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Has- Has anyone seen Eleanor?

Waldorf. I mean, who else? Have you seen her? Eleanor Waldorf. Hm? Oh, no I’m quite alright thank you. You know how it is, the party might be in full swing but business never truly stops. Of course, I‘ll be sure to catch up with you later. [ He stares intently at his phone, trying to look as calm and casual as possible before jumping and looking back up. ] Sorry, you startled me.

How are you?

Lolol, fuck. @biggestdisappointmentinwarfare tagged me today to talk about my current WIPs, which reminded me I the same thing saved in my drafts (!!!!!!!) from the time @thexann tagged me to do this! And it was almost a month ago!

jfc, I’m the worst xD 

anyway - I hadn’t published it yet because back then it was still in the very early stage, aka plot/world/character planning, and, to be honest, I hadn’t had much to share about. But here I am, at the beginning of the 3rd chapter, and I guess it’s time to finally do that.

But before we start I need to say few things.

1 - I’m usually working with my first language and with the example given here it’s the same, so I tried to translate it the best I could.

2 - It’s all very new and, I still need to figure out many things and edit many many more. So it’ll probably look weird af ^^

It’s an original fiction, kind of a classic high fantasy with the ultimate good vs. evil theme. Few of a more important characters are:

  • halfling babe, Helfi
  • cute human gal, Fayra, 
  • Velius, the half-ifrit, 
  • two elves - Traxian and Olara
  • and Balam - caedmer male, wich is a race I created especially for this piece of fiction. they are a mix of lizard-ish and human-ish DNA. -ish, because it’s not really proven which races exactly were involved in the process. 

And here’s a small example of what it can will be

“Are you both serious right now?” Traxian asked, still standing in the same spot, quite far from where they’ve tried to move the unconsious body. Helfi had a serious urge to punch him.

“I think I’m the one who should be asking that question.” she said, sounding pretty serious.

“What are you talking about?”

“I’m talking about you, back there in the tavern, when you were this close to fuck up the man for taking you for a wild savage while now you’re doing the exact same thing.”

“It’s not the same. We’ve done nothing wrong but that asshole didn’t care about reasons. But caedmers are dangerous.”

“You are dangerous yourself!” Helfi shouted, standing straigh all of sudden. Seeing her face like this - wild and furious - send a cold shiver down Traxian’s back. 

“Bloody hell, Traxian, get your head out of your ass for once! I’m well aware that caedmers can be impulsive, but don’t act like your conscience is perfectly clear” while saying so she poited her finger at him “cause we both know it isn’t. We don’t know who that is. We don’t know what happened here, but we know one thing for sure - this one here needs our help righ now. And you have quite the nerve to deny him that much, especially after what happened earlier today. You’re acting just like that shithead from the tavern and you know it, so please, if these bullshit are all you want to add, you better shut up.”


How is it? What do you think? I can’t really tell rn if it’s good or bad. 

And now - thank you for your patience. And for tagging me! I tag:

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“The hero becomes a heartthrob~”

I get to do what I’m most passionate for.
Creating things that would definitely help a lot of people and to share to the world the art and wonders of robotics.

-Excerpt from his interview from Manifesto magazine, October-November issue

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I would like to thank and congratulate Daniel Henney for existing because without him there wouldn’t be a Supermodel!Tadashi!

Okay, everyone grab your copies while it still lasts. HEHE.

ANYWAY. He would definitely catch the attention of the media once he starts his “superhero-ing.” Despite Tadashi’s super busy schedule, they want to book him for photoshoots, interviews.All that gets mixed up with his schoolwork, keeping San Fransokyo’s peace, and of course spending some time with his friends and family.

I was thinking of how Hiro would react to seeing his brother on a magazine cover and Aunt Cass probably already knew first because they always deliver her the latest magazine issues which is used for the cafe. XD Everyone in the gang knew as well but they wouldn’t tell Hiro because they thought he probably already knew.
Hiro would then realize that Tadashi has been going home late not because of school but of his little “part time job.” Of course, he wouldn’t be pleased but then Tadashi would tell him that “We could buy more awesome parts for your bots~” Hiro would agree. XD

Next thing you know, you’ll be seeing Tadashi’s faces on billboards and even commercials. HEEHEE. IMAGINE THAT.

Hope you guys like this and my attempt to “layout” a magazine cover or even make a magazine article. OTL SO. TALK TO ME ABOUT SUPERMODEL!TADASHI. asdfghjkl;