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the low sound of the bus in one ear, and music in the other. your head rested against the window, watching everything speed by, almost like a blur if the bus would go just /a little/ faster. he was sitting next to you, a little bit closer than usual, your thighs barely brushing against each other. you didn't mind though, you had experienced this treatment whenever he had something on his mind or needed to talk something out. and of course, it was you, the best friend, every single time. (1/?) 🌸

as you leaned back, neck aching slightly from the crooked position you had previously been in, you noticed something. he was fidgeting, biting his lip, moving around in the seat, it wasn’t new or anything. but this time it was more excessive. you briefly went through your mental schedule of all the upcoming exams but nothing crossed your mind for today nor tomorrow. of course he wouldn’t be nervous about the exams.. but what else could it be? maybe.. your eyes widened a little, a girl?
luhan was known across the school for his good looks and sweet personality, and that made all the girls…

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