Rogue One sent me into a daze. Here be spoilers, but I’m not putting things under a Read More.

The movie had its issues with characterization and storytelling, but I enjoyed It a lot. I’m looking forward to (friendly. FRIENDLY!!) discussion about gray morality and the meaning of martyrdom and so on with people, but at the end of the day, everyone died and I went home with my belly full of Feelings because ASIAN WARRIOR MONKS! IN SPACE!!

Chirrut and Baze made this movie for me. I love them both, I love their dynamic, I love how two men are allowed such a close and gentle and loving relationship when they are the characters they are. They’re played by a Hong Kong and a mainland Chinese actor respectively! That part of the world isn’t known for its openmindedness to queerness! And I definitely see Chirrut and Baze in a queerplatonic relationship. Mostly because I’m not sure if Chirrut made any vows of celibacy and if he did, whether he’d actually keep them.

(Probably not, lbr.)

But yeah, I had a nice screechy shouty discussion with my mom (who, bless her, is more than a little homophobic) and she totally 100% agreed with me that Chirrut is Baze’s entire reason for living and LEMME JUST TELL YOU I HAVE SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THEM RIGHT NOW.

It’s even better because Chirrut is the subversive laughing monk (which does show up in Chinese dramas) and Baze is the stereotypical silent-Shandong-BAMF-warrior type. Like. These dudes are the epitome of traditional Chinese masculinity. There is famous Chinese classic literature wholly based on these guys. But Chirrut and Baze play so well off each other and have their quietly devoted relationship that absolutely resembles that of a married old Chinese couple.

I think I’ve found a new OTP.


This is the surprise that I was talking about in my last post…


Kyle Kashiwabara, a very talented and super cool guy has offered to colaborate with me with the music for this project, we’ve been talking for many days and he wrote this music for Underverse!Sans 0.1. I really loved the orchestral style he used and the feelings he put on it, fixing perfectly with the scenes!.

Now, Kyle and his team from Stereohead Studios will be a very important part for Underverse!Sans, creating an authentic Underverse!Sans album (credits will go for Toby Fox too obviously) and welp! This will be a great experience working together to show the entire world our skills and love for this projects!

Underverse!Sans 0.2 and the next parts will have their own soundtracks…AAAGH THIS IS VERY EXCITING!! I’M SO HAPPY!!

Please, check out Kyle’s work here!

This is so late now, but a cute AU art thingie for @ginrou. I totally meant to draw something sooner, but I lost track of time and I also have a shit memory D: I wasn’t sure if I was gonna include their Pokemon or not. Maybe next time! I had fun drawing this and it makes me want to doodles some things for my version~ Anywaaay..Happy Super Belated Birthday XDD;

Difference between music genres
  • The sentence: I saw a flower
  • Rap: yo, I was hangin' with my muthafucking homies and I saw a muthafucking flower in a muthafucking garden.
  • Pop: I saw a flower, I saw a flower, it was blue, it was blue.
  • Rocks: in fields where nothing grew but weeds I saw a flower at my feet.
  • Emo: I saw a beautiful flower BUT IT FUCKING DIED.