For painting class we had to do a masterstudy of a piece in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. I chose Tyrolese Interior by John Singer Sargent, because I loved the expression in the faces even though they were kind of small, the way he indicated the objects in shadow, THE LIGHTING, and how it was a manageable size haha. I felt like I had finished last week, but this week I discovered that it had gotten smudged during it’s stay in the class locker, so I had to re do the faces and table, but I think it came out better in the end. The pictures have captions so you can tell which random face pic is which :)

Stuff to remember as I go to college

Well specifically art school… Here are the goals so that I don’t stray:

Drawing: Get to the level so that you can draw realistically if you want to. If I try to draw a lifesize, lifelike face the results are usually laughably bad. So this is foundation year, get that draftsmanship down man. DO IT. Also learn how to draw a tree, cars and buildings because that's embarrassing. 

Painting: Color mix and get neater. Seriously, poking tiny piles of paint and then smearing all you colors together because you don’t feel like pouring more is not okay. What else are you going to use it for? Pour more paint, and clean your brush before you dip into a new color you slob lol.

Also get some depth, don’t paint the background after the foreground because then you just lamely paint along the figure and you can tell. So yeah. Learn to paint in real life.

Remember: It’s not about the clothes, or the art books you have, or the posters on your wall, or who you’ve met, or the “fandoms” you’re in, or the notes on your tumblr, or the pageviews on your DA, or how many times you draw at the museum or the zoo, or who says they like your art. It’s about are you getting better, and if you aren’t, why not? Only you can define getting better for yourself, sometimes I get down on something and someone comments on how they like it because of something, which is not bad at all, but don’t let that make you rest on your laurels. 

But also remember: It’s not a race, your goal in life is to get a drawing to the level of how it looks in your head, and ideally you’ve got about 80 years to do that. Don’t ever get so angry that you quit. RAGEQUIT is a bad word.

Oh yeah and ASK QUESTIONS you pester those professors they need to remember you. And really think of some questions, you’re always like ‘oh I would ask a question but what’s there to ask?’ Well, seeing as you don’t know everything, there is obviously something to ask so go for it.

Keep pushing with every picture, 'good enough’ is never good enough. HOO HAH COLLEGE. Dorm move in tomorrow. I can do this.


I got into the drawing class I submitted a portfolio for!!

It’s the Illustration Chairman’s! And I got my awesome schedule with classes like ‘the science of bugs’, 'the evolution of dinosaurs’, 'ancient art of the near east’ and principles of Illustration with Tristan Elwell approved! AWWWW YEAAHHHHHH


Our assignment for illustration is two pictures with the theme ‘before and after’ so little cutie kids growing up it is… finally actually consulted all of those grayscale master thumbnails I did to try to ACTUALLY MAKE VALUE STRUCTURE. And then a few hour later in drawing class our teacher dedicated the class to being about shapes since figure drawings must also work on an abstract level and I was like yeah I was just doing that YEAAHHH. Now the hard part is to actually keep this in mind while coloring…


So after staring at all our works, the illustration teacher went into this long talked about making sure it looks finished and how you should really care about your work or else who will and I just wanted to throw myself at his feet and be like ‘I KNOW IT’S SHITTY I’M SORRY I KNOW I HAVEN’T BEEN ABLE TO DRAW ANYTHING GOOD IN WEEKS PLEASE HAVE MERCYYYYYY’.

But yeah so I actually used my critique to try to improve it, what a radical concept.

My favorite figure gesture out of the 7.2 million we did last class lol. It felt ~so Seurat~ you guys. Also for my homewok we had to go make gestures so I was going to sit in the park but it was closed specifically today because of the snow. But I sat on an outside bench facing the road and these squirrels literally posed for me and this photographer, it was amazing.

WHHHYYYYY did my teacher assign a color chart that is all vomitious tertiary colors? Actually, most of it is quaternary colors. So much color mixing… and then at the end of the column you would run out of the other color when you only had like 2 squares left and you would have to remix it but it would be off… why did they have to be 2" squares, that’s like 4 times the area of 1" squares… pout

IM DONE (even though it’s nonsensical with the blue and purple and you can tell from a distance the colors aren’t solid).

Drawing final is like… 1/3 of the way done? Maybe a little more. I’m a Lady with a baby Alligator haha. The face sucks but I don’t careeeeee. (yeah the rest is going to be acrylic layers so that’ll go a lot faster than pen and colored pencils on 30X44 paper I can’t deal with this size, it’s taped to the wall out in the common area since there are no surfaces large enough in my room.