Man, I just saw the video of Nicole Kidman kissing Alexander Skarsgård on the lips at the Emmys and of course most media outlets seem to be making a big deal of it and they’re being all creepy and wink-wink nudge-nudge and seriously - aaaaaaargh - I can’t even? Nicole and Alexander did a terrific job in Big Little Lies. They both had such difficult roles to play - I can’t even imagine the trust and respect and intimacy you need to develop with someone so you’ll be able to be together in that way. So, I don’t know, maybe say it’s great that they’re happy about each other’s success and run an article about domestic abuse instead of stage-whispering “Nicole Kidman’s husband is sitting right there, folks, you see him?” and why must we be so obsessed about any kind of physical contact, anyway and my God, leave them the fuck alone?

Chapter Seventy-Four Part Three

A/N: You can find Part One here and Part Two here. This part was actually meant to be split in two, but neither half was long enough to be posted on its own so this is actually a relatively long update. Yay!

I hope you enjoy it, and thank you all for the lovely messages you’ve sent about the last chapters. Please keep them coming, they’ve been so lovely and amusing, they’ve really made me smile.💖

Also, there is one final part coming tomorrow. 😊

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Aaaaaaargh Im so frustrated

Why isn’t anyone leaking the Finale??? 7 billion people in the world, there must be some evil genius who can leak this…..


Kay I’m gonna go do something fucking lame, like watch Bachelor in Paradise and witness my reality tv Bae Dean be a fuckboi in front of millions…

Coz I’m physically unable to wait sooo fucking loooong for the finale. I need my Jonerys fix!!

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Talk about them starlight-sander ec-sanderssides what-even-is-thiss

Jay: HOLY SHIT HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE JAY??? LIKE HONESTLY I WANNA GO TO NZ AND HUG THE SHIT OUT OF THEM THEYRE SO GREAT AAAAAAARGH i still cant believe were friend tbh theyre seriously so cool and so great at writing i still remember when i first found their fics and honestly they inspired ME to pick up the pen!

EC: They’re super amazing and I love their writing so much! We’ve talked a few times and honestly so great, and so supportive! We haven’t talked much but they sent me this super sweet message and some advice when I was feeling down about something. Bless them, the world is a better place by their being in it!

Snakey-Ro: *coughnotsolowkeytumblridolcough* I know they *say* they’re not cool but honestly they totally are and im gonna be honest here theyre intimidatingly cool. Still, I’ve had a couple of short convos with them and theyre super chill. Theyre hilarious too, and have seriously great writing (I asked to be on their tag list bc I love their fics so much hahaha…) I definitely look up to Roman!

2D☆STAR: UNDEAD Interview

Part 3/3 of Ensemble Stars interview. From Bessatsu JUNON: Hyper-dimensional Idol Magazine 2D☆STAR

“We are demons in the darkness of the night.”

—–Please introduce your unit to us!

Rei: We are UNDEAD, infamous for being the most radical and vicious idol unit in Yumenosaki Private Academy. There are four members: me, Kaoru-kun, Doggy (Koga), and Adonis-kun. You see, we are demons from the darkness of the night. So our weakness is that we are inactive during daytime.

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Request - Alpha Twins “Only Human”

You didn’t know how it had happened, didn’t know why you were here, laying on the floor, with an arrow above your heart, hurting like hell. You knew that one moment you had been talking with the twins and the next moment everything around you had been changing into some kind of battle-field.
You had known that Scott’s pack didn’t really like you, you had known that they were thinking that you were spending way too much time with the twins, you had known that they had been thinking that you were one of them, another Alpha werewolf.
You had never thought it would come to a fight like this, you had never thought that Scott’s pack would attack the twins and that you would end up stuck in the middle. You liked the twins, their smiles, their sense of humour, their way of talking with each other, their way of talking with you, how they were always there to support you, always there to help you, always there to protect you.
“Aaaaaaargh!” You started crying and screaming, the pain in your chest being way more than you could handle, feeling how some kind of poison was spreading itself through your body, through your veins.
“What have you done?” Aiden stared at Scott, his eyes flashing red, his claws making wounds in his own hands, his brother kneeling down next to you, his voice screaming, his body trembling, him panicking. Out of the corner of your eye you saw how Aiden tried to attack Scott and how the others just stared at you and Ethan, stared at him kneeling down next to you, his hands grabbing the arrow and taking it out as quickly as possible, his hands pressing themselves against the bleeding wounds.
You were fighting not to lose your consciousness, you were fighting to keep on breathing, to keep on crying, to keep on screaming. You felt Ethans hand squeezing yours, his voice whispering over and over that you had to make sure to keep on breathing, had to make sure to stay alive.
“She’s human…” Allison spoke softly while kneeling next to you, the regret and sorry all over her face, the panic in her eyes, the fear that she might have killed a human girl, an only human girl that had nothing to do with this fight. This wasn’t your fight, you weren’t a werewolf, you weren’t a supernatural creature, you weren’t a part of the Alpha pack. You were just friends with the twins, the twins who had maybe made some wrong choices, but had also made a lot of right ones.
“You’re gonna regret this…” Aiden hissed between his teeth, his strong arms lifting you up, his hands pressing you against his chest.
“You’re not gonna die, do you hear me? You’re gonna make sure you keep on breathing and we’re gonna make sure you will get to the hospital to get the care you need.” Ethan laid a hand on your chest and you tried to nod, forced yourself to nod.
“Let us help.” Scott whispered softly, but Aiden shook his head.
“I think you’ve done more than enough for today.”

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I f the members of the leverage team had tumblrs, what do you think they would post?

Eliot: Recipes, gardening tips, self-defence lesson. Often mixed with the two others. (You know how the food blogs always have three paragraphs about their life before getting to the recipe? Like that, but shorter.)

Sophie: Posts about this awesome actress who is totally not her and complains about Nate.

Parker: Pictures of Christmas, chocolate and money. She reblog all these money cat/dog/lizard/whatever posts, not for luck, just because it’s pretty.

Hardison: He’s got five of them. One is checking for potential client, one is to troll Chaos, one is full of geek stuff, one is for guilty pleasures, the last one is to do money cat/dog/lizard/whatever posts.

Nate: Just ‘Aaaaaaargh!’. Every weeks, sometimes more often. Just ‘Aaaaaargh!’.

The precious fish

Based on: this imagine from @imaginexhobbit.

I know he’s completely out of character here but I think he deserves some love too, plus, he was so cute in “An Unexpected Journey”.

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Close enough.

You picked up another pebble from the river bank and threw it, making it bounce off of the water a couple of times; you had to improve your technique.

You lifted your arms and stretched your tired muscles: after a fruitful fishing, you and your father had dragged your small wooden boat to the shore, as usual, ready to carry the fish to the nearby cart, as usual, in order to take it to the market of your village, as usual. However, one of the wheels of the cart had caved in, maybe because of the excessive weight, and this was not usual at all. Your father had untied the horse from the cart and ridden to the village, in search of help, leaving you to guard the precious fish. You didn’t know for how long you had been waiting there on the shore, but you were getting really bored; you wanted your father to come back as quickly as possible, so you could take the fish to the market and then, hopefully, you would have been free to meet your friends.

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Aww, so everyone celebrated Easter with my exception due the different tradition… But it’s okies. I’ve just pictured Sansy x Alphys doing cute Easter stuffs on Papy who’s become a fresh teenager, by putting him in a cute bunny costume and a cuteeee make-up. XD 

Alphys: How about a pinkish bow? On forehead? Or tie around the ear?

Sansy: Sounds EGGellent. Let’s not forget about that fluffy tail.

Papy: *screaming with googly eyes* AAAAAAARGH!!! I HATE YOU!!!

Sansy: Someone’s EGGited, heh. You’ll love having a JUMPy day~

Papy: NO!!!!! *jumps on window*

Alphys: Um…. Oh well. *places the bow on Sansy’s neck*

Sansy: *derpyface*  Welp. That EGGalated so QUACK.

Alphys: LOL!!! YOU BIG DINGUS! Ahahahah.