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anonymous asked:

Can you post some links where we can find monsterfalls? I can't seem to find it on my own D:

Sure thing! 

  • First off, Chi wrote up a huge masterpost with all of the basic info! That should cover a lot of what you’re looking for.
  • It’s also linked in her post, but the original RPs that spawned the AU are all archived here. This contains finished threads, unfinished ones that will probably remain untouched, and a more recent post that we’re still working on. It’s a reboot of our earliest RP to make the whole transformation thing more streamlined.
  • Here’s some headcanon posts: Dipper, Stan, Robbie, SoosGideon, Pacifica, aaaand one for Bill (+ a bunch of others). We don’t have anything written up for Mabel or Wendy yet, but hopefully we will soon! Anybody is welcome to come up with stuff for this AU, by the by.

Bonus! Here’s some fanfiction:

  • AlternativeMabel wakes up one morning to find her happy-go-lucky life is no longer so happy-go-lucky. In fact, it’s kind of upside down and on fire.
  • AdjustmentsA Gravity Falls Monsterfalls au one-shot about a week behind the trend. Ah well, enjoy this thrown together thing. 2,500 words, no content warnings.
  • Night Under the Full MoonIt was a surprisingly warm summer’s night in Gravity Falls Oregon. The full moon shone brightly in the sky and everything seemed peaceful. However Dipper couldn’t help but feel on edge. It is a dangerous thing to be a prey animal and out in the open.
  • Part twoDipper wakes up and Stan lays down the law.  
  • Tooth Fairy: Dipper is having an issue with one of his baby teeth. Lucky for him Bill is a bit of an expert when it comes deer teeth.
  • Monster Falls: When Dipper accidentally falls in a supposedly cursed stream, what will happen to him? What will happen when the whole town comes in contact with the waters of the Fluvius Cantatis?
  • Instinctwires got crossed somewhere in my head and i made connections between monsterfalls au & his name was billy mischief. don’t encourage me. i have Plans and they are awful.

I think that’s it so far… Hopefully somebody will let me know if I missed anything! Also, there’s tons of fanart and additional ideas in the #monsterfalls au tag! I try to keep track of it on my own blog too. I hope this covers what you wanted!