aaaah i love these designs!!

after many MANY hours of adjustments to the design itself I have done it. The star princess in star princess armor. I tried to tone it down slightly from my original design, but hehehe~

((DAI I LOVE THIS SO MUCH LOOK AT MY GIRL KICK ASS;; That’s such a cute design but she also looks like she’s gonna beat some people up and it’s great

Have I told you before how much I adore your coloring? It’s just so unique and you and I love it a lot aaaa I’m sWOONING OVER THIS))

ask-steampunk-bangtan  asked:

🖍 Thanks for following me back! I really really love your art style and if you're still doing the thing that would be super cool! (Anyone is fine) ☺️

your au is so awesome i still can’t believe aaaah !! i love yoongi’s design too !