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oh dear god James Robinson is the next Wonder Woman writer and he's bringing back Grail and the twin brother Jason storyline. What did we do to deserve this?



This is so cartoonishly bad I literally thought this ask was a joke. I thought you were messing with me.

fuckity fuckity fuckity fuckity

“Hey, so Rucka’s spent a year fixing up almost every single thing we fucked up about Wonder Woman since 2011, building up a compelling supporting cast and rogues gallery and reinstating Diana as the hero of her own story, which is damn good timing because the movie’s got everybody interested in her again; whaddaya think we should do with her now?”

“weeellllll, yanno, I’ve been trying to put my finger on what this book’s missing and it occurred to me– what about the men???”

“BY GOSH YOU’RE RIGHT. This book about DC’s most iconic female superhero is seriously lacking in the male department! How could we have allowed this to happen?!”

“So I was thinking, like… what if Wonder Woman was a man?”


“Like her twin brother or something. Didn’t we seed something about that? A secret twin?”


“I don’t know how Wonder Woman writers didn’t think of this before, honestly!”