stills, art, books and poetry stuff, posts about my otps and favorite people, some music… I’m embarassing, sorry
Do I have other blogs? Nope
Do I get asks regularly? Naaah
Why did I choose my url: I was in a very optimist period of my life and I thought it could be good to be more of a positive person (I still think it can be really useful sometimes, but now I’m more of a realist). But I continue liking that url, I don’t want to change it.
Gender: female
Hogwarts house: Hufflepluff 
Pokemon team: I… never really liked Pokémon. Sorry
Fave colors: shades of green and blue, turquoise
Average hours of sleep: from 6 to 8. I love sleeping.
Lucky number: I don’t know, but I really like 3
Fav characters: at the moment Jack Rackham (Black Sails), David Haller (Legion FX), every single character in Fargo s3. also, Walter White, Vic Vega, Hans Landa, Aldo Raine, Ennis del Mar, Piers (from The Toll Bridge, by Aidan Chambers), GUSTAVO FRING, every characters of Peaky Blinders and Black Sails… I really could go on forever.
dream job: something involving movies, or writing, or science

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a word from the mod whatsoever

//TBH I wasn’t going to make “Klance” very obvious here because I might end making Keith and Lance very OOC but it already happened so lmao😂😂

But It was fun drawing them tbh👌 Let’s calm down with the klance thing now xD

aaaand if you noticed got too lazy to tag shit in every post now since I answer the inbox too fast and I get lazy to edit the post etc.

I also lost some followers like 3 maybe it’s because of the klance but whatever this is my blog I post whatever the fuck I want

SOME EXPECTATIONS!!!!; I didn’t expect this blog to have… 460+ followers now…Last time I checked it was only like, 221???? I made a post about it yeah lmao

Thanks again you guys!!! I’ll try to keep this blog alive and active ;w;)

>I thought this blog would be dead because I went to the FFXV fandom and shit but no

anonymous asked:

Hey, thanks for being you! I'm currently (as in the last few years tbh) questioning my own gender and shit, so it's nice to see cool agender/non-binary/genderqueer people. I'm wondering, if it's not too personal, what you were most and least excited about when taking T? My biggest doubt is my voice dropping, and I'd like to hear more perspectives on taking T and such. Thanks!

Hi! And don’t worry, I don’t mind receiving this kind of questions!

I was specially excited about growing facial hair and about my small waist disappearing because it has always made me feel dysphoric (It hasn’t started changing until recently because fat redistribution is reaaally slow and one of the last things you notice tho) Aaaand, I was kinda worried about my sex drive increasing?? because honestly, it was already pretty high before T, but now it’s nowhere to be found lol (but my case is not common so). And I was excited about the voice dropping but now I kinda miss my old voice because now I can’t sing for shit lmao.

Piece of advice: Look up all the changes that you might experience with T and think about which ones would make you feel better about yourself and which ones wouldn’t. It will make your decision easier because yeah, there will be some changes that you won’t be really excited about, but maybe other changes make it worth it. Maybe they don’t.

I had doubts before starting T too, that’s normal. Not everyone is 100% sure when they start hrt, trust me. But only you know how you feel and what’s better for you. Take your time, think about it and don’t feel pressured to do anything you don’t like in order to feel valid. You’re valid no matter what you decide to do.

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Nickname(s): Tiff, Satiffany, Babs, Blossom

Zodiac Sign: Virgo

Height: 5′7″

Last thing you Googled: Visage gameplay

Favorite musical artists: (I love… everything) Highly Suspect, One OK Rock, Beartooth, Breaking Benjamin, so many video game OST’s, aaaand, that’s all that comes to mind right now!

Last movie you watched: I believe the last movie I watched was either Pan’s Labyrinth or the Hobbit trilogy.

What are you wearing right now?: Basketball shorts and a sweater, aka my lazy comfy clothes.

Why did you choose your URL?: Cause I love sylleblossoms, haha! 

Do you have any other blogs?: That’s too much work, lol.

What did your last relationship teach you?: It taught me to really get to know a person before you hop into a relationship. That you’ll figure out what you want over time, and don’t let the other person force you to do anything you don’t want to do. Feelings can fade, and you’ll just have to pick yourself up afterwards and carry on.

Religious or spiritual?: I don’t have much to do with religion, and I’d say I’m more spiritual.

Favorite color?: All shades of purple, blue, typically any cool colors.

Average hours of sleep?: Around 8, unless I set an alarm for earlier. My sleep schedule has been really wonky as of late.

Lucky number: 7, or 9. :)

Favorite characters?: …. So many. Right now, Noctis Lucis Caelum and Nyx Ulric from FFXV, Jumin Han, 707, and Zen from Mystic Messenger. (Stops myself before I make this post the length of an epic novel.)

How many blankets do you sleep with?: …8…

Dream job: Something where I don’t have to deal with a lot of people, otherwise I’ll most likely end up a nervous wreck, lol. I could see myself writing, or cooking. One-on-one interactions with others is something I’m pretty good at, so I’d be comfortable in a position talking to someone about their problems and helping them out! ^^

I’m not putting tags here, but consider yourself tagged if you’ve read it! ;) Everyone feel free to tell me more about yourself~

Rules: tag 9 people you want to know better

Relationship Status: Solo as hell

Favorite Color: Yellow (like roses, or candlelight)

Lipstick or Chapstick: lol nope

Last song I listened to: Major Lazer; Be together

Last movie I watched:  Moonlight in Vermont on the hallmark channel. (love you gram)

Top 3 fictional characters: Artemis Fowl, Katsa, and Pike Trickfoot.

Top 3 ships: i actually don’t have any. Surprising.

Books I’m reading: Too many to list, but if i had to put one i’d list Fire by Kristin Cashore.

And now i guess we’ll tag @cygniphantom @soaringsparrows @mikeyflippinway @roto-scoped @esselley @sabbywrites … man, this is harder than i thought… uhhh @brokuro @brelakor aaaand uhh @tangarang ! if you guys are up for this kinda thing have at it!

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Psst, Pho, M!A: You're a girl now, lasts until your mun wants

*Aaaand here’s where the purple-eyed Phoenix goes away! By that, I mean his eyes turn back to the deep blue they originally were, and his SOUL is back to being Integrity!


*Did I “he”?

*I meant…

“OH COME THE FUCK ON.” Says a somewhat high-pitched female voice.

*…welp. “Pho” is now “Phi”. You wanted a girl, you got one! Lasts… eh, who knows. Probably a week or more, so the mun can have time to actually do things with this thanks to his internship launching off.

“From one damn issue to the next… Now I gotta go fucking buy new clothes since I doubt any I have in the closet fit me anymore!” Angry thoughts yelled out loud.

*Phi here is actually right in that. She’s half a foot shorter than Pho, not to mention her waist actually grew, slightly, due to the shrunken height. Any pants here in the cabin will definitely not fit comfortably.

*Picture down below! Expect icons as well of Phi!

((Last post for the night. I gotta get up early tomorrow mornin’. This’ll last as long as I feel it’s still got a welcome here. So by all means, bring on the questions!))

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I was watching AUJ last night and I just— Prince Thorin I cannot

But then…let’s fast forward a bit and oh yeeeeees blacksmith Thorin

Aaaand don’t get me started on Bag End Thorin

Battle of Azalnubizar Thorin

Potato sack Thorin

And then ok I might have fallen asleep it was pretty late don’t judge me, but we know that this

and this too were coming ( couldn’t resist the Bagginshield sorry not sorry)

So to make things clear this 

And all of the above are pure dwarven perfection all in one grumpy, sulky hobbit-loving, king in exile package that you should all adore and cherish because thorin oakenshield is just too precious for this world.


Hey i’m back, yeah, i’m annoying, i know…anyways….Remember that solangelo idea of both of them going to college and sharing an appartment? Well, that made me think that given the sleep habits of College students, doctors aaand tired demigods combined together, these two dorks would totally fall asleep in the most riddiculous positions aaaand even read in them.

Just imagine them, Nico reviewing some cases for his upcoming lawyer exams, meanwhile Solace reads about anatomy….i mean, just imagine these dorks in that situation. 

PS: the things on nico’s belly are scars..

PS2: i’m guessing Nico is well fed by now and has no more dark circles because Will makes sure he gets proper sleep and vitamins.

PS3: The sweater Nico is wearing was a gift from Mrs. Solace last christmas.

anonymous asked:

For some reason I pictured jasper (in an AU where she gets Steven reformed and is now a Good) and she just gruffly ruffles Farris's hair as a sign of approval and affection.

if jaspertale is a thing they might have met even sooner ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

I used to roleplay as Majora a lot and could really only ever commission my design for him aaaand I recently got back into it just in time for the MM3D release. I haven’t drawn Maj in like a year and I’ve gotten much better at drawing since I last drew him (considering I can draw more than just eyes now) SO here’s a MM3D tribute pic/self-indulgent rp pic of my beautiful, pissy god brat.

ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ


Aaaand these are the things that I found the hardest:

1) Faces. In a 2 minute pose I just scribble in a face and it never reads well or fits the proportion of the bodies. I struggle with capturing faces quickly and easily, which my tutor picked up on. He told me to focus on just drawing the model’s face for a few poses to practice developing a short hand for faces. I still have a very long way to go but I know the direction I need to move in now.

2) The last hour was filled with dual poses; the model would make one fighting pose and then move into another so when drawn on the same sheet they looked like they were fighting each other. I reeeaally struggled with these exercised. My style is currently very messy and overlapping two bodies causes a lot of confusion on the page. I also get distracted from drawing nicely proportioned, accurate figures when I’m thinking about another figure too. I wish we could have spent more than 2 minutes on each figure D:

anonymous asked:

“For me, like, it could be a lot worse and I would still be like insanely happy with her.” let me emphasize that "i would still be like INSANELY HAPPY WITH HER" i think i died a million deaths!!!!!!! like fuckkkkkk..... this is definitely stronger than we think it was, i mean yes we thought it was different and it will last longer and shit but what he said right there is just on different level and all this came directly from him it was not from a source or some shit.. and fuck i'm crying now.

He emphasized on the word insanely. Not just good, not just happy, but INSANELY HAPPY.

He’s basically saying that no matter how chaotic things get media-wise he would still be okay with it because she makes him happy and he’s willing to put up with anything to be with her. Because she’s worth it. Aaaand fuck I need a tissue because the Tayvin tears are real.