Imagine for Sonic’s birthday, Tails made Sonic a snow globe, inside the snow globe is all of Sonic’s forms, Super, classic, boom, werehog, dark, and werehog. Shadow helped with the music, he and Tails decided to use the green hill zone theme, Shadow did the theme on piano when Tails recorded it.  

Now imagine the look on Sonic’s face when he opens the gift.   

cravatsandtea  asked:

Your "first date" art really touches my soul!! That you placed those colors on Mccree cheek made my heart skipa beat or two. As a pan myself I am so elated. Is there a way I can buy this print. I want to wake up in the morning and have it be one of the first things I see. Also thank you so much for creating that.<3

Hey there! I’m so glad it made you react in a good way!

Actually yes, I’m selling it here . Thank you so much for your interest dear 💙