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Guren Ichinose x Shinya Hiiragi // Owari no Seraph

He’s everything I want He’s everything I need (insp.)


Molly: Sherlock I think we need to talk.

Sherlock: The red one. -mumbles, working on his laptop-

Molly: Excuse me?

Sherlock: The red dress. You’re obviously talking about the dinner we have tomorrow. The red dress suits you the best.

Molly: Sherlock, that’s not what I meant. -sighs and looks down-

Sherlock: -looks to her for a second before standing up, walks towards her- Is Mike bothering you again? Do I need to talk to him? I will, you know that. I swear to god if he gave you too much work again I am going to murde-

Molly: I am pregnant. -looks into his eyes, unsure about his reaction-

Sherlock: -stares at her-



Molly: Sherlock?


Molly: Are you breathing?! -hurries to him and shakes him slightly-

Sherlock: -plops down on his chair, shaking his head-

Molly: Sherlock, should I call John?

Sherlock: I am going to become a father…. -mumbles-

Molly: -kneels down to him and nods slightly- Yes and you will be a great father. I know that. So please don’t panic right now. We tried so many times and now I am really pregnant. We have nine months to prepare everything for the baby. We will ask John and Mary for help and read a lot of articles. There is absolutely no need to panic now, Sherlock. -mumbles and kisses his lips for a second-

Sherlock: Call John, please. –sighs loudly, leans back and tries not to start panicking-


//Mod T here! The ECHO project, while long and arduous, was definitely a ton of fun! I made some wonderful friends and really had an amazing time contributing to this beautiful piece.

Now, of course, I went a little crazy and made many, many poses–so many, in fact, that not all of them made it in! Here is the full list of poses that were created, some of which made it into the video.

I owe a very, very big thank you to two people–first, @myebi​ for working with me to line every single pose you see here (ah, the woe of being a traditional artist), and @namelessokami​ for putting up with me for ages and ages and lining those hands sweet jesus you beautiful being helping me with the initial colors as well as providing me with undying support with every single multi-faceted and hard-to-manage part of this many-layered piece. Seriously, friend??? THANK YOU??? Couldn’t have done this without you.

Also, a special thank-you goes to @techcat​ for being so gosh-darn amazing and putting this together!!!




*ahem anyway*

The idea behind Gaster and Aster’s outfit was to mirror the necklaces they wear as a sign of their love. Aster’s colors were reflective of Gaster’s crystal necklace, whereas Gaster wears the bright and bombastic colors of the sun necklace around Aster’s neck. Once again, thank you to all who helped me, and congrats to everyone who worked on this beautiful project! 


I was tagged by @joly-and-the-satellites ???? Thank you?? I love you??? to post a selfie, the last song I listened to, and my lock screens.
You guys should probably ignore the fact that half the musics in my cellphone are from Hamilton. Yeah. Plus ignore the thing in my head, I thought it would look cool and aesthetic. It did not.
SO!! Im tagging @kemnya ;) @chocolatemika @softbaz @grangratree @probably-pride-related @gay-single-pringle @whensunscollide @sassyfeuilly

Who I Am!

Yup– It’s time!

A lot of you guessed pretty fast. I was pretty shocked, since I didn’t think my art style was like…that distinguishable. That said, while it was fun goin’ all incognito, I think I owe you all my URL in place of the inactivity here.

Most of you have recognized me as buttersheeps

If you do happen to know me, you’ll know all of the other stuff I’ve been doing. All the ask blogs and other URLs I’ve laid claim to, the reason this blog is slow on updates… well that’s no longer a mystery! 

The main reason I decided to keep this secret for so long was mainly because– at the time, I already have a lot of people to please in other fandoms, and I had enough attention on my main blog thanks to that. Not to mention, I was in fandoms much smaller than FNAF…! I wasn’t sure if I was ready to handle unforeseen pressure from another fandom and; golly, over 5,000 followers. I was right…! 

By now I think I can handle that kind of attention. But I deeply thank my friends, those who asked in private, and even my own sibling, ryukodragon, for kindly keeping this a secret for so long.

But don’t get me wrong: I am deeply grateful for the kind words and support I’ve gotten here. I made this blog during a particularly rough, strange time of my life and it really made me happy. The vast amounts of positive attention I’ve gotten since then is astounding. I genuinely expected worse, and you all proved me wrong. Seriously, I don’t know how to thank you any better. ;o;

Unfortunately, I don’t see this blog getting much love now due to the immense amount of other projects I’ve chosen to pay attention to. But it’s always going to be here if I decide to return to it, as with all of my stuff. ;v; 

If you’re still interested in following my work, you can take a look at my past stuff in the MOTHER fandom. Though currently I’m most proactive here in the in the Splatoon fandom! There also remains my completely original artwork, which will update as my muse allows.

Again… thank you guys so much for all the love and attention. I’m sorry I couldn’t deliver much more, but I’m appreciative for the ride I had. :’)

Anon1: Lots of references and references are every artist’s best friend!!! I watch videos on youtube and sometimes I pose myself on the mirror. 

Anon2: Thanks. :’) (by the way, I don’t always drink. I just like beer (also tea and chocolate milk :’D)

Anon3: Ah- there are a lot of anon asks that were left in my inbox. Most of them were either uncomfortable asks, art requests (though I sometimes/rarely take it) and mean asks like “kill yourself” (which I usually just delete but sometimes contemplate whether or not I should block them)

AAAAH!!! THANK YOU QAQ you guys are so sweet ;;; and yis I ship Charisk! but don’t expect shippings here though or any Charisk moments between my version of Chara and Frisk (maybe some lowkey moments but only that I guess)

edit: LOL told myself there won’t be charisk. The next day i made a fluff ////coughs dont trust my words