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(( me, inspecting my nails : anyway! noti ilysm i hope you're having a good day and if you're at work, good luck! you can do it!! you can pull through!! think abt gettin your first paycheck to get through it :0! m sending love and encouragement and every good feeling possible so mwah ily big sis have a good day!!!! ))

AAAahh well I didn’t have work today but I got my wisdom tooth removed out of nowhere so that’s fun;; BUT YOUR MESSAGES ARE THE BEST AND THEY MAKE ME CRY ILYSMUCH 💕


SoMa Week 2017 Day 1: Confession

Oh my god guys, I hope nobody has died for this avalanche of sugar!!

haha ♥

This comic is so especial, I worked SO hard on it, just the first panel took me like… 2 days? and I’m happy with the result because omg, my comics have improved a lot!!

The song is “Forever” by Kiss, it’s a super sweet song I’ve loved for years, maybe is too sweet, I had seizures and it made me want to cry when I wrote the lyrics

Hope you liked and see you tomorrow!!

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Okay but Alexander probably plans on wooing the new student Eliza by leaving little letters and poems in her locker everyday, but what he doesn’t know is that Aaron offered to switch lockers with Eliza after he found out she got one right next to the boys bathroom (because Aaron is a goddamn gentleman). So he’s been pretty much leaving them in Burr’s locker.

And Burr is so flattered. He hadn’t even realized Alex had feelings for him! And with every letter and poem, his feelings get deeper and stronger and he finds himself smiling for the entire week.

Except…Alexander’s never really been shy. If he wanted to date Burr, why won’t he just ask? Instead of leaving things in his locker? Is he scared Burr will say no?

Either way, Burr decides enough is enough. He walks up to Alexander after school one day and asks him on a date himself. He expects an enthusiastic ‘yes!’. Maybe a hug, if he’s not pushing it. What he doesn’t expect is for Alexander, and the rest of his friend’s behind him to go completely silent and look at him in shock.

When the awkward silence goes on for too long, Aaron’s brain starts screaming 'ABORT! ABORT!’ So he tries to come up with a silly excuse, maybe pass this off as a prank, and make his escape. What actually comes out is

“I mean…you don’t have to, of course. I guess… I guess just thought because of all the letters and poems you left in my locker that you… Well, that you liked me! Which is great, because I like you too! Unless…you don’t actually like me? Or maybe you just don’t want to date me? Which is fine! I mean… You know what? I think I should go…”

But before he makes his escape, John blurts out “Wait. 'Your’ locker? Alexander’s been leavin notes in your locker?”

And before Alexander can think better of it, he responds with, “I thought it was Eliza’s!”

Which is obviously the wrong thing to say because Aaron lets out a small 'Oh’ before turning around and walking away as fast as he can without actually running away like he so badly wants to.

And Alexander feels really bad because he wouldn’t really mind going out with Burr! But he’s probably ruined any chances of that because he’s unable to keep his goddamn mouth shut.