I still haven’t decided which form of pun delivery I prefer

  • said with a shitty grin, followed by a “aaaaaaahhhhhhh?” that increases in volume and pitch (finger pistols optional but recommended)
  • said in absolute deadpan with no change in facial expression and no follow-up at all
  • said online where nobody can tell what you’re doing as you write it
  • UPS worldwide expedited with tracking

here are quite a lot of very self-indulgent and excessively poetical cyborg AU vs. medieval AU thoughts.

…………..I was writing a raymanthia AU and thinking about universe swaps (because of a certain SOMEBODY you know who you are).  So I was thinking idly about how maybe they have magic in Raymanthia but their tech is basically nil and their medical/scientific skills aren’t the most advanced and their wars are fought differently and etc. etc. etc. 

And then I thought about the different burners switching into their places in the realm and I have a lot of thoughts about Mike seeing the army his other self leads, the men who respect and admire him, and getting really emotional!   BUT THAT’S NOT THIS POST (mostly)

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when i first watched “Yuri!!! on Ice” i needed a break after every episode to resuscitate

now we’re getting a film. a complete film. maybe two hours. two hours of “Yuri!!! on Ice”

time to plan my funeral i guess