I want to explain my story about how I thought I completely fucked over my life via my Higher/AH grades

Since around the age of 14, I wanted to be a doctor- as cliche as it is, partly due to my love of biology, partly due to my desire to help people

Getting into medicine is tough- it requires extra curriculars, work experience, a separate bloody aptitude test, and near perfect grades ~AAAAB on average

On my results day, I got AAABB, and I broke down because I didn’t do well enough for medicine

Nonetheless, I applied, and one by one, I received rejections, with only one interview. Needless to say, I was devastated. I had almost given up on my AHs by this point, and getting a C in AH biology ensured I couldn’t do a gap year. 

However, I still had a place waiting for me at university: an immunology course. 

I can’t say it was the easiest thing on giving up on my dreams for that time, but now, at the end of my 2nd year/start of my 3rd year, I can approach the idea once more, but with a greater confidence and some more life experience under my belt. If I’m honest, my mental health was a shambles in 6th year, and very little had been done to help me in school, but in university, things changed. I had a very supportive and understanding advisor, and I began counselling and took occasional treatment when things were bad. Whilst doing a course I loved, my grades began to creep back up to a time before my anxiety, and now, I have a brighter outlook on things, and several ideas of what I could possibly do in the future, whatever I choose.

Back in 5th/6th year, I thought my life had ended. Turns out, I was just taking a different direction than the norm.