aaaah this was so fun to color though

“ A moment to enjoy some peace and quiet, probably just a moment though.“ - Mercy, Overwatch

A veeeery belated Mer-May gift for the wonderful @secondhand-mermaid! I know I’m uh…2 months late…*COUGH* but I hope you like it??

Goodness Mercy was fun to draw! I love her color scheme and design anyway, and while I don’t play Overwatch I know a ton of people that do. So this was a cool way to branch out a bit, yeah?? I had fun coming up with her mermaid design, aaaah <3

Sorry I haven’t been posting much too lately - I actually have like 8 projects going on right now?? Most of them are for fests, some commissions, so hopefully I can start posting all the stuff I’ve been working on within the next few months <3

anonymous asked:

AHHHH IM IN LOVE EITH EMPRESS SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!! Your art never fails to make my day, thank you for drawing her I am blessed! (WOW that is a lot of colors though XD I'm sorry for subjecting you to that! But you always have such amazing art she looks beautiful!) -🐉

🐉 I’M SO HAPPY YOU LIKED HER OH GOSH <333333 Aaaah thank you so much, but really I’m just being whiny, it was really fun working with her, I just gotta use the resources I have but with textures and making a speckle brush because every dot was carefully placed on her and that drove me crazy pffff 💦

But I’m happy with the result and I’m happy you requested a Betta Rook, thank you so much bby, thank you thank you 

- Dolly ❤


Shot Through the Heart

“We’re driving fast in my car
We’ve got our riot gear on but we just want to have fun
No we’re not looking for violence, no oh oh oh
Tonight we want to have fun

No one’s the same as they used to be
Much as we try to pretend
No one’s as innocent as could be
We all fall short, we all sin”

~Fast in My Car by Paramore

When I got this prompt, I went all… “OH MY GOD THANK YOU SOMEONE ACTUALLY PROMPTED KATE!” (yeah, because I told people to do so LOLOL HAHAHA!)

Thank yooooou, switchheart for the prompt aaaah!

I loved Kate’s old costume. The new one is a little… “eh” for me. 

These colors go so well with her, though. Wow. 

Hope you guys like this!

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