“We may never speak about this again. But I hope you’ll never hold it against me that we did. I will have been a terrible father if, one day, you’d want to speak to me and felt that the door was shut or not sufficiently open.”
“Does Mother know?”
“I don’t think she does.” His voice meant But even if she did, I am sure her attitude would be no different than mine.

Favourite quotes from the newest Sanders Sides video

- “I still say you could have gone with even more colours, Full Rainbow next time!” “Oh, I’m already full Rainbow all the time ;)”
- “You know, I’ll have some concerns” “That’s okay, what’s up?”
- “Yeah, I suppose there is a sort of dark edginess to it, like, one of those Crayons crayon Halloween packs” “That is your standard for dark edginess?” “I don’t know, I’m just trying not to bring the group down here”
- “You only help to lift me up you sweet and sour misunderstood Shadowling” “ I… What?” “Mm, just nod and agree, he has a lot of love to give”
- “TONKS” “GAH, I nearly just took your whole face out” “Patton, you now have our attention”
- “I can Sort of see where you’re going with this Thomas” “ Hats off to you Patton” “Aragog. A ginormous spider in the Harry Potter universe…”
- “And that is a great example of what we are NOT going to do with Virgil”
- “Okay, look, fantasy is not my jam. My jam of choice is Crofters. and this video isn’t even sponsored, I’m just a fan. Crofters. The only jelly I will put in my belly”
- “Aww, is that what you think of me Roman?” “I mean yeah, you’re the softest little puffball we’ve got, Padre” “You don’t have to be mean to h-” “AAAAAAWWW, THANK YOU ROMAN!” “See?”
- “What the heckety heck, five abs and one peck” “What a visual” “What was that?” “Oh, it’s just a little thing I like to say when I’m confused, so that I’m not alone in my confusion, see, it works”
- “Well, sorry to ruin it for you” “You didn’t ruin anything” “If you keep talking bad about yourself I’m gonna physically fight you” “Noo, no that is the opposite of helpful, Patton” “Nobody talks about my child like that” “Ookay, okay buddy”
- “Why is that, Patton?” “:D because he’s my hero” *clapping* “WE! GET! IT! YOU’RE! ADORABLE!”
- “Gryffindors are self righteous and arrogant” “Oh, okay Patton, I wasn’t to tally convinced before but maybe Logan is a Gryffindor” “I do see that” “Right?”
- “How would I be a Hufflepuff?” “You are hard working :)” “Working hard to make Thomas paran-” *Thomas glare* “Vigilant! Paravigiant! Did you like that I just made that word up just now!”
- “Hufflepuffs are also said to make the best companions” “In a romantic sense?” “why not ;)”
- “They’re also particularly good finders!” “And you are very good at finding new ways to insult me” “Noooo, hey!” “Not this time around, relax, I noticed the effort, you’re good”
- “That is magnificent… How you’ve managed to become even angstier” “Oh.”

Dating Drax The Destroyer would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Aaaaaawww Drax :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-The two of you making a silly couple that everyone either laughs with or feels uncomfortable to be around with

-Him knowing when you feel down and just bluntly asking you if you want a hug from him, making you feel better

-You usually being the first one to initiate affection whenever you’re both in public, only for him to always get shy and be surprise no matter how innocent you were

-Him never understanding as to why you would ever want him to choke, spank, tie you up, etc during sex and just telling you that all of those don’t belong in the world of love making

-Peter asking you indiscreet questions about you two being together while Rocket keeps making fun of you for falling in love with Drax

-Him coming up with cute yet straightforward nicknames to call you, only for them to mostly make everyone else around laugh

-Him having the habit of turning to you and picking you up out of nowhere, even throwing you over his shoulder whenever you’re indecisive or simply when he needs you

-You being the only one he listens to and who knows how to calm him down, whether it be from his wrath or his overexcitement

-Him having crushed you with his weight on too many occasions when you’d sleep together, as he’d have the habit of rolling around in his sleep, only for you to wake everyone on up with your screams and for him to panic

-Him trying his best to give you the silent treatment whenever he’s mad at you but giving up extremely easily as he just can’t spend a day without talking to you or you making him laugh

-You loving to jump up to him whether it be from behind to surprise him or out of excitement, as he’s so steady and would always catch you

-Him keeping a straight face as he seriously tells you that he loves you and that he’ll stay by your side forever, only to break character and giggle when you’d smile and tell him that you feel the same and that you’d do so as well

  • Alfred and Drummond looking at each other: (✿ ♥‿♥)
  • me: aaaaaw ^^
  • Alfred and Drummond hugging: (つ・▽・)つ⊂(・▽・⊂)
  • me: d'aAWWW
  • Alfred and Drummond dancing: (*ノ・ω・)ノ♫♩ヽ(・ω・ヽ*)♬
  • me: D'AAAAAAWWW ^^
  • Alfred and Drummond finally kissing: (ʃƪ ˘ ³˘)♥(˘ ε˘ʃƪ)
BTS REACTION - Seeing you (idol/gf) dancing in the practive room

Scenario: The idol is a girl


He lost himself.

*Aaaaaawww~ she is so cute*

He just watch carefully.

He can’t control his feelings and go dance too.

*I can dance better than you*

Taehyung (V)
*I’m just falling in love*

He just films to watch more and more times.


Last reaction today T-T
I hope you like it ^^

~ADM Kim

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I just wanna say I LOVE your college Teru, omg I love his hair, I love how you draw him, I adore everything about him. And your new pic where you draw him with his retriever? omg omg i'm speechless I just, love it so much?? like??? really really love it?? and god, the proportion! his bicep omg! can you tell me your headcanon about college teru's and mob's body type if it isn't too much? thank you!

aaaaaawww thank you so much i am very happy to hear that because i too love teru!!!

for my headcanon for their body types in this au as you may have heard that teru has a 16 pack. that he’s ripped. well that is right. like i just imagine him to be a man of routine and when he started training at fourteen he just kept on going at it until now.  

as for mob i see his body type as broad shouldered with lean muscles. he still works out but not as frequently and intensely like teru does after the body improvement club.  

you know now that they’re dating i want to say that whenever teru goes to the gym he invites mob to come with him but this is just impossible because they live far away from each other, they only formally see each other during the weekends and what they do together are morning runs. 

like they have this routine every friday, teru would go straight to mob’s apartment after his classes and stay the night and vice versa. then they do their morning run!! it’s pretty great 

cutepanda000  asked:

I'm a ghoooost panda X3 and i came here to scare away any evil peeps thst apear to say bad things to u >:3

AAAAAAWWW A protective cutie pandie ghost!! Thank you so much!!! If you dare to mess with me, you’ll be haunted by a sweetheart… Sounds too nice… XD

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If you're still wanting asks about your AUs, I think I'd like to hear more about the Hunters AU! However I also really love the College AU and Black and Gold... You make such fantastic work!!!

aaaaaawww dude thank you TT v TT

Black and Gold - ||
College AU - ||
Hunters AU - |||   

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Headcanon: Napoleon is used to people finding him attracive and hot. Those are also the compliments he always gets. So when once him, Illya and Gaby are relaxing together, and Gaby tells him (not even romantically, just like an observation) "you have such pretty face solo" and Illya agrees and says that "yes. It's really nice and simmetrical and pleasurable to look at" Napoleon blushes like crazy, because nobody ever said sth like that to him. Bonus: Illya's reaction is "aww you're so cute".


And now imagine him ducking his head because he’s too flustered. He doesn’t mumble “I’m not,” because he can’t speak right now. There’s so much adoration in his partners’ eyes and it’s a little bit overwhelming. 

Gaby can’t resist and has to kiss both of his cheeks, before she wraps her arms around him and snuggles closer. Illya also decides to join, kissing both of them on the forehead before settling down on Napoleon’s other side, because Gaby’s behaving like an octopus and he has no intention of separating them. 

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I don't I could handle an emotional roman I would want to cuddle him and then beat who ever made him cry

Seeing men upset in general makes me sad. It’s so ingrained and pounded into their heads that they have to be so tough, so seeing them emotional is just like “aaaaaawww, c’mere!”

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u a fluffy cutie aaaaaawww the hair the smile the face u just a full on cutesicle

(( OOC: I’m struggling over the use of the word “cutesicle.” 

I read it as Cutesticle and now I can’t stop laughing. )) 

SHINee reaction when they find out their sister is dating another member

Can you do a shinee reaction of them finding out that their sister is dating another member? @>~<@

Onew: “I’m sorry, this is just so funny! You have grown so much my little one! I hope you and Minho are happy together, or I’ll have to get involved… i just wish you had told me sooner” *sensible brother*

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Jonghyun: *didn’t believe Onew would get a girlfriend anytime soon, so he is probably shocked that you two were dating, seeing as you are both just as awkward as each other*

“This is oddly disturbing. Like watching two fish out of water trying to hug….”

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Minho: “But I’m still your number 1 right? Right? Right?” *blocks Key out of the way*

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Key: “Aaaaaawww you and Taeminnie are dating! That’s so cute! You are both such babies!!” *later on to Taemin* “If you hurt her I will kick your ass got it?”

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Taemin: *Isn’t happy about you dating Jonghyun, but can’t say anything because JJong is is hyung, so he just awkwardly warns you to behave*

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