anonymous asked:

If Branch is considered muscular in the main then what about Branch in human au? What is Poppy's reaction of his abs? Aaaabs? Bubb Aaaabs?

IS he muscular in the mainverse tho? Like I know he’s pretty strong but he looks similar (if not a tiny bit stockier) than all the other trolls to me. Maybe

I mean I haven’t mentioned it but Branch in A Little Change, has had several jobs before the current point, a ton of which included heavy lifting such an unloading and construction work. So I’d imagine he has strong arms anyway. Plus he owns a dumbbell set, even if he hasn’t touched it in months.

I dunno, man. Would he actually have defined abs? I feel like that takes a lot of gym work and at the moment, he’s too cheap to sign up for a membership. Maybe when he’s older and he starts going with Smidge.

I’m guessing if he ever had abs, Poppy would probably like them. Girls like abs, right?