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it really is so amazing to me that Isak rambling on and on about something or other, plants, or like, stars, something like that, and Even interrupting him like, wait, hold on one second, before lifting up his index finger that has a single eyelash on it and telling him ever so casually, we interrupt this super interesting lecture on atoms to ask Isak to really quickly make a wish has happened at least three times since December. like it really is amazing to me that this absolutely happened without a single doubt in my mind.

EXO reaction to seeing you cuddling with another member.

Anonymous said: can you do a reaction to your exo boyfriend seeing you cuddling with another member??


Sehun had somehow (because he’s the maknae) managed to convince you to cuddle with him, and so you’re sitting on a couch in the break room, awkwardly cuddling Sehun. When Baekhyun walks in, his eyes narrow and he immediately attacks the maknae. “Y/N is off limits you annoying butt!”

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You decide to cuddle with another member because Jongdae had just annoyed you on purpose. You stick your tongue out at him as you cuddle in front of him, and he plops down onto the opposite couch, trying not to show that he’s actually irritated. “That’s fine, it means I get to have this huge couch aaaall for myself.”

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You’re cuddling Tao because he got emotional while watching a sad movie, and he’s using you as a crying pillow. Meanwhile, Yeollie is silently practicing his kung-fu so he can beat up the crying panda someday. 

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You’re cuddling Chanyeol because it’s his birthday and he wanted huge hugs from everyone, and meanwhile Kyungsoo is casually electrocuting Yeollie with his stare.

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You’re waiting in the car for Kai with Tao, who fell asleep on your shoulder and you didn’t want to wake him up, so it looks like you’re cuddling now. Jongin pouts slightly at the sight before him and he looks at you, pulling out a plushie from his bag. “But I got this for you… I guess I’ll cuddle with it on the ride home, then.” 

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He doesn’t say anything because you’re cuddling one of his hyungs who just went through a tough break-up, but he puts his wtf even amazing acting skills into play and pretends to faint to get your attention. “I can’t believe I just fainted and you’re still paying attention to hyung and not me.”

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Sehun tricked you into cuddling him and you look at Yixing, expecting him to do something about it. “Oh, Sehun’s keeping you company, good, jagi. I’ll just take a short nap, you guys have fun~”

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You are watching TV with Chen when he falls asleep and he’s leaning on you, but you’re too focused on the screen to notice. Luhan walks in, clapping his hands once loudly, waking Chen up in the process. “Look at you two, cuddling! It’s so nice that you’re cuddling with my girlfriend, Chen! I love it! Please, don’t stop cuddling!” this was meant to be sarcasm but i feel like i’ve failed oops

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No one can cuddle you because Sehun is always smugly occupying the space next you.

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Suho thinks that if he stares long enough, his bandmate will remove his paws hands off of you.

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He thinks you’re alone in the room, and starts turning towards you seductively. “Y/N, how about—” His expression drops when he sees Baekhyun using you as a pillow, sleeping. “Nevermind you’re not getting any tonight.”

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Since it's February, how would the nohr ladies want to spend Valentines day? (Men of nohr, hoshido optional)

stares at calendar…im so sorry

Beruka: Valentines day confuses her. Shouldn’t you treat your loved one the same every day? You agree, but the whole notion is to treat them a little extra special. She’s still confused, but she goes along with it.

It’s a simple day. You stroll together, shop for supplies like normal. When you’d asked her what she’d wanted to do, this is what she said. “No point in wasting time.”

Wasting time…the words put a mild damper on your spirits, and you sigh. “But,” she adds. “This…This is more than enough for me. It’s special, as you say.” Beruka’s tone remains the same as normal but the only thing that gives away her hesitation is the light shift in skin tone.

“Aww Beruka…”

“Hush,” she says sternly, but holds your hand. “I need some new polish.”

Well, Valentine’s Day must be magical day after all, considering that’s the most romantic thing you’ve gotten out of her all month.

“You know Beruka…spending time with you is really special to me too. Even just shopping together like this. I hope you know that.”


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