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Things I still believe in, in 2017

-that the Tokyo Dome hug was much more than we’ll ever be able to comprehend, that it was much more than Jongkey themselves even understood

-Jonghyun’s proposal to Kibum from years ago

-that Jonghyun wrote Happy Birthday as a present to Kibum

-that Jonghyun still buys expensive gifts for Kibum on his bday

-that the reason Jonghyun was dressed up during BNR on Kibum’s bday is because he went to party with him/they celebrated on their own

-Kibum’s accidental post of Jonghyun’s crotch on his insta, wasn’t really an accident

-Kibum’s really close with Sodam and Jonghyun’s mom, I may not have evidence to back this, but it’s something I strongly believe in

-they still watch movies/documentaries together

-probably have outfits that coordinate

-Jonghyun still struggles every year on what to get Kibum for his birthday


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The Pevensies in Hogwarts & Patronuses. 

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New video! Stydia has taken my life and soul. I regret nothing :’D

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i think i asked about it a long time ago, but do you have any magical realism or urban fantasy ideas? also could you possibly link me to any lists you may already have of those? thank you so much!!

  • Character A is a fairy that has very little natural luck with plants or animals, but they’re a genius when it comes to technology. Character B’s computer has a nasty virus, and Character A has been paid to come to Character B’s house to perform some sort of cryptic spell – or to just download antivirus software – on Character B’s computer.
  • “I mean I could use my legs to walk on land, but it’s a lot easier for me to use a wheelchair because I have a lot of upper body strength from swimming. Also, did you know that over 80% of water-to-land mermaids suffer from chronic pain in their legs and feet? That’s a real statistic, look it up.” AU
  • Character A is monster that falls in the ‘eldritch horror’ category – meaning that they’re just downright horrifying and not tied to any real species – and while it can be lonely, Character A makes an absolute killing being an actor in horror/slasher movies.
  • While working at an aquarium, Character A’s job is to swim around in a very large tank, look pretty, and to take cute pictures with tourists. Everything is absolutely dandy, until a new employee starts to outshine Character A’s performance. This sparks a rivalry between the two, competing to see who can be the best aquatic performer.
  • “Once, I got really stressed out during an exam and I set my papers on fire, and that’s how I found out that I have a knack for fire magic.” AU
  • Character A works at a coffee shop, and Character A draws sigils in the customer’s foam per their requests. Character B often comes in the coffee shop, and Character A always makes sure to add extra force in Character B’s drink for “luckiness” and “fortune”.
  • “Everybody expected my familiar to be something cool like a barn owl or a black cat, but I got a corn snake. He’s still pretty neat though, even if he’s a little unconventional.” AU
“I really am loved”

Ren:I practically kept you all to myself the past year. If I were them (Aki and Shima), I don’t think I’d like that at all.”

Haru: I thought he’d gotten used to me by now. But he never shows or says how he feels. So sometimes I forget…

“ Watching each other has always played an important role for us. It is fun to concentrate on the other person’s fingers and his play while playing something completely different yourself. The most important connection to someone you’re making music with is taking place subconsciously in the back of your head. You think and play towards the same direction, no matter whether you look at each other while doing so or not. ”

-John Frusciante