This is the surprise that I was talking about in my last post…


Kyle Kashiwabara, a very talented and super cool guy has offered to colaborate with me with the music for this project, we’ve been talking for many days and he wrote this music for Underverse!Sans 0.1. I really loved the orchestral style he used and the feelings he put on it, fixing perfectly with the scenes!.

Now, Kyle and his team from Stereohead Studios will be a very important part for Underverse!Sans, creating an authentic Underverse!Sans album (credits will go for Toby Fox too obviously) and welp! This will be a great experience working together to show the entire world our skills and love for this projects!

Underverse!Sans 0.2 and the next parts will have their own soundtracks…AAAGH THIS IS VERY EXCITING!! I’M SO HAPPY!!

Please, check out Kyle’s work here!

“Come with me,” she said. “Stay with me. Be with me. See everything with me. I have traveled the world and seen so much, but there is so much more, and no one I would rather see it with than you. I would go everywhere and anywhere with you, Jem Carstairs.”   – Clockwork Princess, Epilogue

Ok so you know how Matt was waiting for a text from Taliesin to see if Percy agreed to come back or not

I just realized that’s why Matt pushes Laura to give that little speech at the beginning of the ritual. He asks for “something that you as an individual bring to this, a connection to Percy,” which he hasn’t ever asked for in other rituals

So that was Matt’s subtle way of being like DON’T U GUYS FUCK THIS UP TELL PERCY YOU LOVE HIM OR YOU’RE SCREWED

He choked on a scream and thrashed, sending himself sailing out of bed and flat onto his back on the scratchy carpet. Time seemed to dilate into eternity—flat trapped cold can’t breathe—and then contracted again.

Danny gasped in a huge gulp of air and scrambled into a sitting position, leaning against the dresser next to the bed. A knob jabbed into his back and another poked his cheek, but he leaned into it anyway. He folded his hand around the edge of the dresser and focused on the wood grain under his fingers, the chemical tang of furniture polish, the carpet burn stinging on his elbow. He took long, deep, shuddering breaths, willing his heart to quit hammering its way out of his chest.

He looked up. The shape was still there, but he could see the light spilling in between the curtains through its body; a shade. A ghost, minus any ectoplasmic energy to give it form or purpose. Nothing more than a vague, shadowy outline, but the posture, hands in pockets, looked familiar.

Chapter 26, Shadow of a Doubt by Haikujitsu

something for @haikujitsu‘s SoaD fanart contest because its one of my favorite fics and everyone needs to read it, as well as its precede, Phantom of Truth!!


Page 1 of my brand new comic series is live! Can’t wait to start on the many pages ahead~

Days after having been rescued from the forest, Lapis now lives with the human and pokemon that found her. Though everyone appears kind to her, Lapis can’t shake the feeling that they might betray her just like her old Master did. After all, she grew up to learn that all humans like things to go their way. What might happen if She is unable to please her new Trainer? Will he abuse her the same way her old Trainer did?

Definitely feel like I rushed the story here. I really wanna work hard on developing all of my characters and their personalities though, so please bear with me ; v ;