I got a lot of positive feedback on the freckled texture I made for my character so I thought I’ll make an other one and share it with you guys. Everybody loves freckles, right? :D (…then it kind of became a series… ^^”)

  • this replaces the 3rd complexion in game
  • female humans, elves, and dwarves can use it
  • requires patch 8

Comes in 4 versions+light and dark edition with:

  • cleaned up texture
  • nicer nose, lip and overall face shape

Hope you like it! *^^* Happy modding!

I didn’t test this outside the CC yet, so I’d appreciate any feedback, and of course it would make me totally happy if you’d share what you created if you decided to use this! *^^*
Also, please keep in mind that as any other face texture mod, this is not compatible with the BE!

Light edition | Dark edition

Other mods used: Eyebrows | Eyelashes | Eye Retexture | Hair Retexture |Prologue Outfit Retexture | Lower Bun | Long Side Swept Hair | Long hair

Go to the update!


I made top 20 finalist for the 2015 Miss Arab USA pageant!!

This is totally unexpected! My friend signed me up and I never expected to be picked for top 100, nevermind top 20! And I thought I totally bombed the phone interview, but I guess not!

I’m excited and nervous. I’m actually pretty shy and I don’t like being on stages. But I’m doing this because if I don’t I think that I would regret it in the future. Some of you already figured this out and have been asking how you can support me. I will keep posting information as I get it. This just got announced. But for now you can like/comment/share my pic on the official facebook page.

Thank you so much for everybody that sent me encouraging messages. I never thought I would actually do this but here I am!!!

P.s. I am using my legal name for this competition. I realize that a lot of you don’t know that Yasmeen is actually my middle name. But it’s me!

Damn u Deox for getting me into pokemon and make me like these space spaghetti’s……. ..  . so lmao i made two deoxys (deoxy/i???) OCs!

Luta - Literally means “fight” in Portuguese, she’s quite irrationally angry 24/7. She’s known to be strong and constantly in her attack form, ready to fight almost all the time, whether it’s for self-defence/protection, to show off her strength or just because she want’s to fight for fun.
Well, whatever the reason is, it usually gets her in trouble because of her rash and no second-thought decision to just fling herself to whoever the unfortunate creature is that she decided needed some whooping; which, not surprisingly, usually ends up in someone innocent getting hurt due to her violent actions. She doesn’t like hurting innocent pokemon/people, but her reckless behaviour tells them otherwise, which makes it hard for her to approach other pokemon/people as they’re always scared of her. 

Luan - Luan is Lutas brother and is the exact opposite of her, he’s calm, collected and takes things veeeeery slowly, which is why he never meets deadlines, but is work is impeccable almost all the time due to the time he takes on doing it; and if his work isn’t perfect or doesn’t meet people’s expectations he never takes it too hard and learns from it (except for his sister who will yet again throw herself at the people who show negativity towards her brother’s long work, needing Luan to restrain her before she does and going through another talk on why fighting people for not liking something isn’t right). He’s in his normal form most of the time and unlike his sister, he very rarely uses his attack form.
Much to Luta’s distaste, Luan hates (and fears) conflict and fights. He’s the one that cools down his sister if he feels another rage bomb coming and will take her out of any places or situations that could fuel or trigger her anger. He’s very kind hearted and easily makes friends with anyone around him, but he is very sensitive and let’s himself get very easily attached to things, and his hate (and fear) for conflicts will unfortunately make him let anyone lash out or step on him without getting a response from him (which most of the time doesn’t happen due to his sister being vigilant of anyone who comes as close as to make him cry or scared).

I don’t plan on taking them too seriously or actually using them that much, but if you guys like them you could tell me if you wanna see more of them and i’ll think about it!






We started as strangers. A stranger whom i never thought will have a big spot in my heart. I got the chance to enter the broken window that’s full of darkness. I was lucky i got the chance to know you. I never thought i would fall in love with someone like you. Maybe, we were destined to meet each other, to fall in love, to learn something and to realize things that only the two of us can discover. You shaped me into what I believed was a ‘better’ version of me. You took me to places I’ve never been. You taught me how to love unconditionally. We shared secrets and i love the way you made me feel that i was once the most important person in your life.
But just like seasons, people change, some needs to leave, others need to find their place and few chose to stay. And you’re the season that needs to leave after destroying the beautiful garden that i was trying to protect. You left that night without bidding good bye, without saying anything, without any explanation. I was left dumfounded. I feel like i am nowhere to be found. I feel like you had taken away my soul that night. I knew that you would leave me, but I love you enough to let you go.
Then i started to convince myself you never felt anything for me. But i was wrong, i thought i would be okay when you left. But everyday, every minute i waited for your comeback. I stayed at the place where you left me. It feels like everyday, i am having a hard time to breathe. I don’t even know how to embrace myself every night when i am missing you because my whole body hurts like hell. Life was like a black cloud, there was no happiness. You had taken it with you that night. I spent months poisoning my self with liquor, i thought it will help me forget about you, even just your name. I always thought that it would bring you back to me. It didn’t. I waited, months had passed and everyday i am losing my hope that you will come back, but still i waited, until i lgot no strength to continue waiting for you. But you know? I still waited, i used that small hope that maybe, one day you’ll realize something.
But now that you’re back. I don’t know what to feel. I should be happy right? You’re now back and i don’t know what you up to. I don’t know if you came back for me or you came back just because you want to get my hopes high then leave again for the nth time. Honestly i can’t feel anything now. I waited for your explanation. I waited for your sorry, but i got nothing. I was the one who said sorry because i thought it’s my fault why you left. But i didn’t hear anything from you. I didn’t even hear you say “i miss you”. I’ve been dying to hear that from you for how many months of not hearing anything from you.
I still want to hold on to you. But i’m slowly losing my hope that we still have our second chance. But it’s draining and I’m tired, so tired.
I still love you but i think i’m losing my chance. Can you save me this time? Can you please find me this time? I want you to chase me this time. I want to know if you still want me in your life. But if not, then i’ll just leave.
—  The one that got away // JC