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pokeaniweek day 4 → favorite rival ★

his rivalry with may was the best thing :’) ♡

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You're probably not gonna read but it's worth the try. Um I'm new on Tumblr and I saw your profile, I love Hamilton and I ship jamilton all the way. I think you're art is just beautiful and the story you're telling is really relatable (to me at least...) but I just want to ask how I could read the vague au from the beginning? I just randomly found your profile so I'm just in the middle of things. Oh god type up a paragraph, I'm sorry. I do that a lot especially when I write, I should just stop

Aaaah thank you :’D I appreciate your words so much ♥♥♥

and I haven’t written any coherent story yet, so far I only post bits of info about the characters and their relationships with one another, but I’m really planning to create a comic about this to occupy myself while summer is still here :D

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Hesitant kiss with stucky :) Good luck with writing!

Alright here goes nothin’!

“Okay yeah Barton was right, pumpkin spiced lattes are delicious. Don’t tell him I said that though, I’ll never hear the en–”

“You loved me?”

It took a moment for Bucky to register what Steve said, but when he glanced down to see what his friend was holding he felt himself go pale. It was his notebook.

“I…It’s…What are you doing with that?”

Steve spoke without looking up, “It…it was open on the table and I saw the photo of us from the day after we got back from Azzano and so I picked it up and… God Buck I didn’t mean to read anything… it was just there…” He couldn’t help but stare the scribbles around the picture that was taped to the page:

     he was my friend

     my brother

     or…was he more?

     …I think I loved him

     I loved him.

Bucky couldn’t feel anything but dread and his quickly increasing heart rate. Steve was never supposed to see that, he was never supposed to know. How could he be so stupid and leave the book on the table? How could he back himself out of a corner like this? He just got back to Steve and now he was going to lose him again.

Steve finally tore his eyes away from the notebook when he heard the sound of crumpling paper as Bucky’s grip tightened around his drink. Seeing his friend in distress, Steve quickly set the book back on the table and removed the cup out of his shaking hand, setting it next to the notebook. “Bucky? Buck oh god I promise I never meant to invade your privacy, I am so sorry. Bucky? Please say something. Are you upset with me?”

As panicked as he was, Bucky couldn’t help but choke out a laugh as he stared at the pages covered in his handwriting. “Me? Mad at you?” His voice was hoarse, he barely recognized it. “I’m… I’m sorry Steve,” He cringed at how dejected he sounded. “I’ll just go…” He turned to go but stopped at the warmth of Steve’s hand around his wrist.

“Wait, please don’t. ‘Sorry’? Why are you sorry, you didn’t do anything wrong. Look at me. You didn’t do anything wrong, Bucky”

He felt his face color as he slowly forced himself to meet those beautiful blue eyes, which started to widen with understanding.

“Do you…Do you still love me?”


“Buck,” Steve took a step towards him, his hand making its way from Bucky’s wrist to his shoulder. Another step. Bucky couldn’t breathe, they were so close to each other. He could feel Steve’s breath on his lips. He smelled like peppermint. “Bucky, how long?”

He screwed his eyes shut at the feeling of Steve’s nose brush against his and his resolve began falling away. He was already in this deep, might as well put everything out there. He managed with shaky breath, “Since the first time I saw that skinny little kid with a bloody nose tryin’ to take on those damn bullies who took his lunch money,”

Steve huffed out a laugh, “God, that long? Oh, Buck…”

Bucky’s heart stuttered as he felt Steve’s hands cup his face. Steve leaned in even closer, their lips touching ever so slightly on each inhale.

They stood there silently for some time before Steve smiled, whispering, “So are you gonna kiss me or do I have to do everything myself?”

Bucky laughed as he finally tugged on Steve’s shirt and leaned up to kiss him. Every tension, every worry, every horrible moment melted away as they poured decades of unspoken emotion into their kiss, only breaking apart so Bucky could mutter against Steve’s lips, “Punk”.

“Jerk,” Steve chuckled, pulling his best friend’s face back to his.

Rollercoaster: Part 3

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: E-2 Harrison Wells x Reader

Words: 1532

A/N: This turned out to be so disgustingly fluffy

Part 1 Part 2

After that night, you found yourself being showered by Harry’s affection. He would give you your favorite flowers, buy you your favorite pastry from the local bakery, have his arm around your waist. It was a big improvement from the grump, isolated Harry Wells you met from the beginning. Of course, he was only like that when you two were alone. Whenever Barry, Cisco, or Caitlin was around, he’d revert to his former self. You expected as much. But there would be little touches here and there. There were also many almost first kisses for you two. Of course, the team had impeccable timing, so you two were always interrupted. It was frustrating. For you and him.

Harry walked into the Cortex to find you sitting at his desk scribbling on some paper. When he walked closer, he saw that you were drawing eyes, “Whose eyes are those?”

“Yours, of course.”

“Really?” Harry looked at the picture again. There was no way his eyes looked that…beautiful.

As if you knew what he was thinking you said, “That’s how they look to me: beautiful.”

Harry chuckled, “You are a woman of many talents.”

You shrug, “I try.” You stood up and wrapped your arms around Harry’s neck and his hands immediately rested on your hips, “Sooooo…”

“Did you need something?”

You tilted your head to the side a bit, “Well, I really want to kiss you right now, but considering our luck, I’m pretty sure the others will walk in any moment.”

“It doesn’t hurt to try,” Harry said with a smirk,

You leaned closer to him and whispered, “Three”

He leaned closer to you, “Two.”

“One,” Your lips hovered over his and of course, Cisco walked in.

“Hey, Y/N, do you th-aaaah.” He stopped in his step and looked at the position you and Harry were in, “I interrupted something.”

Harry gave a frustrated sigh and looked to Cisco, “Yes, Ramon, you did. You, Barry, and Caitlin are incredible at walking just as we’re abo-“ You pulled him down so his lips met yours. He was surprised at first and froze, but then kissed you back.

“Eeeeewww. Get a room.”

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Diabolik Lovers: Sakamaki Shuu (Dark Epilogue)


Yui: …At this point in time, Shuu-san 

Yui: For us not to be together….after all this time please don’t say such a thing

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heheee I got too tired to really finish it. Oh weeeeell.

Ringleader and their developing harpy romance got me thinking about male harpies and how absolutely extravagant and pampered shits I bet most of them would be.

Head canon time!!: Males, since they don’t battle and are forced into studying arts and lore, are often decorated with garments and jewelry, some of which has had their cultural significance lost to the war with dragons, but its still created and worn anyways. Some males get fat from sitting around, others find exercise in keeping away from their female counterparts or fall into studying old dance rituals. Although any rituals involving flight are strictly forbidden, since they are mostly forced to stay grounded and hidden at all times.

I really want there to be a really rare harpy male familiar when like… adventuring comes out or something so I can write so many stories about my clan dealing with a spoiled rotten prisoner of war.

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*looks Through some undertale blogs see's this one and picture of kindertale* *collaps on the floor* *ded* OM MA GAWD SO CUTE IM DYING JUST NOW PLEASE HELP... so fucking cute awwwmyfuckinG Gawd AAaah..! Please dont stop making these 1+ follower.

Awwwww thank you so much that you like my artwork ^w^

I won’t stop you from follow my blog. But, don’t die on the floor, you’re making the kids panicked!!

 (Except Chara tho)