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You should look up Star-Crossed by Barbara Dee. I think you'll like the concept and the reason she wrote it is very sweet

aaaaah wait I’ve seen the post about that one! I wish I’d had something like that to read when I was a baby gay. I’m so excited for the current generation of young queer people right now, I know the world is still far from perfect for us but there’s just so much more out there for them

Probably, although I’m saying this now being happily married, but one thing I wish I had known when I was starting out when I was younger, particularly if you’re a woman, is that this profession is incredibly hard to balance marriage and family, if you want a career as an actress. It’s really tough because it takes you away from your family all the time. And I think, when you’re young, and you know, sort of narcissistic and it’s all about ‘Me Me Me’ and 'what I want to do, what I want to do’, you don’t really ever think about the reality of what your life could be. That’s probably the thing I wish I knew then.
—  Alex Kingston (WW Madison, April 9th, 2016)