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Do you know any fics with slytherin!harry. Preferably in the long range?

I have a few! I am very picky about my Slytherin!Harry, because I don’t like him to be OOC (sooo no Harry supporting Voldemort or anything like that) and I find that a lot of Slytherin!Harry fics make him into an entirely new character. I thought the following ones were very well done though!

Slytherin!Harry Recs

Leo Inter Serpentes by Aeternum (658K combined so far)- Just one conversation between two eleven year old boys goes slightly differently, and the world changes. Just how much will be different with Harry being sorted into Slytherin, and how much will stay the same?
My favorite Slytherin!Harry fic! It’s a canon re-write starting from book one, but enough things change that it stayed exciting throughout! Also Harry has a pet snake! And Snape becomes his mentor!! ALL THE GOOD THINGS!!! You should be warned that it’s a WIP. But the author is currently actively posting the 6th book, and I have hope it won’t be abandoned :)

Written on the Heart by who_la_hoop (114K)- Harry doesn’t mind that so many Slytherins from his year have returned to finish their NEWTs, really he doesn’t. It’s just – do they have to be so friendly? He’s not prejudiced, really he’s not. It’s just – they’ve got to be up to something, right? Unnerved by the attention he’s attracting from everyone – the Slytherins are the least of it, to be fair – and struggling with a raft of changes to Hogwarts itself, Harry wishes he could be happy that one constant remains: Draco Malfoy really fucking hates him. When he’s hit by an illegal love-spell though, Harry finds he has more to worry about than whether or not Blaise Zabini actually wants to be his friend. For if everyone affected has been blessed – or cursed, by the look on Malfoy’s face – with a magical tattoo revealing the name of their soulmate, what does it mean that Harry’s skin remains completely bare?
kfhdsjrg3hi SOUL MARKS!!! c;mbxneiu EIGHTH YEAR!!! rewuy,obsk AMAZING AUTHOR!!! Harry is forced to move to Slytherin!!!! Need I say more? Seriously, this fic is amazing. Harry doesn’t act super Slytherin, but he has to live there, so it counts, right?!

Malfoy Flavor by Vorabiza (199K)- Harry’s ready to banish the Golden Boy image and take charge of his life. Unfortunately for him, or fortunately, there are surprises in store for him.
Okay so this one might be a tiiiiiiiny bit ooc, but I LOVE VORABIZA’S STUFF and it’s so fun to read that in this case I don’t even care. Harry disguises himself as Dustin Snape (okay I know I also had to get over the fact that this is a horrible name) and “transfers” into Hogwarts and is a total badass and just READ IT.

Other People’s Choices by Lomonaaeren (82.5K so far)- AU. The Sorting Hat doesn’t just let the Sword go when it falls on Harry’s head in the Chamber, but also Sorts him again, this time into Slytherin. Harry is furious and terrified, and the adults aren’t helping much.
WIP. And I haven’t read it yet!!! But it looks amazing and Lomon is always amazing, so I am very excited for it to be finished. Also, if you are just looking for a Slytherin-esque (adult) Harry or Dark!Harry or Grey!Harry, she has written a ton of that in other completed fics!

Progressive Displacement by GatewayGirl (21K)- Harry didn’t mean the wish that way. From his point of view, it hadn’t even worked.
Another one I haven’t read! I just discovered it right this very moment while poking around to make this list, but it looks really good! I think Harry wakes up in several alternate realities, and he’s a different Slytherin!Harry each time. All I know for sure is that it starts with Harry taking Draco from Azkaban, and I love that <3

Cunning and Ambition by MinaAndChao (372K)- “The weak in courage is the strong in cunning” -William Blake. One small gesture and one simple sentence change lives, and through it, history. A Slytherin!Harry AU. Abandoned in the sixth book.
This series is a pretty straight-forward Slytherin!Harry re-write, and it stays pretty similar to canon. It was abandoned in Book Six.

Also someday (hopefully!!) you will be able to read my WIP, Test of Time! Harry and Draco both go back in time to just before first year, and Harry ends up being sorted Slytherin this time around. There will be Slytherin politics and Draco teaching Harry how to be more Slytherin (among many other things; this is just a side-plot), and it will diverge almost entirely from canon :D


NARUTO X HINATA | 2014-2015

it is almost the first year anniversary of naruto and hinata being officially made endgame. since then, our fandom has been blessed with a ridiculous amount of naruto x hinata and uzumaki family. what a glorious year it has been! thank you, kishimoto! ♡

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Human Courtship Facade AU

I did it~ Yas! 

Honestly, I love this idea. It’s simple, trivial, but I think it fits Zircons. 

  • Zirсons are students of one university. They don’t live together and don’t communicate at all at the university. They are in different groups. They know each other, but they are too different to be friends or just to talk.
  • Yellow is a stereotypical hot blonde, makeup, stylish clothes, all that stuff. Communicates with everyone only about fashion, actors, news. Has perfect grades.  
  • Blue is completely invisible. Glasses, hair that covers her eyes, sweaters with a high collar. Does not make friends with anyone, her grades are average. Gray spot.
  • It’s so in the university. In ordinary life, everything is vice versa.
  • In addition to the University Yellow has to work in Starbucks (on the other end of the city, so no one sees it). Outside the University she doesn’t make up, doesn’t style her hair (has a ponytail) and wears glasses. Looks exactly like Blue at the University. Her family is not rich, but she wants to have friends and live like an ordinary girl, so she works, studies, has almost perfect grades, and doesn’t have enough sleep.
  • Blue is from a rich family, she doesn’t even need to study in common University, she will still inherit the company. But she is still young, and she isn’t ready, and just for a note she needs a diploma, so “let her have fun in the University, why the hell no”. She is bored in it, and she dresses and behaves modestly, because she is sure that everyone will be her “friends” because “oh she is rich, she has money!” She doesn’t want this at all. Outside the University, she looks almost like Yellow - nice make-up, lenses, beautiful clothes, the hair is laid out so that the eyes can be seen. She helps with the company, has a lot of money and she can sleep as much as she wants.
  • Once somehow, Blue comes to the other end of the city. It was necessary to convey important documents, to talk with company partners and blablabla. And by evening she goes to the same Starbucks where Yellow works. They do not recognize each other, but they have a nice talk while coffee is being made. The visitors are few, because it is late, and the Yellow is like “Isn’t such a beautiful girl afraid to walk so late?” and Blue is “not really, my driver will arrive soon”.
  • In Starbucks it is customary to sign cups for visitors, and Blue simply says “ just write “blue”.“ Yellow writes. Finally talking to someone who does not know who she is, Blue often visits this Starbucks to have a cup of coffee and just to talk, roughly figuring out when Yellow is working.
  • Yellow, in turn, is happy to talk with someone who knows her as "ordinary” and still likes to talk with her. They have an unspoken rule “not to talk about work/study” because it bothers them so much that they do not want to remember about it.
  • Yellow always signs cups for Blue. And sometimes she writes all sorts of cute things on napkins. And Blue somehow finds out this handwriting among the papers in the university. And she begins to look at Yellow, and notices the small gestures that Yellow uses. For example, Yellow makes a gesture, such as adjusting glasses, even when she is in contacts. Or her smile when she is alone. 
  • When Blue realizes that this is the same person, she really wants to tease her a little, but she does not dare to do it, because she has become quite attached to these evenings at the cafe. And she so does not say anything for a while.
  • Exactly until the moment when someone from the University finds the proof that Yellow is a "fake”, that she is actually working in a “lame job”. This someone shows pictures, proofs, all this, and everyone is “oh my God, really!”. Yellow freaks out and runs off to an empty audience.
  • Blue finds her, silently sits next to her, and says “hey, I like it when you smile, and please do not give up this job, I’m already too used to coming there in the evenings and spend time with you.”
  • Yellow is dumbfounded, she looks at Blue, who takes off her glasses and removes her hair, and recognizes this look and this smile and can’t say anything except “holy heck, you are such a sly fox.”
  • The next day, the roles change to the way they should be. And they are already holding together.

 And the rest is upon your imagination~

Thank you all for supporting me! I’ll continue to do my best!

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Molly: Sherlock I think we need to talk.

Sherlock: The red one. -mumbles, working on his laptop-

Molly: Excuse me?

Sherlock: The red dress. You’re obviously talking about the dinner we have tomorrow. The red dress suits you the best.

Molly: Sherlock, that’s not what I meant. -sighs and looks down-

Sherlock: -looks to her for a second before standing up, walks towards her- Is Mike bothering you again? Do I need to talk to him? I will, you know that. I swear to god if he gave you too much work again I am going to murde-

Molly: I am pregnant. -looks into his eyes, unsure about his reaction-

Sherlock: -stares at her-



Molly: Sherlock?


Molly: Are you breathing?! -hurries to him and shakes him slightly-

Sherlock: -plops down on his chair, shaking his head-

Molly: Sherlock, should I call John?

Sherlock: I am going to become a father…. -mumbles-

Molly: -kneels down to him and nods slightly- Yes and you will be a great father. I know that. So please don’t panic right now. We tried so many times and now I am really pregnant. We have nine months to prepare everything for the baby. We will ask John and Mary for help and read a lot of articles. There is absolutely no need to panic now, Sherlock. -mumbles and kisses his lips for a second-

Sherlock: Call John, please. –sighs loudly, leans back and tries not to start panicking-


//Mod T here! The ECHO project, while long and arduous, was definitely a ton of fun! I made some wonderful friends and really had an amazing time contributing to this beautiful piece.

Now, of course, I went a little crazy and made many, many poses–so many, in fact, that not all of them made it in! Here is the full list of poses that were created, some of which made it into the video.

I owe a very, very big thank you to two people–first, @myebi​ for working with me to line every single pose you see here (ah, the woe of being a traditional artist), and @namelessokami​ for putting up with me for ages and ages and lining those hands sweet jesus you beautiful being helping me with the initial colors as well as providing me with undying support with every single multi-faceted and hard-to-manage part of this many-layered piece. Seriously, friend??? THANK YOU??? Couldn’t have done this without you.

Also, a special thank-you goes to @techcat​ for being so gosh-darn amazing and putting this together!!!




*ahem anyway*

The idea behind Gaster and Aster’s outfit was to mirror the necklaces they wear as a sign of their love. Aster’s colors were reflective of Gaster’s crystal necklace, whereas Gaster wears the bright and bombastic colors of the sun necklace around Aster’s neck. Once again, thank you to all who helped me, and congrats to everyone who worked on this beautiful project! 

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