aaaaaaall the feelings

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more Tim and dick and batfam after bruce comes back! the family realising what happened to tim while he was looking for B, that he had dealt with ra's, that ra's calling him detective and Bruce is like 'that doesn't sound good. What did you do Tim?`

Tim who just has plans to explain what happened without telling them too much. Like yeah he lost his spleen but it’s not that important they have to know right? Riiiight.

And just alfred and tim bonding bc alfred seeing the shimmering cold anger in tim god it just gives me all the feels.

Tim looking Bruce straight in the eyes and being like: “I did the same thing you would have done, Bruce.” 

And Bruce is like: oh shit. That most definitely is not good. But he can’t keep from smiling because that’s my boy and Tim has just… grown so much while he’s been gone. And yeah, he and the family are worried about him because “You lost your spleen and didn’t think it was important to tell us??” But at the same time, Tim has proven to them that he can hold his own. That he is probably the most capable member of the batfam. And no one doubts that for a second now. 

But oh man. Let me talk about Batmom Pennyworth for a second here… *takes a swig of tea*

So, it kind of bothers me that the Red Robin comics don’t show this either, but there is no way that Alfred would have been happy with how Dick responded to Tim in the aftermath of Bruce’s “death”. Ultimately, Alfred probably thought that, yes, Damian needs the role of Robin more than Tim does because it will give him an outlet to channel his violent tendencies into. And yes, he agrees that Tim needs someone to help him work through his grief… but Alfred would never have condoned the way Dick treated him (arguing/fighting with him, taking away his identity as Robin without even talking to Tim about it), and you can be sure that he told Dick as much too.

Ultimately though, it was a hard time for all of them, and Alfred knew that Dick and Damian had Gotham to look after. But that doesn’t mean he didn’t try to keep track of Tim and where he was, worrying about him every day and hoping he would come back safely. And you can bet that when Tim proves that Bruce is still alive, Alfred is so proud of him and the first to apologise for not trusting in him more. 

When Tim does come back, Alfred immediately registers the subtle change in Tim that goes beyond his growth in confidence and independence. He notices the cold undertone in his voice whenever he and Dick interact, how he smiles less, how he seems to always be on edge now and self-conscious about how others react to him. But he doesn’t confront him about it, knowing that doing so would only cause Tim to internalise all his anger even more. 

Instead, as always, Alfred simply… is. 

He tries to distract Tim from his anger, if only for a moment, with small sarcastic comments and freshly brewed coffee with biscuits, and ensures that Tim is given space when he needs it… and he waits for him to open up. He encourages Tim and tends to take his side whenever he and Dick are at odds, because he knows that Dick and Damian can handle themselves now; both of them are comfortable with who they are in this moment and with each other. 

But Tim needs Alfred. 

And, in all honesty, Alfred is the only reason Tim goes back to the Manor on some days. Because as much as he hates to admit it, all those little gestures and Alfred’s constant support make it damn hard to hold a grudge for very long.