aaaaand i ran out of room

Preference: My hero
  • Louis: "Oh No!" You cry as you "struggle" from your husbands gasp "Who will save me from the evil dragon!" "I will Princess Mummy!" Little feet bound down the hallway towards the dragons blanket fort "The only way you will get the beautiful Princess is if you defeat me" Louis draws out his sword to meet with his son's "En Garde!" Landon exclaims as you roll your eyes and chuckle at his extensive knowledge of sword fighting (Louis cannot say to now to those eyes when he asks to watch cartoons) Landon lurches forward cause his sword to slip between his father's torso and arm "NOOOOO!" He screams as he falls to the floor in death "Prince Landon! My hero!"
  • Zayn: "Come on Hugo! You wanna fetch the ball?" As you walk to close the gap made between you and your dog Hugo you could feel a pair of eyes watching you. Noticing the unfamiliar, yet handsome stranger on the bench, you smile (and of course blush like a beetroot). The next thing you know your back slams into the ground as a cheeky Hugo stands on your torso, ball in mouth. "Are you okay?" The handsome stranger inquires "Yeah, I'm fin- augh!" Your body retaliates as you try to get up with a sharp pain in your ankle. "Hop on" "I beg your pardon?" Confusion filling your voice. "Hop on my back." He laughs "You can barely walk. I'll hold onto Hugo and give you a piggy back ride home" "My hero" "Well, you know what they say; chivalry isn't dead."
  • Harry: "DADDY!" The long, high pitched screech startled the both of you awake and flying into Your daughter's room. "Daddy," Lucy cried "the, the, monsters are trying to get me" A small smirk crossed Harry's face "Go back to bed Love, I've got it." The warmth of your bed was to inviting  for both of you to deal with a bad dream. "Now Darling, tell me what happened" he calmly asked Lucy as he held her in his arms. "They came in though the door and then went under my bed. They tried to eat my foot but I screamed and they ran into the cupboard. Help me Daddy. Please." The three year old begged "It's okay, you go join Mummy in bed and I'll sort these monsters out" "Thanks Daddy, you're my hero"
  • Liam: "Liam! Liam!" You whisper "Pssst! Liam! LIAM!" "What? What is it?" He mumbles exhaustedly "I think there's someone downstairs" Leaping tout of bed he runs to the corner to grab the guitar he had been practicing with "Stay here. Keep your phone near you" you nod taking it in your hand "Be careful" you warn. Every minute of silence that passes drives into my and more worry "[Y/N], it's safe to come out. I found the culprit". Liam assures as he comes back into the room holding your new puppy in hand. "Apparently this cheeky little bugger got out of the laundry and thought the lamp cord was a toy" he chuckled before rejoining you in bed "Thank you for being my hero" "Anytime Gorgeous"
  • Niall: "Hello Sunshine! I'm home" he calls out turning into the dining room "aaaaand you're standing on the table. Sweetie, why are you on the table?" You could hear the amusement in his voice. Shoe in hand you turn around to face him. "There, umm... there was a spider" you gasp trying to catch your breath and calm yourself out of panic mode. "So I ran out of the room and once I gathered up enough courage to face it, I got my shoe and I came back in, but, but, I lost it. So, here I am. Don't laugh Horan! This isn't funny" you stamp your foot in anger, only causing him to laugh harder. "Don't worry Sunshine" holding his hand out to help you down "I'll always be your hero