aaaaand the day is finally here

Well,I don’t know how to use tumblr, but, I wanna tell you something.

Hi~! in first place, i don’t speak inglish, I’m trying to. 

(Plus, I wanted send you this before, but, my last count don’t work, so I erase that :’c ) 

Now, i’m nervious, heh, the thing is; The first time I saw your draws, I like them. I knew you art when you worked in the story about Peaper Jam and Fresh    (That then you do the first “Freshpeaper” :3 ) , then, i’m start to seach you, it be hard to me, Afternoon three days, finally, I found you tumblr, and I remember I was like: “Ohh no, its all in inglish! :’c “ that’s beacuse, before know you, the inglish was a rock in my shoes, and I hated xD even so, I read the stories, the things you’ll create 2 weeks afther and all before. And, slowly, i’m start to understend!! Even my mom was surpriced Hahah, you help me to like english too much, and that wasen’t all!! To understend better Jammy and Fresh histori , i’m start to order they, like “time line” and, well, thats be Soooo hard, at the same time I was arranging, you stand creating.                             In first place, I wanna just order that Story, but even if others don’t have sentence for me, they are cool too, and I think “Well, why not? i’m gonna order all her draws! cause their are amazing!” Aaaaand here comes my best Breaking-Brain-Ever, cause you have a lot crazy ideas! XD and that is great! but i’m didn’t know how to do them “time line”, again, i’m start to read all the asks of others, an then I understood beter, too beter.                                         I’m notice, one day, when I was end finally! that you draw a LOOOOT  of draws every day, that only makes me feel special, you work was soo ofthen, and then I felt you’re more than amazing, ¿awesome? I dont know, just Wooah.      Every day, start to be an habit visit you tumblr to order new draws, start to look more their faces, your own stile, you inpired me! For 2 years i had “Pain tool sai” in my computer, and  I nerver use to nothing, but, in dicember, of last year i’m start! and I like :3 making my own caracters, chibis, was soo cool.                I like a lot things of you do, more specifically, the faces and expressions you make, or you line art, and the design of your caracters, and others factors, you humor XD and how, “WOAHHH” is for me little things then others maybe don’t care  to much, like you know inglish, french, and well, the last was.. uh ¿arabian? Soo sorry, I dont remember too well (/-\) after you, I’m start to look others cool artists, like jakei and joku for example, but you’ll still my favorite artist, you do too much for me, and I want to say you THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH! <3 afther this, maybe I can ask you  things like normal followers XD 

Yup, 2.222 pictures only yours :’D and couting, Love U~!  


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ur back!! 😱😱

I are! I really ought to share with you guys the smol pilgrimage I took in NYC; I abandoned my less-Gotham-inclined companions for half a day and took myself on a little adventure!

Here’s Dougherty’s final resting place (I truly wouldn’t advise standing in the middle of any NYC road lmao, but needs must):

Miss Kringle’s house:

Ye olde murder spot:

Aaaaand on another day we found Crime Alley (there was actually a film crew up at the spot Bruce’s parents were shot, but this photo of the whole thing looks pretty neat regardless, plus it’s all misty and shit):

Bonus (that’s my finger, not a cock):

Down 56.6 pounds

Good morning butter lovers! When I first started eating LCHF, I only changed my diet. I did not add any exercise. At about the 40-45 pounds lost mark, I started moving around more- a lot more- just because my body felt like it. It started off with me tapping my feet, wiggling my toes, and just a general, vague sense that I really just wanted to get out of my chair and move around my house. I started having dance parties in my kitchen and doing more chores.

About 5 weeks ago, I added real exercise to my day. 6 days a week, I walk for an hour to an hour-and-15-minutes, depending on my route. My weight loss stalled the entire time, which I had read would happen. My weight stayed rock-steady no matter what I ate or did.

As of a couple of days ago, the scale finally started moving again, and I’m at a new low in my weight, and down 56.6 pounds total since starting this journey back in February of 2016 (aaaaand down 29.0 pounds since January 1, 2017, my re-commitment date.)

Keep working what’s working for you. If it’s not working, switch it up. But I’m here to say: exercise has awesome health benefits, but it will stall your weight loss- temporarily- while your body gets used to it. That’s OK. Push through. You are strong and you can do this. Don’t get discouraged. 

Have an awesome on-plan day, all! 


Chapter 02:

- Prologue

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………….. Aaaaand a new day begins for Sans, Papyrus, everyone! But sadly another cliffhanger for ya! And yesh, he hates chilly bitter tea but hey don’t ya love that friendly attitude of his, instead of bossy one? (ღ˘⌣˘ღ)

ლ(`∀´ლ) <( Mwahahahhaha )

… Actually was supposed to upload it yesterday but welp some of last details took longer than I expected and had to change something really quick but the update is finally here! Wooo-hooo! Enjoy~
Kathleen McCartney on Twitter
“Knitting night at the President's House @smithcollege #SmithToDo #HandsAtWork”

Knitting with Kathy!!! I’ve been waiting for this event for MONTHS. I signed up for the event a few months ago, but the first time it was cancelled due to a snow day but today it finally happened. It was such an amazing experience, just chilling in the President’s House with some truly amazing cookie and teas and knitting! They gave us some free supplies:

The President’s House is really beautiful, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to get to talk to lots of the amazing faculty here at Smith including President McCartney herself! I didn’t take any pictures of here, but here’s a blurry picture of Susan Fliss, Dean of Libraries who helped me out with some of my knitting!

Aaaaand of course, a photo of my hard work!

I really had so much fun tonight at the President’s House! So nice to see so many Smithies knitting :) I hope President McCartney does something like this again soon!

Inktober 2016 - Day 14

Yeah, I lost some days… I’m sick and I was feeling bad. Finally can throw off my illness.

I know it is too colorful for inktober but everything here is ink. Here is a variation for Don’t Starve gameplay addiction. What if there was an eclipse in DS world? It’s fullmoon so werepigs are out, it looks dark like a twilight so green mushrooms and spiders are out, it happens in a daylight so they don’t understand if they should sleep in a den or go out and red mushrooms are, aaaaand… mandrakes are going crazy because everything else is doing the same. Once a… 5 gameplay years maybe =) 

long HS rant that i’ve done before, i just need to vent

really happy that dear sweet nepeta is back, but low-key salty that her miraculous revival still happened before jade and karkat even get to meet [minus mind control in the other timeline because that didn’t friggin’ count as a proper reunion].

i mean, i suppose it makes sense, nepeta fans have been waiting slightly longer for her revival than i have been waiting for the jade/karkat reunion. so it’s fair that she’d be revived first. but that’s not the point this post isn’t about nepeta.

i guess i just didn’t think it was going to be this hard to just have two people have a conversation and be in the same room and both be conscious??? like, it’s become such a huge ordeal.

first it was like ‘wait we have to wait THREE YEARS???’ ok no it’s fine huss is going through these quickly i can wait. and then people started meeting in dream bubbles and i thought they were going to get a conversation there, NOPE! jade wasn’t even IN those games, at ALL, we don’t even have a talksprite for her. we just got her dutton bubble goggles in a chest and karkat’s password about her and that was it. TEASING.

then the day finally came where everyone was arriving in the new session and then jade immediately got mind controlled. while it gave us a bit of an insight into her darker thoughts, it still wasn’t really her, the condesce’s influence was obvious. then the gigapause happened.

so one year later, everything goes to hell and the timeline dooms. fast forward through ALL of that and here we are, everyone is meeting again!! aaaaand jade has to be unconscious because condy. so everyone has a lovely reunion and shows off all their rad character development. pages and pages and pages of it. lots of heart-to-hearts and tears and group dialogue. no jade.

then we get a bit of jade and jane and callie and it’s really nice, and while we get a glimpse of what happened with jade during those 3 years on the meteor, it’s only the bare minimum and it’s mostly to show what happened with john, and then goes into a full story about john. necessary, but again, we get very little character development for jade.

so then jane and callie are back and everyone is swooning over them and appreciating them and this is much needed [ESPECIALLY for jane]. more great group dialogue, PILES of it.

then we get this:

it’s really starting to feel like we’re getting close to the final flash vids. and jade is off doing something mysterious with alt. callie. so… is that it? is jade just going to do some cool space power stuff in the flash vids and be a powerhouse and nothing more than that?? maybe a group hug with the other beta kids at the end?? are we seriously not going to get ANY other character development for jade even though it is SEVERELY needed? hell, callie has had more irl interactions than her and she wasn’t even introduced until halfway through the story.

and the reason i’m focusing on her meeting karkat is because that is going to be the most likely conversation to have actual development for jade. because their conversations yielded the MOST character development for her that we’ve gotten in the story so far. many of her convos with other characters seemed to rarely focus on her, she was the helpful cheery friend talking them through their issues. or their personalities completely overshadowed anything she had to say [dave is a prime example of this].

but with karkat we actually got to see many different sides to jade. karkat’s personality complimented hers and whether they were fighting, apologising, having a feelings jam, motivating each other, or cooperating on frog breeding duties, no matter what it was, jade actually stood out for once. she didn’t get overshadowed and we didn’t just see the “polite” side of her. we got the good, the bad, the ugly, and the sad. and THAT. IS. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT. 

and that is what i want to see again. not just cheery jade being polite and not just god tier jade “existing” as a powerhouse. [don’t get me wrong, it’s great to see her kick ass. but we know, we KNOW that she’s strong. i want to see her personality not her power. i want to see her talk about her feelings, not just mention that she was depressed off-hand and then never speak about it again]. 

and i feel like this CONSTANTLY delayed convo with karkat is going to be that. because they confided in each other, and karkat gets her, he showed that very clearly with their convo about jadesprite that he understands her personality because they are alike in a lot of ways. and i want to see that again, i want to see jade actually talk about herself and her feelings and for someone sympathetic to be there to help her through it. and while i think a convo with john will be very important too, i think karkat will just understand more than he will and should probably happen before she talks to john so she can sort out her feelings about it.

i guess i feel like that is the only valid reason at this point to be purposefully delaying this, because it’s going to be important. but if we DON’T get this conversation, if we DON’T get this character development for jade then.. then what the hell is the point? what have i been waiting for this whole time? for my favorite character to get the shaft as far as development goes? to just be there to be powerful and cute and asleep in the background while everyone else has heart-felt reunions with their friends?

i trust that hussie is going somewhere with this [and i’m sure if we were reading these all in one go it wouldn’t feel SO dragged out]. but we’ve been waiting a long time, jade harley fans have been waiting a VERY long time. jadekats have been hanging on by a thread because of the hints hussie keeps dropping, keeping us on the hook for something that may not even happen.

and it’s getting to breaking point. if they don’t get a convo before the final battle flash vids then, who knows, they may NEVER get one. jade may only be here at this point to do some cool space stuff with alt. callie and nothing else. we don’t know what the endgame update structure is going to be. but if we have to wait for an unknown number of months while these videos get made, with the possibility of them never getting a conversation.. i.. i don’t know how i’m going to cope tbh.