aaaaah babe..

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Hiii! Can you make a bts reaction to they finding out that their girlfriend is Argentinan???!! Thank you❤(I'm sorry for my English ugh) your blog is super cute, I really love it!!

Thank you so much !

BTS REACTION : Finding out their girlfriend is from Argentina 


“Woah, you’re from Argentina ?!” *looks at you in shock* “That’s AMAZING ! We should cook Argentinian food together ! Do you know how to make empanadas ?”


“Babe, that’s so cool ! Why didn’t you tell me earlier ?” *pause* “Wait so you speak Spanish?!  Please say something in Spanish, it’s such a sexy language !”


“Knowing that just makes you even more attractive ! I really want to go to Argentina now ! Let’s go next summer, just the two of us !” *after a long research on Argentina* “Okay, so I want to go to Buenos Aires, to the falls of Iguazu and in the south to see the icebergs, what do you think ? Aaaaah babe, I’m so exited !”


“Oh my god, babe, that’s soooo cool, I can’t believe it ! Can you teach me some spanish ? It’s such a sexy language ! I already know a couple words but I want to know more !”


“Woah, that makes you even sexier !” *smirks at you* “Te amo y/n”


*as soon as you tell him he screams :* “HOLAAAAAA” *you both laugh* “No seriously, that’s so cool, tell me stories about Argentina, I want to know everything about my girl’s country”


“Wow that’s impressive ! So you can speak Spanish ? You know so many languages, you’re so talented ! Wait, so tell me more about your childhood in Argentina, I want to know everything about my baby’s life!”

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I'm kinda tall, maybe a bit lanky. Pretty fit, got some abs on me. I have blonde, thick, long messy hair and blue eyes with golden circles around the pupil. I have been told my eyes are pretty intense. I play the guitar, bass and drums. I love writing poetry and reading! I go to a music focused high school. I love just chilling at my favorite cafe and drinking tea.

aaaaah music babe :,) yes i’d date the heck outta you!! you can sing me to sleeeeeep 💛 and let’s exchange poetry!!