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Fairytale gone bad - part 2 (Liam's POV)

Pairing: Drake x MC, Liam x MC

Book: The Royal Romance

Raiting: T

Note: Ever since @catsrtheboss gave me an idea for making second part of this fic, this time from Liams POV, I just couldn’t stop thinking about it aaaaand while waiting for tomorrow’s new trr chapter my hand slipped and this happened. I broke my heart writing this because even though I love Drake I also love Liam and I just feel so bad for breaking his heart like that 😭 so you’ve been warn and forgive me 😭

Summary: It is a last night before coronation and Liam can’t sleep thinking about choosing his future bride and queen. He accidentaly witnessed the conversation between Drake and MC who spent their last night together which makes prince’s final decision even harder…

Part 1: ~~~

He wanted to blame the moon for not letting him sleep but it would be a lie. There were his own thoughts that kept him awake. He was lying on his bed, eyes wide open, and for a long moment he was staring at the decorated ceiling above his head, until that sight became unbearable, only reminding him of what was inevitably coming tomorrow.

The coronation.

It seemed only like yesterday when his friends took him to New York for his bachelor party. And yet a few weeks have passed and Liam wondered where the time went, how could it have passed so quickly. So much had happened and tomorrow’s event was supposed to be the culmination of everything. But not only the fact of becoming a king made his thoughts restless. He still had to choose one of the suitors for his future wife.

The prince sat on his bed, rubbing his eyes, suddenly feeling very tired, much more tired than his young age indicated. But no one ever promised being a king would be easy. He stood up and after a moment his legs led him to the balcony. Crossing his arms on his chest he sat on the chair in the corner of the balcony and for a moment allowed his thoughts to wander, simply listening to the songs of the crickets who had orchestrated the garden concert this beautiful night. But after a moment his thoughts, almost freely drifted to Elizabeth Harris.

Lady Elizabeth…

So different from all the women he had ever known, so different from the other suitors. Back in New York he already saw there was something else about her. Something that didn’t let him forget her; something that made his thoughts always come back to her. That evening he spent the most wonderful moments with her and definitely unforgettable. And even back then the thought of leaving her was strangely painful. Although he knew that girl for one day, well, one evening, he knew he would never be able to forget her. With a strange longing he returned to Cordonia, thinking he would never see her again.

What was his astonishment when he met her again only a day later and in his own palace? Was it luck? Blind fate? Or destiny? He felt like a kid who won the first prize at the lottery. And when he learned that it was Maxwell who brought her here, he wanted to run to lord Beaumont and literally kiss both his cheeks, however strange and inappropriate it would be. He waited impatiently for every party, every event, knowing that lady Elizabeth would be there, that he would have another chance to meet her, to spend a few more moments with her, no matter how short.

Everything about her made him happy. Her smile, the way tiny wrinkles appeared in corners of her eyes every time she laughed, tiny sparkles in her gaze when she talked about something she loved, golden reflection in her long hair every time the sun brushed her hairstrands with its rays. He loved to hear her voice, loved every single minute spent with her. And before he realized he loved her whole.

He had known for a long time that when the time comes, he would choose her. He could no longer imagine his life with anyone else but her. There were days when he had seen it all through the eyes of the imagination. The two of them with their hands entwined, walking in the afternoon through the castle gardens. Shared meals, full of merry conversations when they would have a moment just for themselves. He and Elizabeth, sitting arm to arm in a meadow, a girl with her head resting on his shoulder. All the days filled with laughter, joy and kisses. But even though his heart had already decided, Liam still felt some uncertainty. Could he demand it from her? Liz was a free spirit and althought she found her place at the court, was she really ready for rest of her life as a queen? Could he put so much responsibility on her shoulders? He sighed heavily. He should have talked to her earlier, make sure if this is what she wants. But now it was too late for such conversation…

As he suddenly heard the creaking of the balcony doors that snapped him out of his thoughts, Liam turned violently, convinced that he had an uninvited guest. But the room behind his back was empty, and only when Liam heard a quiet sigh, he realized that the sounds were coming from the balcony downstairs. So he wasn’t the only one who couldn’t sleep that night, not only his thoughts and doubts made him unable to close his eyes. Without even wanting to, Liam began to listen, but for a longer moment he heard nothing but that single quiet sigh, still loud enough to reach his ears in the silence of that night. And then he heard muffled voice coming from the room below and quiet conversation.

Two voices. One belonged to a woman, the other to a man.

And then Liam began to wonder. Who had a room just below his chambers? Whose secret meeting was he witnessing? He heard creaking of the doors, someone’s steps and then another sigh. And the words he heard after a moment were clear as if the person who spoke them stood just a few inches away from him.

“What if… what if we tell Liam about us?”

He felt heart in his chest stopped beating for a few seconds when this time he recognized the voice.


He rose from his chair and walked to the balustrade, almost as under the influence of some spell.

What do you want to tell me, Elizabeth?

“Elizabeth, you know this is a bad idea…” Responded a second, male voice and Liam could hardly supress the scream of surprise.


Just as he knew Elizabeth’s voice, he would recognize the sound of his best friend’s voice everywhere too. And he couldn’t believe his own ears… it just couldn’t be real…

“What if he will choose me?”

“It’s simple, you’ll agree.”

“What if I don’t want to?”

Her raised voice reached Liam’s ears, her words loud as if she was standing right next to him and the prince felt his heart stopped once again that night, his lungs forgetting how to breathe. It felt like someone had suddenly stabbed his heart with hundreds of sharp daggers and the pain was almost unbearable as the true meaning of those words hit him. Lady Elizabeth didn’t want to marry him.

She doesn’t want me.

He wanted to run away, didn’t want to hear a single word more. But his legs refused to obey him and he stood there, almost like hypnotized, not finding the strength and willpower to move. His hands clenched on the balustrade, his pale face seemed to be a marble statue in the moonlight.

“You know that I don’t want Liam, I never wanted.”

Liam stepped back as if he was just slapped. He took a deep, ragged breath as another wave of pain and disbelief hit him.

She doesn’t love me. Elizabeth does not love me…

These words echoed in his head, not wanting to leave his thoughts. Just a few moments ago he dreamt of a life together with lady Harris and now he felt as if the whole world collapsed on his head. All these smiles, moments spent together… Although they were everything for him, they meant nothing to her… He felt another painful prick in his heart as different thought struck him.

For how long?

For how long has Elizabeth known she didn’t want him? For how long has her heart belonged to another men?

And suddenly everything started to make sense. All these times when he invited her for an evening strolls, when he proposed escaping from the castle just for a while… Some claws grabbed his heart as he remembered the evening when he was so nervous with excitement, inviting girl on their first date. And she refused. As always refused. She usually said that she was tired or she didn’t want to get them in trouble by sneaking out and he understood it, of course he did. He never wanted to force her to do anything and he knew that all the daily celebrations could be exhausting, especially for someone not used to them, so he never had any seconds thoughts. But now when he knew the truth… She didn’t want to spend more time with him than necessary, because her heart already belonged to someone else. Or maybe worse. Maybe all those moments she spent with h i m…

Suddenly Drake’s voice reached his ears, as the wind stopped and every word echoed in Liam’s ears.

“Whatever happens tomorrow… I will always love you, Elizabeth…”

And then he felt anger overwhelmed him. He was angry at Drake, at Elizabeth, at the whole situation. Drake could have anyone, could choose any woman, but no, he had to choose Elizabeth. His Elizabeth. And she did choose him too. How could they?

He clenched his hands on the balustrade so hard that his knuckles whitened, he felt the roughness of the stone on his skin. But this physical pain, even if for just a moment, suppressed the pain in his heart.

How could she chose Drake over him? How was he better then him? What could Drake possibly offer her, what he couldn’t give? After all he was just a snarky commoner, a whiskey addict, offended by the whole world and he was the prince who would love and cherish her for the rest of their lives. How could she fell for him? What did Drake have, that he didn’t?

“Elizabeth…” Said a persistent voice in his head. “He has Elizabeth’s love…”

For a moment he fed himself with that anger, he let fury consume him, thinking about all the possibilities.

I could have forced her to marry me. I would banish Drake, send him far away from here. And Liz would be mine. Only mine.

If he would sent Drake away… Once again his imagination gave him a picture of what could have been. Elizabeth surronded by bunch of their kids, the two of them holding hands.

Maybe she would learn to love him?

Maybe if the time healed her wounds, cured her longing for Drake, then she would be able to develop feelings for him? He would be a good husband, always by her side, taking care of her, loving her. Another vision of Elizabeth as the queen appeared in his head. Liz beside him, smiling to the camera, greeting crowd and waving. She would be great ruler, great wife but… Unhappy.

Liam loosened his hands and lifted them looking thoughtfully at the patterns left by the rough stone, almost surprised that he squeezed them so hard. And at the same time his anger began to weaken. How could he ever thought about getting rid of Drake… How could it crossed his mind to force Elizabeth to marry him? He would never forgive himself… The door on the balcony below closed with a crack, when the two lovers came back to the room and once again silence fell.

Liam was left alone and suddenly he felt lonely as never before in his life. And it wasn’t just the loneliness caused by that night. He felt like that not only because the girl he was crazy about was madly in love with his best friend. But now he didn’t even have anyone to turn to, there was no one to talk to, whom he could ask for advice. He knew that being a king involved making many difficult decisions, but he didn’t expect the hardest of them to appear so quickly, even before he became a king…

Anger mixed in his heart with despair. Pain with immerse helplessness.

Demon hidden in his chest still whispered in his ear to make them suffer. So they could feel like him. He wanted them to know how it is to live knowing that the person you love more than you own life belongs to someone else. The same voice whispered to him to go down, rush to their room, force them to confront him. He wanted to see the surprise on their faces, the shock that he k n e w. He wanted to grab Drake by his shoulders, shake him, even punch him straight in the face, asking him how could he? How could he take away the best what happened in his life? He wanted to look into Elizabeth’s eyes, wondering what he would see in them. An apology? Regret? Pain? He wanted to ask her all those questions, now left unanswered.

What did I do wrong? Did I ever have a chance of winning your heart? Was there anything I could do to make you love me?

What would they tell him? What excuses would they find? What kind of lies? Would they have the courage to confess everything?

Two of his best friends, two people he cared most in the world betrayed him. In a most painful way.

Liam shook his head, forcing himself to divert his intrusive thoughts. After all they didn’t do this intentionally. He knew himself that the choices of the heart couldn’t be controlled. But in spite of knowing this, he couldn’t get rid of this demonic voice telling him to get rid of Drake, to get his revenge and have a chance to live with his queen happily. But Drake always stood by his side, faithful, ready to jump into fire after him, ready to sacrifice everything for him. He was even willing to give up Elizabeth just for Liam’s happiness.

Why couldn’t he?

He could choose someone else. Hana, Olivia, Madeleine… any other suitor. Or he could still choose Elizabeth. Pretend he doesn’t know anything and make her his queen. He was pretty sure she would agree anyway and then he would have the life he always wanted. Life by the side of the woman she loved. The man looked up at the moon. Whatever decision he would make, he knew one thing - this fairytale won’t end the way any of them wanted…

Time has passed, hour after hour and Liam was just sitting there, restless in his thoughts. The night has passed and when sun started to rise, prince sighed, finally standing up.

He already knew what he had to do…