aaaand away we go

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                   this week could have been considerably RELAXING, it was almost peacefully QUIET in Zootopia this week. but even if it were a silent week, the bunny still felt DRAINED and was ready to hit the sack till her eyes caught sight of a SMALL object that lay on her desk. and it was exactly what she thought it was             FOX REPELLENT. that awful possession she had been meaning to TOSS away for a while now. why does she STILL have it ? it’s not like she NEEDS it ; it should be considered USELESS by now.

ears suddenly perked up right toward the door before the rabbit turned her head to the sound of KNOCKING. a sigh escaped her lips, FORCING herself to hop off her bed to answer the door. who could it possibly be ? 

nick ?

The signs and PMS

Before I get any hate, I know that not all women get PMS and the ones that do get it at different rates of severity. I’m a woman, I know all about PMS. This is generally how women react at the worst of it.

Hehe, I’m a Scorpio, Cancer Ascending, Moon in Taurus, and I act like all 3 of those signs. xP

Aries: Okay, I can do this, it’s not gonna bother me…just don’t get near me or I’ll f***ing kill you.

Taurus: Chocolate ice cream please! Oh, and a side of chocolate.

Gemini: I may be having annoying cramps but I can’t stay inside all day let’s go for a run! Ow, this is boring, let’s try something easier. *plays video games*

Cancer: Why am I so alone? I need *insert ex/lovers name*! I need chocolate. Get me chocolate or you will die. I’m sorry, I’m just so horomonal right now! Where’s that chocolate?

Leo: No way I’m going to let anyone see that I have PMS, I’m confident and sexy and no one needs to know how insecure I am. I can go back to feeling pretty later.

Virgo: It hurts so much, what if I’m dying? What if it’s messy? What if this Midol whatever doesn’t work? Why isn’t it working yet, I took it a couple minutes ago!

Libra: Oh, I’m a little horomonal today but I won’t let it outwardly effect me, no reason to let it show, I’ll live. Oooh chocolate, yes.

Scorpio: Aaaand here we go again….now back. away. slowly. I know that I’m worthless and ugly but if you get near me without trying to have sex with me you will not survive.

Sagittarius: Oh great, not this again. Let’s see how much we can get away with with PMS as the excuse. How am I supposed to focus on anything with cramps? Can I just do whatever I want until my body is done killing itself?

Capricorn: I can’t let this effect my work, I’ve got to suck it in and take it like a woman. When I get home and do all the dishes I can take some ibuprofen and rest with some chocolate. And maybe I can work my mojo and get some from my partner.

Aquarius: Hey, I’m PMSing my brains out! I bet there’s something fun I can distract myself with, let’s try music. Nope? Let’s try food. Ah, food’ll do it, sweet sweet chocolate.

Pisces: Why am I so sad and alone? I’m nothing, just a pained sack of crap…I know guys think I’m pretty but I don’t…how could anyone think this is pretty? I’m a wreck!

~Sergeant Scorpion