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Mun here! Happy Easter to those who celebrate it!

So, uh…this blog has been dead. Very dead. Aaaand, uh, I don’t know if I’m going to come back to it, at least as the kind of blog it is now, because my motivation totally died on me. I want to keep it, though, but I have no idea what to do with it and its amazingly huge amount of followers, which I am still gaining. Like, thanks so much??

I guess I could turn this into a BATIM sideblog to clear away some of the traffic on my main? But I’m not sure yet. Does anyone have suggestions for how to revive it?

Thanks a lot, and many apologies to those who have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for new content. Feel free to unfollow if you’re no longer interested, I’m not going to fret about it.

Have a nice day!

My Friend Playing Dragon Age: Inquisition Starters

  • “I’m getting fucked in the ass by spider’s jizz.”
  • “I don’t want your jizz!”
  • “Fucking screech all you want, cuntface.”
  • “When does death come. I was promised death.”
  • “FUCK YOU.”
  • “Take a potion you ginger shit.”
  • “There’s tits on my dick and I am enraged.”
  • “He’s planking on the stairs but he’s doing it wrong.”
  • “All I can do is try.”
  • “Where is this cunt-for-brains?”
  • “Bro—boy—I can’t even.”
  • “It’s not a beautiful call it’s me losing my fucking mind.”
  • “Where is death. I was promised death.”
  • “Hello? Is this death? Are you coming for me yet?”
  • “I got jazzed on.”
  • “I will fuck you in the ass with my pointy staff you fucks.”
  • “Die and burn and I would say in hell but we’re already in a green glowy version of it.”
  • “Hey fuckface with the horns—and you’re dead.”
  • “The raw fade more like my raw asshole because this guy has been fucking me for three hours.”
  • “I can die happy if I never see another spider. Like, for reals.”
  • “Fuckstache McHandlebars.”
  • “Handlebars McFuckFace.”
  • “What hurt you as a child? Oh, the thing fucking Cole in the face? Alright.”
  • “Spiders can eat my asshole.”
  • “You’re not allowed to exist.”
  • “Thanks for going after the broken AI.”
  • “Fuckstache McHandlebars is admittedly a lot better than Handlebars McFuckFace.”
  • “I just want to live.”
  • “Is this what insanity feels like?”
  • “It’s not the boss that’s hard. It’s the amount of shit he summons into your urethra.”
  • “You better put this in caps because my throat hurts.”
  • “The world needs to suffer with me.”
  • “We’re fighting in a storage closet with spiders.”
  • “I’m a pretty mage who likes dick beating people with a staff while everyone fucks around and has an orgy or something I don’t fucking know.”
  • “Hey, numbnuts—Numbnuts One and Numbnuts Two—can you take up less space?“
  • “I would like life.”
  • “… where am I.”
  • “Where’s the gay. I found the gay.”
  • “I am in hell thank you for noticing.”
  • “Yes it is because I can’t get past the fucking story mission.”
  • “I-I-I-I—”
  • “You cannot drag spiders. I have learned that.”
  • “Congratulations, you’re literally an asshole.”
  • “Aaaand they’re dead.”
  • “Please. Just… please.”
  • “Because please.”
  • “Just let me li—actually just fucking kill me. Just do it.”
Reaction: Twice You giving them a lap dance

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Would be delighted. She always secretly wanted a lap dance from you but was always afraid to ask you because she thought you wouldn´t be comfortable with something like that.

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This girl wouldn´t know how she should react since she never received a lap dance before. After you would be done she would give you a little clap while trying to hide her flushed cheeks.

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She would stare at you with her mouth agape. She never saw you as the type that would do something like this so receiving such thing from you was a comlete surprise to her.

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Dirty, dirty thoughts. She wouldn´t even wait for you to finish and start pulling you to bed. If you decide to give a lap dance to this girl don´t expect to leave the bedroom that night.

“Show me what else you got.” 

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Would think about how lucky she got. You should expect her to ask you to do such thing more often because she really enjoyed it. A lot of times things would turn little more explicit than you would´ve originaly intended.

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At first she would be really confused about the whole thing but then she would understand and enjoy herself. She studiet every single movement of yours, trying to remember as much of your body as possible. 

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She would try really hard to control herself but it was a lot harder than she expected it to be. Her patience was running thin but she wanted to prove herself that she can keep herself at leash.

“Aish, she´s really asking for it. This girl…” 

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“What do I do? What do I do? Oh no she´s coming closer.”

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“All for me jagi? I´m flattered.”  

A/n: Aaaand I´m dead. I swear that Hirai Momo is going to be a death of me one day. Thanks so much for requesting this anon, it was so sudden but different :D Hope you liked it. Lots of love – G

There’s nothing that could happen to Erin that’s gonna pull Erin out of the hole that she’s been in. She’s not interested. But something happening to a member of her family… Cause the unit is a family. These are her people. And especially with Jay - who, even though circumstances have pulled them apart, is the man that she loves. She’s not gonna risk him dying because she didn’t show up.
—  Sophia Bush

Aaaand dead. #cuddly #kitty

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Noragami 52

Slay me, Adachi Toka.

I think that at this point, the path is clear regarding Yato’s future.

He’s going to die.

Think about it: at some point, that “father” of his must die, being the villain that he is. If Yato is right and his father IS his lifeline, Yato will die too. Maybe not immediately, but he will disappear, eventually.

The way I see it is that “Father” will become very dangerous to the human world and Yato will kill him to save said human world. As such, he’ll be executing both his role as a “bad god of calamity” (he’ll kill his father) AND he’ll finally become the kind of god he always wanted: a beneficial one (he’ll remove a threat to humanity).

He’s going to become a hero. And he’s going to die for it and he’s going to be happy.

I got this idea from the last page of the chapter:

if you sit back and think about it, Yato’s wish to be with Hiyori had always been a selfish one; he wants to be with her because HE is happy with the arrangement. He wanted to marry her because he wanted to have her by his side, since he had had so many people either dying on him, or leaving him, or forgetting him.

He wanted Hiyori to be his constant, along with Yukine.

And in this page, Yato is slowly learning that Hiyori can be hapy without him. His past self would be feeling left out and abandoned, not important. This is understandable for people, but Yato is a god. And as Ebisu said in this chapter…

Gods exist for people’s sake. Their own selfish wishes do not matter.

Even gods of calamity, like Yato, bring calamity when asked by the people, whether they want to or not. Humans are a god’s lifeline, so gods exist to serve them.

Essentially, Yato started acting like a human when he said he wanted to marry Hiyori; a desire to keep her. It’s a selfish desire, a human desire and Yato is not a human. He’s a god.

Yato is learning that Hiyori being happy with her life is far more important than him being happy with her.

That’s how a god thinks. Gods affect people’s life according to their role and they do not ask for anything in return, not even recognition. Yato, young Yato would have thought of it to be cruel towards him, hence the image of young Yato looking at the phone sadly; he’s just learned Hiyori is happy and hopeful without him.

Older Yato, however, is content. “Good for her”. As long as Hiyori is happy, Yato doesn’t need anything else. He’s not feeling bitter that he’s left out of the people that are saving Hiyori’s life, he’s content that Hiyori is happy period.

From this chapter on, I can safely say that Yato truly loves Hiyori, while in the previous ones he was just in love, a selfish love. Just like his own thought process has matured, so has his feelings for Hiyori. 

Not surprisingly, this kind of thinking alignes with a god’s. Selfless love and devotion is the mark of a good god and whether Yato realises it or not, he’s gradually becoming one.

Consequently, this is what I believe that will make him sacrifice himself in the long process. By killing his father he’ll kill himself, but I think he’s going to be alright about it, because he’ll mature enough to see that it’ll be beneficial for humanity, regardless of his personal feelings. 

And definitely, beneficial for Hiyori.

And thus, he’ll have his wish; by being selfless, he’ll grand his selfish desire to be something else than a calamity god and he’ll make Hiyori “the happiest girl in the world”.

My personal wish is for Hiyori to be his lifeline until her own death, when she’s “old and grey” and then Yato will fade away as she passes away. She’s the only human to remember him constantly, so when she dies/forgets, Yato is going with her, his father being already dead.

Aaaand that’s what I took from this chapter regarding future events. Thoughts?

ow heroes from my experience
  • genji: see him once or twice for the whole game except for when he ults then everyone dies
  • mccree: surprisingly competent. flashbanged from around the corner and dead in seconds
  • pharah: if she can aim you're fucked
  • reaper: further than 5ft? can't do shit. within 5ft? might as well shove the shotgun down your throat yourself
  • soldier 76: if he can see you there are bullets in your torso
  • tracer: like soldier but less deadly and more annoying
  • bastion: no
  • hanzo: occasionally gets a lucky shot. otherwise you only see his ult. where is hanzo himself? we don't know
  • junkrat: a lot of spam but only in chokes. otherwise he's awol
  • mei: satan in human form, about to send you back to hell
  • torbjorn: really wants to win. but fuck you
  • widowmaker: thinks she can aim. cannot aim.
  • she's a big slow-moving target just don't get right in front of her
  • reinhardt: infuriating, which means he's good at defending
  • roadhog: why is he so hard to kill
  • winston: WHY IS HE SO HARD TO KILL
  • zarya: im neutral about her until she ults then im screaming
  • lucio: playing with? nice, great! playing against? ngfsdlygkdl
  • mercy: either nobody keeps her alive or she's shielded perfectly and resurrects right when you think you had it
  • symmetra: i didnt even see that turret ok its gone wait shit SHIT SHES HERE SHE HAS HER GUN aaaand im dead
  • zenyatta: seemingly harmless. if he sees you he will ruin you