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Joanna newsom at the Ace Hotel


12.1.17 4/100 days of productivity

I need to keep reminding myself that I actually love biology! aaaAHHHH

exam tomorrow, it’s going to be death !! :)) I actually wrote out a lot of notes today, and went to the gym! (I know right - ew) I quite like this colour scheme… But my grey promarker ran out, I’m actually gutted lol

My sister says she hates the way I do the titles… I cry


school started today, ahaha…ahahahhhh

please end me

anyway, here’s a short fic (Zen again, yes, shhhhhh) about a fireplace

“So you really haven’t used this since you moved in?”


“Oh, come on, it’s not going to explode.”

“Nuh-uh. Nope.”

The object in question was a fireplace. Specifically, Zen’s fireplace. In his home. That he hadn’t used since the day he had moved in. Why? He was too scared.

“Zen, seriously, it’s a fireplace. It’s meant for fire. You have a chimney.” Upon discovering the fireplace, you had insisted that Zen allow you to ‘clean it up’. Well, he thought you were only going to clean it - little did he know, you had plans to 'warm up’ his living room.

“You promised you wouldn’t light it!” his voice was one of a petulant child - in this case, one cowering on the sofa furthest from where you were, head poking out of his blanket-cocoon. “… It might explode.”

“Yeah, and singe your eyebrows off.”


Groaning at your boyfriend’s naivete, you continued heaving logs into the fireplace - Zen had kept them for 'aesthetic’ reasons, apparently. You were determined to light this damn fire - it was the middle of winter, Zen practically lived in a basement, and his house was freezing. Even more so now that the radiators had stopped working. So, as you moved the logs onto the fireplace, your always-handy boyfriend was sat there, wrapped in blankets, enjoying the sight of your butt whenever you bent over.

“I mean, we don’t have to light a fire to warm up…” You didn’t even need to look at Zen to know that he had that stupid grin on his handsome face - his stupid, handsome face. “We could always cuddle, babe.”

“Or…” Turning to him, you could see him visibly shrink away from your glare. “… You could just call a plumber to fix our hot water. And our heating.”

“But it’s December!”

“Yes! December! December the fifth!!”

For whatever reason, Zen had convinced himself that the outside world was simply closed off during the month of December. He always muttered something about Christmas whenever you asked why, although he never really made sense. Honestly, you were considering asking if Jaehee was available to talk some sense into him…

“I’m lighting this fire, Zen.” He was just pouting, now, crimson eyes brimming with unshed tears - fake tears, that was. You had been with him long enough now that you could recognise when he was practising his acting skills. “Three…” You struck a match, and Zen sunk back into his cocoon. “Two…” Lowering the match towards the fire - slowly for dramatic effect - you looked at your petrified boyfriend, who had now screwed his eyes shut. “One!”

“… Oh.” As Zen pried one eye open - realising he wasn’t dead, nor was he missing his eyebrows - he took in what was in front of him. “It’s quite nice, actually.”

“Mhm. Told you that you’d keep your beautiful brows.” You sat on the end of the sofa Zen was laid across, smiling at him - he seemed rather enamoured with the flames, watching with deep curiosity as they grew. Tapping his feet to get his attention, you gestured towards the blankets. “Oh!” Realising what you wanted, Zen bent down, freeing himself of the blanket-roll, and making more room for you to snuggle into his side. “You’re welcome.”

“It shouldn’t take long for the fire to warm the room up a little.” You relaxed, back to his chest, between his legs, as his arms came to circle around you, your feet not even close to reaching his own. Through your back came the slow, steady beat of his heart, and the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, the warm air fanning over your neck. You could’ve easily fallen asleep like this, in the arms of your love, if only he wouldn’t stop fidgeting. “Zen, please… It’s not going to do anything, you can relax.”

“That’s-” He stopped fidgeting for a moment, and you sighed in contentment. “Not quite it…” Then, you felt it, and you nearly squealed. 

Seriously, Zen?!”

“Fancy cuddling a little more, babe?”



okay so like, i was really messing with shading, layers, and other stuff like that and now i feel bad because this one looks so much better than the Gear one. Gear child im so sorry ahhhh
ill draw Snazz like this to make up for it, that or Gear again XDD
idk i have so many styles ahah

Sloth belongs to @silvur-trash <3

So metrocon was, essentially, a dream come true. I probably (definitely) acted like a huge incoherent fanboy when i finally got to meet Jack, Kelly, Becky, Sasha, and Lauren. I was definitely not sly or smooth about bringing Jack coffee on Saturday. I am definitely a huge dork.

But either way, these people are so ridiculously kind, and talented, and very very gracious when people are speechless upon meeting them. Kelly chatting with me casually and Becky complimenting my cosplay and Jack fanning me when I was near-hyperventilating are some of the most surreal things that have ever happened to me. I have loved and been inspired by parle since I was thirteen and I am so glad that, six years later, I can finally say that I got to cross this off the bucket list.


*screams for forever and a day* So, these came in the mail today. And OH. MY. GOD. THEY ARE CUTE AND BEAUTIFUL. AND I’M FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW. The stickers are so cute! (Hinata and Kuroo are my favourite, they always make me laugh) And I don’t know what I’m going to do with all these bookmarks but I love them all anyway! And the Suga postcard and extra Oikawa sticker are fabulous as well. So just a big thank you to @milkybreads. Seriously, there is no reason for you to be thanking me. THANK. YOU.