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Damn yo, yuja's taking no prisoners today :blobpopcorn: ~⚓

Pictured above: MFW I woke up and remembered the mini-rants I typed up for my previous asks.

You know how people look back at things they drew/wrote/said/etc. when they were young and feel super-duper ashamed? It hasn’t even been 24 hours and I’m already in deep regret for going off like that on the poor anon.

I’ve had like 9 years of debate club experience, so I’m conditioned to immediately snap back with rebuttals to everything. Those asks happened to come in when I was in a bad mood, too. Apologies to the anon, and to everyone who had the misfortune of reading my shitty ramblings. (:​D)|​ ̄|_​

…though I have to say, even though I probably should’ve worded it more gently, I don’t regret the grammar lesson.

Oh, and a fun story: I got a new follower notification a few hours after I made that post. It was from a blog that had nothing to do with LL or even anime at all - all of their posts were about grammar rules and language jokes. Seriously.


Qin Xiong has a cold and Xuezhang (senior) just wants to take care of him. 

Characters from ‘Their Story’ by Tan Jiu

Every inch of you is perfect from the

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Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3
Subaru (CV. Kondo Takashi) & Kou (CV. Kimura Ryohei)
Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol. 3

Diabolik Lovers Versus III Vol.3 // Subaru vs. Kou Translation

(。「´-ω・)ン  Heyyo sinners~! Subaru and Kou are like my favorite rivals in the series. So! I decided to take a crack at translating their versus.  (๑꒪▿꒪)*    Aaaaah. This is my first DL CD translation and I’m not too confident when it comes to audio translating. So please go easy on me haha.  

  ʅฺ(・ω・。)ʃฺ  As for other versus translations, there’s a good chance I might give Shu and Yuma a go. Doo bap da dop~~ ♪♫

The audio is the entire CD. ヽ(・ω・ゞ) After a track finishes, you will hear a quick ding. If you’d prefer to download the CD, then here’s a link. Rest of the tracks are after the read more.

╭( ・ㅂ・)و ̑̑  I enjoyed the CD and I hope you do too!

Track 01: Invitation To A Party

Subaru: Sigh, that damn guy. To send us an invitation? Just what is he thinking? I’m not in the mood to go.Kch! *starts ripping the invite* Ggh! *rip* Hegh. Ahh. Damn it! The old man’s power really pisses me off. He doesn’t even need to be here to irritate me. And her! Pisses me off how she always accepts this crap so readily!  What a pain.

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My Girl, Sana Bakkoush, is smiling again and she is lighting up the sky. All is Good now.

sweetlittleredbird replied to your post “hey guys im p nervous about stuff pls tell me your favorite…”

Shiro will often go back to his room after hearing Lance make a really dumb joke and just *laugh* because he’s the leader and feels like he needs to maintain a straight face but d a m n that joke was funny. Also Shiro did bench press Lance once but Shiro couldn’t hold out and had to pull Lance close and kiss his entire blushing face Sven likes to stare at Lance fondly because he just adores the way Lance lights up while talking about anything

the first one made me laugh so much cause i could totally see this happening lmaoo

Lance helping Shiro work out is what I LIVE FOR 

Lance with a supportive lover that loves him for him and wants him to be happy is my aesthetic 

Daily blog or Doodle blog?

Should I change this blog from daily to a doodle blog? It’s a weird change I know but honestly, I can’t keep consistent daily posts going.

I would love to have it daily but the time I have is really limited nowadays due to school and my major exams on its way.

So, I’m going to be asking your opinions on this..

Do you think I should change the blog?

With Blue Diamond’s overwhelming power over other’s emotions, it’s no wonder Blue Pearl, the gem closest by her side, has become numb to the world. She’s quiet and dazed, and barely has enough of her own emotions within her to understand who she is. Where she takes time to process the rest of the world through her dull sensations, the other pearl reacts quickly and eagerly.

Yellow Diamond is more physical with this pearl. She doesn’t abuse her mentally, but rather with her own hands. Throughout her time working for Yellow Diamond, pearl has learned how to be the best, or else receive her diamond’s anger - a flash of lightning or a swipe of her oversized hand against her fragile body.

When they first come to earth it takes time to heal. Separation from their diamonds causes each of them to go into panics, not knowing what to do with themselves. Being free is something they could never comprehend, and now they don’t know what to do. It takes time, and it takes counseling. One of the Crystal Gems understands, the rebel pearl. She watches over them as they slowly learn about earth and freedom.

Blue Pearl’s numbness fades to the background, and she now learns herself. She has her own emotions and thoughts and opinions, and she embraces them.

Yellow Pearl learns that she’s okay, even when she makes mistakes. She learns to stop flinching, and she grows stronger and more confident in the new world.

They each have their moments of relapse - flashbacks to the time when they couldn’t control their own bodies or minds. But they cope and they live.

Together they help each other, until they don’t even think of their diamonds daily anymore. They think of themselves and what they want, and they know that they deserve that.