aaaaah idk!!


Bored. Oh he was so bored.

Why was the Void always so monotone— Okay, that question answered itself. Gaster sighed, laying down, and pulling his computer up to his stomach. He closed his eyes for a minute, wondering if he should do something…

Had this happened a year ago, Gaster would not have minded this situation one bit. He had been stuck in the Void for so long… So many years of the same monotone existence had made him used to not doing anything at all. All he had before were his thoughts… Nothing more, nothing less. However, now that he had Sans, Dee, GG, and other friends in his life.. This had become more than just boredom… 

He was thinking of something to do to pass the time when he felt something… strange. He opened his eyes and sat up, moving his computer to his legs and trying to identify the strange feeling around him. Was it… a signal? It certainly felt like so. It sounded strange, but the Void had a way of materializing and expanding small things that would go completely unnoticed anywhere else. Signals almost felt like a ringing in the ears, a faint white noise, and a feeling like vibrations traveling through the air…. Then, Gaster looked down. 

On his screen there was now static. A distorted image with sound tried to push through, trying to communicate. His eyes widened and he stumbled to find a way to receive it clearly. After a bit… He sort of succeed… Sort of. 

But… Was that what he thought it was on screen…? A video transmission… From another timeline?

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aah thank you for this nonnie !! i actually ended up with two of these last night and honestly, just reading it made me smile a lot when i woke up this morning, thankie !! i’m glad i could make people happy, it means a lot to know that. 

i think i might just go ahead and tag the people that always manage to make me smile instead tho, so that they know they’re really, really special and that their presence will always be important to me and i adore them so much more than they know that it doesn’t feel complete when they’re not around sometimes. 

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and ah, just in case you guys are going through some tough things right now - please just always know that you are more than capable of doing whatever you set your mind too, no matter how much it feels like it might be getting too hard. i know a lot of you very well, and i also know that i’m just getting to know the rest, but i can guarantee you guys that no matter what happens from this point on - your strengths and talents and incredibly vibrant personalities will get you through anything that comes your way. please always remember to take care of yourselves and stay hydrated and get lots of sleep, and keep chasing your dreams - even if it’s a little effort every day, because no matter what happens, you will always, always deserve the best that life has to offer and eventually, you’ll get everything you’ve ever worked for and so much more, i promise !! 

i adore you guys, so please always remember to be good to yourselves and i hope that you never forget how to smile please, because just that one act alone can make all the difference in the world, for both yourselves and for all the people that have been blessed enough to have gotten to know you and only ever want to see you happy !!


I saw this screenshotted on a different site and i thought it was fake but apparently it’s real??? Like I know only like seven people have given their opinion but 100%? Wow :o I’d say things are looking good for American Made so far