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15 & 24 with teen Sam from the brothersdrrake list please <3

Finally done with this I was SCREAMING when I found this idea, so thank you for the request and giving me feels. I hope you enjoy it! <3<3 much love!

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Summary: You and Sam have been best friends for a while, and while you rarely got to see that teenager, each time you did was a completely different story than the last. Growing to care for the boy, the two of you embarked on a harmless trip that may have changed everything for the better.

You watched him walk ahead of you as you heard the footsteps against wet stone. It was another cold, damp night in Boston, and you were out on yet another little trip with Sam. Being your best friend, he sure knew what to do to cheer you up whenever you had problems or just didn’t want to be at home. He knew what to do and where to take you, and the boy was always caring.

You followed him until he stopped at the top of a staircase that led down into an open street. Sam pointed at a building in the distance, a very familiar one. It was one you visited a few times with him, the view never got old each time you went there. It was a way to look at the whole city and minimize every problem just by being above it all. It was your favorite place to be, especially with him.

“There it is, not too far,” he said.

“Yeah, so it is,” you replied, and then you smiled as an idea hit you. “You wanna race?”

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#003: Q:  So what pronouns do you and your friends prefer? Just so we know when addressing you (つ˵•́ω•̀˵)つ I love your hair by the way =o

A: Everyone has their own pronouns…! I hope this is a clear enough way to tell. (Also, thank you! <3)

//ooc: aaaaah i’m so sorry asks have been slow to nonexistant, IRL busy stuff sort of took over for a while. i hope these help make up for it! if you want ones for your blog, feel free to ask for ponies with different pronouns or coloured text for your own blog!! ;v;